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  1. I wonder if "Too Pure For This World" work in chapter select now ? It would be much faster without saving any Muds.
  2. From easiest to hardest : Yakuza 6Yakuza 4Yakuza k2Yakuza 5Yakuza 0Yakuza K1Yakuza 3(Judgment) Yakuza above 0 have nothing difficult, the last 3 games can be painfull depending on your personal experience (Pool, Puyopuyo, Car Chase/Otometal etc..).
  3. I agree every Souls Game need a SL1 trophy Cuphead need a little "Get S rank on every boss" to Il also add more Trackmaster for Trackmania turbo (not on every track) and one trophy asking for one Super Trackmaster
  4. Fall Guys Crying Community πŸ† Win 20 episodes in a row Ur obviously
  5. About Ps4 releases : Only 0 and Kiwami are UR around 3% YK2, Y3-4-5 Remastered and Y6 are not UR, and Yakuza 7 is probably become the highest platinum rariity from a RGG game ever. But still, Y3 and 4 are UR on PS3 only (and Dead Souls is borderline UR at 4,90%) if you don't care about 60 fps, restored cut content and many other improvements. And car chase from Kiwami.
  6. I don't feel a big difference between 30 and 60 (difficulty speaking), the last round is still "not easy", it's mostly because it's a remaster and the original was ps+ in 2012. You can look at many remaster on both plateform, even when it's longer than before the completion still stay above (cf Yakuza 3 is longer, Yakuza 4 is ... 5 minutes shorter ? )
  7. 7/10 solo (only for Stage 20 and Moonsoon difficulty) 6/10 with 2 players or more (you have to share items in multiplayer and chests are more expensive, difficulty only drop a bit then) Estimate : 25-30 hours (far from 10 hours lol if you remember that going to stage 20 in a 2 hours long run can fail miserably multiples time, and a lot of try in Moonsoon difficulty) I also recommend the Youtube channel "Woolie" wich is probably the best Ror 2 channel if you want to understand everything about the game (droprate, best/worst items ect) :
  8. 😎
  9. For "customers"? You mean the Platinum?
  10. Like everyone already said : - Toc 1-2-3 - Valkyria Chronicles 1 - 4 - Odin SphΓ¨re - Tales of Berseria and Vesperia Avoid Zestiria, it's probably one of the worst Tales ever made with Tempest and not a good start in my opinion. If you want recent releases on other consoles I really suggest Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem Tree House on Switch, not the best of their own series but still good and memorable Jrpg. Is this okay to begin the Ys serie with Ys VIII? This thread made me wonder about this one... πŸ€”
  11. I don't dream about bad remake, and he is probably too recent in any case, i'll change my prediction only for this one.
  12. December : - Doom - Secret of Mana
  13. Furi (1,54%) : Not that hard and "PS + power" Dissidia NT (1,75%) : Because you can fight brainless IA instead of players, it's just a long and very grindy platinum, but at least it's a pretty one πŸ‘Œ
  14. Bloodstained Dissidia NT Valkyria Chronicles 4 Hyper Light Drifter And now... The most ugly plat i've ever seen :
  15. Rare platinums are also very easy to get this days, mighty no9 for exemple, 0,89%, 21 ultra rare trophies? Only because it's bad? No one seem better this days honestly...