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  1. Was looking at my trophy list yesterday and just realized I got this bug too :\ Currently at about 80 citizens. I really hope if/when they fix it, we won't have to replay the game to get this trophy.
  2. I'm a little confused by how you replicate the glitch in Region 1 to get the Yeager trophy. Do you enter the void portal in R1 and then die over and over upon entering R2? I don't think I've ever seen a portal in R1 in all the times I've played (maybe I'm just playing on the wrong day). Edit: Ended up just doing it the old-fashioned way. Actually wasn't that hard.
  3. Just leaving this in case new players wander in here, but a solution would be to just turn on Airplane Mode and play the game offline (assuming this is the Vita version). All the trophies popped right on cue for me that way.
  4. ^ The bright side is that at least BBS has a [Retry] option! According to my play file, it took a little less than 60 hours. All things considered, it's probably closer to 50 considering how long I would leave the game running while I went to do other things.
  5. Accessory Reclamation operations do count for the trophy. Not sure what CODE you're in, so I don't want to make any other suggestions with potentially horrible outcomes.