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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to mention that I've found a little guide for the trophies. I hope it will help a bit Looking at the "Completionist" Trophy it seems to me like it's missable? Can anyone confirm that?
  2. Thank you! That's a good reason to come back to this great game
  3. Hey, count me in please. I already liked the idea last year!
  4. 441 Good luck anyway
  5. Sounds very good Thanks! As long as I don't have earned the other trophies it's okay to wait
  6. It's pretty annoying.. :/ please keep me on track if you find out any news about this
  7. Hi, I try to get the "Put it out!" trophy. I used the skill skill way more times than 5 and also tried to use it 5 times with the same type of lamp but the trophy don't pop. Any tips? I use the EU version Thank you
  8. Thank you very much for the badge and the event itself. It was great
  9. If any other have this problem, this is what worked for me: used natural elex to get to ice cold status and then made any dialog option which raised my cold level.
  10. This sounds great! Thanks for the advise. From time to time I play it anyway. It's a great game, even if I couldn't get the platinum
  11. Now I'm less hyped. 😐
  12. This seems to be a DLC with Zorro as a playable character. Maybe others will follow for all of the crew members. I would love to see this 😍
  13. And that's why I definitely won't get the platinum. Since the update I didn't even get a single S rank
  14. Hello guys, I think some of you know these trophy lists that have images which fit together to form one big picture / banner. For example The DLC trophies from Gravity Rush or the trophy list from Onechanbara Z2. Do you know any other games with trophy lists like this?
  15. I saw the last event for this when it was too late to sign in so I'm really happy to see it again! I would love to join this time 😊