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  1. I loved this game but would love to see an HD remake on Playstation. What are your thoughts? Oh and Braaaaaaaiinnnnnnssss...
  2. Was lost but
  3. Spilt. Didnt know it was a squeal
  4. So I've done 95% of battle mode but survivor, the max and impossible. I've been using doomsday but im learning to chain properly. Is there a character I can use whos chains are more fluid and not so up erupt?
  5. I have a couple of questions. A. Does anyone watch this amazingly but dated anime? B. Who wouldn't want Lum?? Shes beautiful, intelligent, insightful, and beyond anyone truely loyal.
  6. Doomsday or Deathstorke are personal favs Raven and Black Adam and most disliked. Ever play with a tough opponent with Raven? And I've yet to find a decent Black Adam opponent, sorry guys no offensive : (
  7. Battle mode is the hardest trophy hands down. As far as online trophies they're pretty easy. You'll have to get lucky to find some low levels for 1v1 (ranked), koth, and survivor.
  8. I started Supergirl and saw they already messed with her continuity origins but whatever. But they threw her in the Phantom Zone so my question is, do you think General Zod may be a villain for Supergirl?
  9. My buddy posted a gif of a gorey anime which bunny monster giant titans are eating live people. We're both searching for answers, any help? I got a picture
  10. Yes the sword strike is down back x
  11. I'm having problems with deathstrokes swordstrike MB. Do you tap down and R2 durning? I'm really confused because nothing is registering but the MB
  12. Why is there trophy support for vita but when I looked in the store its only available for PS 4!? That's really irradiating playstation
  13. Have there been any patches released for this game I know the servers have been glitchy
  14. I love seeing The Flash and The Arrow work together

  15. If The Flash has to pee do you think he suffers from terrible splash back? Or does his super speed cause his urine to separate the atoms in the urinal?
  16. Is there any trophies for network play and if there are were the servers affected by the THQ bankruptcy? I know a lot went offline when Gamespy tanked.
  17. Ashley Alexiss please do cosplays :-!

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I had to look up who that is and she looks like any other plastic blonde out there.

      Do you have a particular cosplay in mind or you just want another blonde bimbo dressing up as anime for you to wank over?

    2. DEMON
    3. MilanYildirim


      She has more plastic than my protein shaker.

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  18. Newest MOBA addiction. Any one play?
  19. Changing my Vita background. Any suggestions??

    1. DuckSwimmer


      If you like Persona, the Persona 4 Dancing All Night theme is nice. I haven't changed it since the game came out. It's got a nice shnazzy remix of the Velvet Room theme.

    2. Totalcross3000
    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      conception II has some sweet screen shots for backrounds :)

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  20. Going to a concert. Mushroomhead. Any suggestions on good albums?

  21. Are any of us truly happy? :/
  22. Finished Run Sackboy! Run!. Good game

    1. Suicide_Tortuga


      You don't need to buy anything, just use the back up save method.

    2. Spaz


      @ skateak Yeah that is it.

    3. Totalcross3000


      I do admit I did spend money on unlimited perks per run. But I don't mind helping a company

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  23. Mine was a generated name by xbox 360. I like my old tag from xbox so I modded it for ps 3. Kinda like a fresh start