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Welcome to my page





Games done to this point (100% (+plat if poss.)



Dead Island: Riptide (100% +P


Hi My Name Is Mayo! (100% NP) 


Welcome Park  (100% NP) 


Run Sackboy! Run! (100% NP) 


OddWorld: Stranger's Wrath (100% +P


Fat Princess: Fist Full of Cake (100% NP) 


Batman: Arkham City (100% +P


Remember Me (100% +P


God Mode (100% NP) 


Soul Calibur: Lost Swords (100% NP) 


Final Fight: Double Impact (100% NP) 


The Wolf Among Us (100% +P


Dead Island (100% +P


Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise (100% NP) 


Red Dead: Redemption (100% +P


Batman: Arkham Asylum (100% +P


Tekken Revolution (100% NP) 





I'm not really a "Hardcore" gamer more just a casual. This is really just a hobby and I try not too take it too seriously. I do usually stick to a causal few for rotation but if you ask and if i'm in the mood we can co-op to get some serious sh*t done. Message me for details and i'll make a session or just make one yourself. Good luck