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  1. I'm buying a launch ps4 from a friend and I had some questions such as what size hard drive can I replace the existing hard drive with? (Its already a 500gb I want to upgrade to 1TB.)


    Is the launch PS4 ready to use with PS VR? And do I have to install an update to play blu rays on the PS 4?


  2. I have a 4 month old female grey tabby. I bought her a cat hangout and she refuses to sharpen her claws on it and she keeps sharping her claws on couch. I've tried spray bottles as discipline but to no avail. Any suggestions?


  3. So I've beaten it and other than a couple of tricky requirements not a bad game. It's not my favorite but it was fun to play. 


    First: with lots of room to explore and content to play with. I had hours of fun playing this and I love all of my favorite Dragon Quest monsters always making the DQ universe so diverse.


    Last: Besides some minor annoying side quests this game was really good. I feel like the team at Square Enix really put some meaningful heart and soul into this game. Plus the trophies weren't that hard so I mildly enjoyed it through and through.




    What did you guys think? 


  4. I'm so over this one. 😡 No matter what I do nothing works. For fucks sake it wont even count a flowery garden. What I am doing wrong guys?


    I use a regular wood door, 2 blocks high (earth), at least 8 water blocks 1 brazier, 10 flowers, 5 plants, 1 medium tree no more than 3 blocks high and a bench. Nothing. If you destroy the door its called an empty room.


    This is being played on the vita. Any suggestions are welcome


  5. So I've done 95% of battle mode but survivor, the max and impossible. I've been using doomsday but im learning to chain properly. Is there a character I can use whos chains are more fluid and not so up erupt?


  6. I have a couple of questions.


    A. Does anyone watch this amazingly but dated anime?


    B. Who wouldn't want Lum?? Shes beautiful, intelligent, insightful, and beyond anyone truely loyal.


  7. 21 hours ago, Phil said:


    All mb moves are done with just r2. Which one is his sword strike? Where he twirls around with the sword? The jumping spinning one doesn't have a mb.

    Yes the sword strike is down back x