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  1. I might be remembering wrong. I thought you needed 8 for a full clear. I appreciate that matchmaking isn't always best, which is why some games can be a bit "hand-holdy," but I feel like this game could have really benefited from it for the raids in particular. Final Fantasy 14 has much heavier boss fights (just look at a boss fight on youtube called Hades Ex to see how much of a shit storm they can be) but we all manage with a party finder, text chat and waypoints. None of which exists in this game. Why? Because Bungie insists on being deliberately obtuse.
  2. Yeah, because Bungie done their best to make the raids so accessible for everybody. The one-at-a-time approach to that raid was a little silly, requiring a full 8-person group to be in communication all at the same time. There is no way to find a group - like a queue/party finder - in the game. There's not even an in-game text chat. You can't blame the players for not wanting to engage in content that is adversely disengaging.
  3. Awesome. I'm sure you'll love it Join Moogle and I can offer you a hand whenever you need it!
  4. Yep. The free trial period is for 21 days, it I recall, after which it costs around £30 for the three games and a £6.99 monthly subscription. By the way, I've heard a lot of good things about Dragon's Dogma.
  5. I enjoyed this game a lot. The one thing that's keeping me from the platinum, though, is that awful farming of collectibles. Collectibles can be a problem in games, just like RNG can be, so why would they mix the two together? I'll play something else instead. I have heard they were spending the year on rehauling the game so I look forward to playing it again when they have done that.
  6. You can get up to level 50 I think. But it really is a longterm game. The story itself, especially during the end of the Realm Reborn level 50 story, takes a long time. But the effort of getting to 80 and enjoying everything in the game is worth it. If you decide to play it join Moogle and come find me and I'll help you out
  7. Dragon Age Inquisition (and any other Bioware game) usually requires at least 1 playthrough but I would suggest doing it over 2 so that you can enjoy the story. Also understanding the skills and characters helps a lot in the nightmare modes. Off the top of my head, three fantasy RPGs that can be done in a single playthrough are Final Fantasy 12, 15 and The Witcher. Have you ever considered an MMO? I don't recommend it for a quick plat but you might like FF14 if you're looking for something more long term. Does it have to be fantasy? AC Odyssey and Origins and Tomb Raider are RPGs that can be platted in one playthrough. Horizon Zero Dawn too. Another loosely fitting RPG is Subnautica which you might like. Is there room for PS3 recommendations? Tales of Xilia 1 and 2. Dragon Age 2 (but the same rules as Inquisition).
  8. I have had this issue three times now, in three different areas and during three different sessions. If you are stuck on the last item (of any type) in an area and absolutely cannot find it, close the game and reload and it will be there.
  9. I'll stay with disc too. I rent a lot of my games from a UK service called Boomerang. Without that I would be paying a lot more money, and possibly, on games I don't end up liking. I think it will be a sad day when discs will no longer be sold.
  10. Have fun and make sure you start a fresh map and leave it idle while you're not playing. I've just exceeded 110 hours waiting for that POS trophy to pop. The sooner you start it the better 😅
  11. Go slowly, build small and worry more about your road system. This game is actually more like a traffic simulator rather than a building sim because, without good road networks, you bump into a lot of issues. Saying that, usually, but not always, it doesn't really cost much to get yourself out of debt. If that is an issue just dezone some areas that are causing the problems. Don't worry too much about bankruptcy either. The game makes it seem like you will get some sort of game over screen, but the truth is, you will only get more and more in debt.
  12. Nope. Unfortunately not. Which trophies did you struggle with or with what part of the gameplay was the issue? The worst trophy, 1001 Nights, is the biggest pain. Make sure you leave your game on and idling on an empty map while you're not playing. Times goes two, almost three, times faster than a map with anything on it, at speed 3x. As for the trophy to unlock access every building, you can safely ignore all buildings in the first tab of Unique Buildings. The requirements have been altered (for the better).
  13. Dumb question: have you built a hydroelectric damm?
  14. I count a day at 5 seconds on an empty map. I suggest changing to an empty map and hoping that it is cumulative. So far I have spent 88 hours idling my PS4, up to year 2195, for this POS trophy. Surely there must have been a point during QA testing where someone thought "maybe this is a bit too long". What was even the point in this making it this long?
  15. I done every drift event, including the offroad ones, with the following. Mazda RX7 Engine: Slots all Ultimate + Chassis: Pro+ suspension Elite everything else Drivetrain: Elite DRAG tires Super showcase differential Traction control OFF. Power into a drift and counter-steer, tapping R2 as needed, and it will keep you going sideways. It also helps to get a good run up and enter the drift zone sideways, particularly for a specific event which name I can't remember (the one that requires a 100k score downhill on an S-bend). Hope this helps.