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  1. Rare platinums are also very easy to get this days, mighty no9 for exemple, 0,89%, 21 ultra rare trophies? Only because it's bad? No one seem better this days honestly...
  2. Is something is missable? I didn't find anything about the sidequest, I really though finding a list will be easy one year after the release on PC but i was wrong...
  3. In 3 days 20 hours, so 30-40 hours, 30 hours with a good trophy guid i guess.
  4. You can't learn Tiger Drop until the chapter 5 (or 6) and the fight againt Yasuda take place at the Funeral (ch 3).
  5. This is pretty easy to explain : Did people enjoy Bound ? Meh... (rarity drop, playing games you like always help you to push further, good games for many peoples have a bigger % than games nobody love that much but it also depend on mixed factors here like difficulty or estimated time ) Bound is difficult for a majority of people ? Yes (rarity drop, we don't care about personnal opinion here, it's difficult for a majority, that all you have to count) Bound is ps+ ? (rarity drop, self explain) Bound have a long platinum ? No In this case it's not a very good game for many people and that why he got that rarity if (and only if) you mix with the fact that is difficult for many peoples :
  6. I have the exact same glitch, it's really annoying i can't learn other skills...
  7. My 100th (4th Dec 2015) : Original Sinner DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN ENHANCED EDITION
  8. Tilt to the right ? I don't see any difference at the start, maybe you can explain how it work precisely ?
  9. When you save one player from bravery or HP attack you gain 12 points, if you have 60 points (12 x 5) in your statistics after battle (push square on the rank screen) you're good
  10. Combo challenges are apparently very easy and disappointing, don't worry about this.
  11. For those who think it's a short plat (source : Powerpyx) :
  12. It'not the same Ranking in french the higher Rank is just "S" Italian : S+ Spanish : 3★ Chinese : SS Etc... You need a score of 1950+ more or less in ranked and finish 1st, if you finish 2nd and get a total score of 2000+ you won't get your A++ rank, you don't need to be first in support point or summoning point, also some characters make the A++ rank not to hard like Cloud, Garland or Sephiroth they do massive damages very quickly , but some other are pain in the ass, like Ultimecia or Kuja ... If you intend to get the platinum trophy be aware, he is grindy 300 treasures and 50 titles are very long and someone told me you need more than 800 matches offline to obtain those trophies, maybe that why they are the only trophies to stuck at 0%.
  13. Hello, i got Furi's plat last year and... Just this one sadly...
  14. Good thing.
  15. For me the only reason is the final boss, one guy obtain a A Rank with the bad ending and 16 K.O, the other one obtain a S rank with the good ending and 19 K.O, both on Furi, i really think play again the final boss increase the maximum statistics.