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  1. You have finally put an end to 8 months of searching For anybody else that's wondering about this, I found it in or around Sector F8 on the coords above (9N, 176E).
  2. I was really looking forward to playing this game. A week later and I'm happy that, thanks to having rented it, I spent not a single penny on it. I hated so many things about this game that I'm not going to waste any more of my time on trophies that don't work and infuriating enemy encounters and send it back for something else. Borderlands 2 was awesome. I expected something more like that. They pursued the success of #2 too much that they took things over the top and ruined it IMO. I enjoyed TPS so much more than 3. I'll definitely look up player feedback before I buy their next installment. Good luck with that. Hopefully they work for you!
  3. Any clue as to how you unlock flashpoints? Everywhere I look there's outdated information. I'm at power level 950. I've finished all main story missions for base game, Osiris and Warmind. I've done all of the Introduction: Planet missions. I've done all of the main planet NPC intro missions (complete events, patrols, etc.). Cayde has nothing for me. I barely know what flashpoints are let alone see them pop up on my screen on any of the planets I visit.
  4. It seems almost everything is attainable except Challenge Accepted (for me). For the prestige Leviathan raid you still need five strangers (or friends) via PSNP's sessions. As for completing 30 challenges for Challenge Accepted, I'm not able to wrap my head around it. I have seen four different NPCs rewarding weekly challenges. Daily challenges have gone. It seems, and I could be wrong, that you will have to do those four weekly challenges every week for three weeks on three different characters. Lots of outdated information for this game too. Also lots of changes have happened... some of which feels completely pointless. The Life Exotic, to pick up 15 exotics, is a boring, tedious grind. Some mission lines reward exotics but their requirements are silly. For example: with a particular weapon, get 300 kills to one enemy type; get another 300 precision kills on a different enemy type. I don't know about the flashpoints. I'm just playing for fun at the minute but that's quickly becoming depleted. I find it hard recommending this game.
  5. It took me right to the gates of Eden in playthrough #3 for this to finally pop, including maxing Mr. Moose on the first.
  6. I wanted to confirm that killing Dr. Asili is enough to make this ending trophy unattainable. It was the only thing I done wrong and now requires a third playthrough for the plat (which definitely isn't going to happen). Hopefully others who are following the PSTrophies guide will see and make note of this
  7. On the bridge nearby, where you find the robot thing, you will find behind him a lantern which you can force push into the vines. It's not glitched: this is the proper way to get this chest. I don't know how you done it but I suspect you found a harder, and unintended method 😅
  8. I didn't find it that bad. I'm sure for the price you will get more than its worth. The only issue I've had is why they decided to do the collectibles the way they did. It's a little repetitive but turn the difficulty up and it will provide a fresh challenge, in true Bioware fashion.
  9. So is this a glorified DLC with a platinum? I haven't even finished the main game yet but I hope to get this soon. It's unfortunate that this one has such a grind too though.
  10. I have been finding a few here and there. Some counted; some did not. I must say I'm a bit disappointed in Bioware. I usually love their games and, when they add things like collectibles, they're usually a lot easier to track (individually) with their respective object names. But the counter method here is silly and doesn't help at all. Not to mention collectibles only counting for one person per session and some not even showing. Hopefully they fix it. I guess this is going to be like my last plat: 1 stupid bug that causes stuff to not show away from that last trophy.
  11. What exactly is the problem with this and the game? I've only heard small details. Is the game quite bad and now they're introducing some subscription service alongside it?
  12. I am 163 hours with the last Atlantis episode and about half of the extra DLC trophies left to do. Just enjoy the game and let them come naturally. It's an awesome game with lots to do so there's no need to rush
  13. Do you know what, I played around launch and I left this game because of the players. I have said it ever since: the FF14 community is the worst of any MMO I've ever played. And I played Eve Online. I was just thinking about coming back to the game so I thought I would have a look on here and see if it's still as bad as it used to be. First post on the forum I see: "ppl bad". I'm surprised but only a little. You would think the nut sacks have calmed it down in five years. Obviously not. When you're lucky to find a small circle of positive, welcoming and likeminded, people, hold on to them. They do exist. The game is fantastic - which is why I am still going back - so keep meeting and greeting everyone you can. You will find friends soon enough.