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  1. Pumpkin spice frosted mini wheats aren't as good as pumpkin spice cheerios. Just sayin

    1. --Deleted--


      Almost all of that "pimpkin spice" is so artificial, it's disgusting. I prefer the real thing. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, sugar, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, pumpkin puree in a pie. Yummmmm.

    2. DaivRules


      Neither are as good as Fruity Pebbles

    3. starcrunch061


      @Phil: LOL at "pimpkin". It just sounds awesome. I just put that in a band name. Pimpkin Pie, baby!

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  2. Feel your pain, mine has been living with me and my wife for a year. You learn to cope. But its just as stressful for her as it is for you two as well, keep that in mind
  3. I've herd about it all over. It's possible but never happened to more than twice in a row what am I doing wrong? Is there an equip I need?
  4. You can always hook em up to ear buds. I think vita has a blu tooth option, so maybe a wireless speaker too?
  5. Should I get Cowboy Bebop: The Competele Collection on Blu-Ray or DVD? Quaility isn't an issue but idk if theres a big difference or not

    1. starcrunch061


      While I can't speak directly to this collection (as I don't own it), I find Blu-Ray to be much easier on my eyes than DVD, even for new films, etc.

    2. KiraxKira


      Sometimes the frame rates look weird on Blu-Rays of older movies/shows (don't get me started on the Star Wars ones). With animation, you'd probably be okay with Blu-Ray. Personally, I'd say DVD since there's probably not going to be a huge difference for the price difference.

    3. starcrunch061


      Kira makes a good point. Often, it makes everything look really fakey. But that shoukdn't be an issue with animation.

  6. Should I get Cowboy Bebop: t

  7. I'm in love with Rachel Aldana

  8. I hear every now then about Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Now i started to get back into G Gundam again. (i know most hardcore fans consider it the off putting cousin of the franchise) I was wondering if there was any other good games besides battle assault. Trophies with exciting new gameplay
  9. Why is this game offered for PS4 only when its been announced for ps3/ vita as well. Is there another release date they're not telling anybody?
  10. Charmander, he was my first
  11. Batman.
  12. Beaten OddWorld: Stranger's Wrath. For the 5th time. Fastest platinum

  13. How do you use the scope, having problems with the vita version and the scope
  14. Thank you so much everyone
  15. I have played and beaten the original stranger's wrath on the original x-box; long ago; way long ago. And it really is a great underrated gem. It was one of few games where you could rope in bounties and collect the moolah. (Red Dead Redemption wasn't even in production then.) But all in all the game was and is still super fun. If you haven't had the delight of playing as Stranger, you should. Story 5/5 (I felt it was top notch the first time, did see the plot the twists but didn't see the one at the end. Good story) Gameplay 5/5 (This game is a platypus to put it boldly. if your not into the world of OddWorld you need to be. Although the critters and begins are strange at best it plays and moves along well for a game that is "strange". The gameplay was well thought out and worked on well with precision.) Grahpics 5/5 (Given this is the original x-box graphics and we're in an age where that graphics shouldn't even be any more than a donkey prize the game does look nicely with the HD overhall. Although I will say, it looked good first time around also.) Sound 3/5 (Eh, average sound, again. Donkey prize.) Replay 3/5 (After beating a tale like this,
  16. I was trying for the 20k muhla trophy. Beatin up on the cluckins and I knocked the river boat captin in the river. Now he won't respawn on the dock. Any suggestions? I reloaded from a save and even restarted the game app.
  17. i remember playing this on the original xbox o.o
  18. Welcome be wary of time. Its easy to lose the track of time
  19. Just did the Changellenge of the Gods. David Jaffe can go eat a dick

    1. madbuk


      #10 in the first game was horrible, Phil.

    2. Trope Hore

      Trope Hore

      Whoops I meant #10. The one you just referenced. The video guide illustrates a cheap combo that basically knocks all the enemies off the platform, so it was easy.

    3. --Deleted--


      @madbuk - not even on the ps2 did I have trouble with any of them. I think if I had to classify one to be more annoying than the other, it would have to be the jar breaking one. I believe I did all 10 in one go the first time I tried on ps2. GoW 1 was even my first plat, of which I earned without even trying. In fact, it's the one that started to make me notice trophies in the first place.

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  20. I have a question do games from bought from Playstation Now have trophies or no?
  21. I buy em, try to get done soon. Forget and then go back
  22. One would assume the reason they don't is because of controversy. Why is the company's fault some dumbass broke the agreed TOS. If you want to experiment with coding. Go get a raspberry pi starter kit.
  23. So I was wondering. Does wearing costumes give any sort of advantages? Like jumping higher or moving faster?
  24. Watching Steam Boy i'll let y'all know what I think