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  1. Absolutely. They done fantastic on this one!
  3. I'm not sure about that. I platted Wreckfest last month and tried to get into Stranded Deep, both within the week free trial. Both are Plus games this month.
  4. Hi there. That's fair enough. I guess - especially in the nostalgia case like DAO - the originals had more impact for some people. IIRC stories like that hadn't been done since Baldur's Gate (and even then, not as impactful). I done a bad thing with the ME trilogy. After wanting to understand hype around the games my first one was 3. But that's my favourite by far. The endings depressed me but they were amazing. What do you mean by "its time is not now"? I wasn't sure.
  5. Expect the worst so you won't be too disappointed. I'd like three too but, given that there are trophies that are counted across all three, it's unlikely there will be more than one. Unless there are four. Hopefully I'm wrong. We will find out when the trophy lists are added! I completely agree. I hated ME1 and DA Origins. Their first games looked, even back when they first released, aged, lifeless and dull. They played awfully, with bad controls and finicky graphics. Their one redeeming advantage was setting the stage for an oncoming trilogy of stories. In my mind, each franchise got better with each game.
  6. Yep. Any with a human player in a private lobby race will work. Just set the cars to lawnmower and a short 1-lap track and you will have it pretty quickly. The one in the guide works best. A single lap is just short of 30 seconds IIRC. It's boring though so have Pokemon Go going at the same time or something 😅
  7. I was finding Leviathan really difficult with just one Pheonix Down. In the end I sacrificed Tifa and Cloud and soloed him with Barrett as a tank with HP UP x2, 20% damage return as Heal and Cure 3 (with occasional use of Regen). Obviously it took longer but it was a lot easier 😅 Hell House wasn't all that bad for me. Until I read the Assess info for the two guys in suits wearing sunglasses and the little bitch instant-killing Tonberry, I was struggling most with those. That one ability is a lifesaver. But the worst experience of the whole game was Jules. That sassy queen, sweat monster can FO.
  8. Mine too! The Insanity playthrough made this game for me. Especially the fight at the end.
  9. Everything is easy except flapmaster. I would recommend doing that first. Try to imagine a rectangle around your goat. Divide that into equal squares inside so you have a rectangular grid. Your hitbox is the edge of that rectangle; your hitbox is not the edge of the goat, its tail, its stupid, gormless face or its legs. By imagining it like this you will realise exactly how much space you have to get through the ladders (the hitbox is just under half the space). The only other "hard" stuff is just a few awkward (so not really hard) things like jumping onto the plane. For the plane and for the Tony Hawk trophies, I recommend using the slow motion feature.
  10. Thanks for the info. The story is starting to make sense to me. I think at first, when you have never read or played a story quite like this, it boggles the mind! I'm up to Mission 7 and I agree that the gameplay - which is by far the thing I enjoy the most - does start to pick up. I had a few failed tries with Former. I gave up at attempt #5 and came back with Levitate and Dodge and I kicked its arse in about 30 seconds. However, after going gungho the second time I come across it in a side mission, I ended up flying off the edge of the arena 😅 Anchor was good fun. I've changed my mind about the game now though. I'm definitely going to give the DLC a go
  11. I think we are in a minority. I'm not a big fan. I'm a few hours in and I still have no idea what the hell is going on in the story. The enemies spawn wherever they please, the guns are slow and the controls are awkward. I'll probably plat it (because the game might grow on me) but I'm not interested in the DLC beyond.
  12. I'm not sure why they "rehauled" one set of missions in their recent update but left this one out. My mind boggles when these developers change anything. But it is great that they finally got around to doing something about the bug in the Temporal Ambasdador!
  13. I think that's a really good point and one that I may take up myself. I wasn't as fond of ff13 at first but something kept pulling me back. I eventually liked it enough to plat it (six months after rage quitting after spending 12 hours one day doing the side missions and not saving the game!). Similarly, for BL3, I want to like it. Hopefully next time I try it I'll like it a bit more.
  14. Unfortunately I had this problem having already completed the veteran playthrough. I googled it and found this being mentioned online.
  15. To make others aware of why this is because - no offence - you didn't make it clear from your update. The calling card is blocked on each mission if you use Emergency Reserve or a checkpoint (and maybe being downed and having needed reviving by a friend). So it is possible that you will have completed your no deaths veteran playthrough without attaining the Immortal ribbon. Additionally, Immortal is the challenge and not the Medal (which is called Immortal Flame). Mission #7 is probably the easiest. Go slow, use stealth at the three points you can do in the mission (for the accolades too) and you'll have it.