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  1. When I first got mine, it was used. I thought it was broken and wouldn't charge. So I bought a new cable and its like new. I feel sorry for the sucka who left a 16gb memory card in it for me to format.
  2. 0 done with Arkham City. Thank God! Yeebuz geebus that game sucked for DLC

    1. Totalcross3000


      100 percent not 0 sorry

    2. LetsTurnJu-On


      lol was gonna say.

      Nice one, hated that game personally.

    3. Totalcross3000
  3. Probably the last person the world to post this but Deadpool was awesome. Kudos marvel, you've done it again.

    1. smellslikejavier


      not the last one, i haven't played it yet xD

    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Nah, I've yet to pick it up but I'll do it soon hopefully.

  4. I'm having problems with tallbirds and groups of hounds and chess monsters. Whats a good weapon/ armor? Also having problems gathering materials for weapons, still new to the game
  5. I already beat Solomon Grundy in the ice berg lounge. Any chance I can get that riddle after I beat him?
  6. I got it thanks guys
  7. Do you think someone would ever patch this game? Or buy out the servers?
  8. You could
  9. So I was watching Dragon's Crown reviews on YT and wondering if the game was worth the weight of tits it has. Its the fact that there's giant tits flopping around and I don't want it to feel like a porn game I wasted 60 some odd hours into. "the shame". Is there any real game content or was it just made for sex appeal? Are the dungeons fun to explore or is the battle system just stuck in the game so its called a game. To be blunt if I want to look at hentai ill look at hentai but to put hentai related content is not a good sale for me. I need more in a game and does it have it? Or just tits?
  10. Had to downgrade my TV and now I need to find a PS3/ AV cable

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Composite good, AV very blurry, what ever happened to S-video

      You can still game on AV just focus really well

    2. DaivRules


      S-video didn't increase resolution so it didn't really have a selling point for most consumers. It did improve color over composite, which was helpful in analog days, but everyone had a box of extra composite cables. Few people bought or had spare s-video cables. They just didn't get used.

    3. --Deleted--


      @totalcross - if you're connecting to a crt, or old-school tube tv, and need the av cable, the ps2 one fits the ps3. Hope that helps.

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  11. They do not my friend, Ever since the gamespy shutdown it hasn't
  12. I keep looking online for an intense workout playlist (for running mostly). The problem is no one on the internet has a good playlist. It's usually mostly dubstep or electronica type music. I don't hate it but I can't work out to it either. So I'm looking for some suggestions. I already have some DMX, Linkin Park, Audioslave, and Deth Klok but I would really like to hear some input from my shared community.
  13. Thank you everyone, I'll have to give these a try
  14. The indie titles I can't play on my POS laptop
  15. You can try getting on psn support and give your internet provider your port numbers
  16. Is there any good way to grind kills?
  17. Got my wisdoms pulled, still have more time to game

  18. Can I get Hurry Up!, True Shovelry, Impossible!, Penny Pincher and Perfect Platformer on new game+ ?
  19. Hunky Dunky

    1. --Deleted--
    2. Aela


      And that's the dinky dory

  20. Is there any way to connect to another ps3? I had a theory that may work for the online trophies. Just an idea :\
  21. I was unaware it needed to connect to the wwe server just to select internet options
  22. The game is good overall but because its so different from Arkham Asylum its hard to compare apples to oranges. The Rocksteady crew knew exactly what they were doing throwing in all that content into this game. The story and side quests feel like a glacier. Even though you're done, your not done. There may be my personal dislikes with this game but how is one compare to the last game to this one. The last one was damn near perfect. (my main annoyance is the actress who played Quinn, I feel like it was a wrong choice.) I wouldn't give it a 10/10 for a sequel but for a stand alone it would earn that 10. Try not to think of it to as a squeal rather a new and different adventure.
  23. So I'm having problems with the auto rotation during marvel: contest of champions. The screen will flip rapidly while in game but not durning any other apps. Anyone else have solutions? I've tired restarting it and no results
  24. Marvel contest of champions
  25. Can one person this trophy on local with 4 controllers?