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  1. Been living in nostalgia with Fallout 2 and postal 2. Hows modern society been?

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      just selling stuff, nothing new

  2. Has anyone had this problem. I have a 32gb sd hc card. It claims I have 21gbs out of 33gbs which is 65% of my storage. Googleplay will not let me install magic 2015 or any other game. Is there any way I can bypass this? I own a ZTE Obsidian which runs android 5.1 and bums internal storage from the external storage i.e. the sd card
  3. Is there are faster ways to collect character colors and taunts other than vs?
  4. Thanks as always
  5. Easier but more tedious. Kinda like GTA there's a lot to do but not a lot to stay focused on
  6. It wasn't a bad game but capcom made it too story driven. Don't get me wrong I like a well developmed story as much as the next cap, but no skip in the cut scenes. What the fuck man. That's below you capcom, you can do better
  7. So the PS4 was on ET. The problem is that they were explaining that the PS4 was a tool in the terrorist bombing in Paris. Does anyone see the connection? I fear that this election will be focused on terrorism. Which means pay attention because the government wants to monopolise and regulate the internet. We know they tired with SOPA and failed but this is may be they're chance to try again. Our last source of speech may be in peril again.
  8. I can't wait till this hits the daily show
  9. It's going to take one patriotic idiot to suggest a bill. Enough terriorism scare and bam
  10. Trying to get this trophy but i'm having trouble collecting accessories. Tips?
  11. I dont try a gaming session
  12. Once for being too sexy. (seriously no)
  13. Got my Black Ops Plat. Mother fucking pain! Hardest trophy I ever got

    1. Totalcross3000


      Let me 100% Black ops first. Then we'll see :(. RDR was hard but I enjoyed every second of the singleplayer

    2. x9zachattack5x


      RDR was amazing. One of the best PS3 games.

    3. Totalcross3000
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  14. The only thing I hate about the DLC is the cost
  15. I just did space race solo (hardest trophy to do alone) and I'm trying to get chimp on the barbie. Chimps aren't showing at all. What do I have to do? Do I have to have an internet connection? I've gone up to rounds 8, 9, and even 10 without seeing one
  16. Thank you
  17. Don't sweat the small stuff guys. Fucking destroy the small stuff

  18. Is it me or does Madame have a dominatrix kind of sexy about her?
  19. I collected all of the SAT boosts I missed and the mnesist Memories. When I exited the level it still said I had 4/6. Do you have to rebeat the whole level to keep those? The mnesist Memories
  20. Nom cat, played it didn't think much of it
  21. Maybe you don't have enough focus
  22. I'm playing Remember me, feels like its going to be a short game though
  23. The only time I don't approve of a holiday is when its in a game element. Like animal crossing/harvest moon
  24. Final fight: Double Impact was a bitch to 100%

  25. Where is the closest fire trap