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  1. So is this a glorified DLC with a platinum? I haven't even finished the main game yet but I hope to get this soon. It's unfortunate that this one has such a grind too though.
  2. I have been finding a few here and there. Some counted; some did not. I must say I'm a bit disappointed in Bioware. I usually love their games and, when they add things like collectibles, they're usually a lot easier to track (individually) with their respective object names. But the counter method here is silly and doesn't help at all. Not to mention collectibles only counting for one person per session and some not even showing. Hopefully they fix it. I guess this is going to be like my last plat: 1 stupid bug that causes stuff to not show away from that last trophy.
  3. What exactly is the problem with this and the game? I've only heard small details. Is the game quite bad and now they're introducing some subscription service alongside it?
  4. I am 163 hours with the last Atlantis episode and about half of the extra DLC trophies left to do. Just enjoy the game and let them come naturally. It's an awesome game with lots to do so there's no need to rush
  5. Do you know what, I played around launch and I left this game because of the players. I have said it ever since: the FF14 community is the worst of any MMO I've ever played. And I played Eve Online. I was just thinking about coming back to the game so I thought I would have a look on here and see if it's still as bad as it used to be. First post on the forum I see: "ppl bad". I'm surprised but only a little. You would think the nut sacks have calmed it down in five years. Obviously not. When you're lucky to find a small circle of positive, welcoming and likeminded, people, hold on to them. They do exist. The game is fantastic - which is why I am still going back - so keep meeting and greeting everyone you can. You will find friends soon enough.
  6. I submitted a ticket to them about the fighter jets not popping trophies in TE a year ago, giving them a video of the play too, so I'm surprised to see that they still haven't fixed it. I can even confirm it being the case after having just tried it myself. What makes this trophy even harder is how difficult the jets are to see in the mode. Team Elimination has always been dead. I've never played a full player game of it. People have been requesting the mode gets replaced for a long time but, obstinately, the developers have left it in because of the trophies relating to it. Not only is Team Elimination dead but it seems the legendary fleet queues on TDM (the most popular mode) are too. Thankfully you will only need one win. Ninja Skills is another POS trophy. It's not impossible but very based on luck. I come back to this game every few months to see if it's gotten any more popular. Unfortunately it hasn't and I suspect it's passed its time now. Enjoy the game for what little it is but don't go wasting your time on the plat if you don't think it's worth the effort.
  7. Get the collectibles in a single session. Everything else is easy enough. For the vegan trophy have a look online at speedruns: some of them have videos showing the game done in ten minutes.
  8. The cutscenes are a little too focused on the women and the big stars but the gameplay of RA3 is really good fun. It also has a cool standalone game that covers the Commander Challenges from the PC version.
  9. It's another no. There has to be more to it than simply "randomness". Unfortunately nobody has gotten the trophy for a few weeks. I'm wondering if that's going to be the case from now on. Thanks anyway
  10. Mostly I use the International. Did you use those coords with the Paradox sponsor to find it? I gave up trying to find it after my third day of searching. I even posted on Paradox's forums, to no response, after going over all of my PS+ backed up saves, checking all maps and expeditions. But I can give it one more go before I get rid of the game.
  11. We all do it! Thanks for the response. I picked it up. It's on the to do list now
  12. I have been dipping in and out of this game for two days looking for this breakthrough (guessing around 50 maps in total, maybe more). I've tried that map in particular several times without success. What a POS, this breakthrough is.
  13. Consider getting the season pass for Driveclub too. It's an awesome game and the pass adds so much more (but some of it very difficult, including three infamous races).
  14. Great feedback. Thanks. I've been umming and arring over this game for a while so I'll go ahead and get it
  15. Has any of this been resolved?