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  1. So i noticed no new DQ games for the vita except DQB commin out in Oct 2016. Any chance theres already some oldies in the store?
  2. Patapon is an excellent game on the psp not sure if its on ps vita, though it should be. Game is pretty addicting Link Just found out you can get it for the vita
  3. Are there any good football games on the Google play market? Anything that plays like techmo would be good.
  4. It shocks to me to see how people would fall for this to obtain trophies
  5. I was looking for something a little more football arcade. Kinda like tecmo. I hate the managing aspect of a football game
  6. I saw Odin Sphere available for PS Vita but I wondered where the franchise started. I googled and saw there was a game called Princess Crown. Looks awesome to bad I can't find it on the Playstation store. Sold my PSP too so any suggestions to get my hands on this game
  7. I've been seeing some new plats for this game. Some of the online trophies were done in 2011. Not a big deal but I question when I see it in 2014 or 2015. I thought WWE servers went down in 2013
  8. I was just wondering if maybe they got those online trophies in 2014, if they found a wrap around or some online exploit
  9. Tired Pokemon Go! and gotta say. Hated my experience. Good job Pokemon company. You failed. You had one job

    1. Sigma999


      It lacks so much content and the only fun i'm having is completing the Pokedex since evolving is too much grinding and time consuming and battling gyms is pretty meh. The bugs and glitches are so annoying too

  10. is there anyway to check your accumulated time?
  11. So I was watching Hancock (excellent film btw) and I was wondering why hasn't it been converted into a comic. I mean its got all the right comic back story and characters so why not on paper? Also another notable mention is the film Mr. Right. Critics didn't care for it but felt like it had some real potential. What are some of your notable mentions? Film to comic or vise versa
  12. Another one that comes to mind is called He Never Died. It's dark comedy that follows an immortal trying to get through his everlasting days trying to avoid violence and doing things for the good, I guess. It follows him and he's kinda just drifting. But it is funny and very dark.
  13. Forgot how much I hated some of the puzzles in God of War 1

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      That's how felt too 5 years later, but once you get the Cow suit everything changes :) speed run easy

    2. Totalcross3000


      Do you get it after you beat the game

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      complete the 10 challenges and the suit will be available

  14. I started gaming on earlier generations so I feel graphics at this point are good enough
  15. God of War Saga, should be cheap enough on Amazon. If you get it used you may not get your voucher for the god of war psp games
  16. Probably getting Arkham City 100%, pain in the ass
  17. I'm currently looking for good jigsaw puzzles. My wife has taken an interest and when it comes down to it I can't find any decent ones. All the chain stores sell cruddy and typical boring ones. I'm looking more for good fantasy maybe even heavy metal ones. Like maybe dragons or knights and stuff. Even band theme puzzles would be good
  18. Thank you
  19. a

    My Fav Batman Villain: Joker My Fav Batman Game: Batman Arkham Series (the snes Tim Burton movie game was good but not as good as the arkham series ) My Fav Batman Comic: New 52 (Court of the Night Owls) My Fav Dc comics Character: Batman I like batman because he always makes the odds in his favor. He is humanity vs the impossible
  20. I know, just the fact that the time the company spent in production alone says more than enough respect
  21. Dead Space makes me weary of vents now O.O

    1. Jak


      Please play Alien Isolation next ;D

    2. Totalcross3000


      Maybe I should :)

  22. How is this game? It looks interesting but the last gundam game I played was the one I played was on the PS2. Is it worth to play in subtitles on the vita?
  23. Crackle for Vita and PS3/4. Too bad no Vudu app on the vita
  24. Probably never happen but the X1 exclusive Cuphead, or Onimusha HD. I'd settle for either
  25. When I first got mine, it was used. I thought it was broken and wouldn't charge. So I bought a new cable and its like new. I feel sorry for the sucka who left a 16gb memory card in it for me to format.