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  1. this may be a dumb question, but you said before you tracked your progress in hunting simulator 2 for analyzing 5,000 tracks. where on earth is the stats menu at? i also noticed some in-game achievement popping for "spotting my first animal" in the bottom iddle of the screen, but i've got no idea where this stuff is located. 

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    2. ImStylinOnYaBro


      Thanks for the reply. That is not what I was hoping to hear for the weapons and gear!  The rabbits are brutal! I spent about 7 hours just to get a European hare. Spied it’s spawn point and movement path after a while, then I finally ended up getting a different one who just happened to stroll past. 

    3. Prairie_Falcon_


      yeah the jack rabbit gave me the hardest time, there was a patch that apparently made them easier to hunt, tho so hopefully it wont take you 3 days like it took me lol


    4. ImStylinOnYaBro


      the jack rabbit is all i have left as of now. i'm hoping these hunting youtubers can guide me to a nice spot. one last thing to pest about - how on earth do you get your pointer to "point" at an animal? he just seems to run around like a moron all the time. also, how does their "expertise" increase? i've only seen stamina increase by tracking, and their drive by telling them good job.

  2. Yep, and according to those trophies the plat will be damn near impossible, trying to find any boss fish in those huge lakes is impossible. I put over 30 hours at lake boulder and not a single boss fish. I got the plat for fishing sim world, not gonna get this one tho
  3. Congrats on the plat, you beat me by a few hours it seems glad to finally have this one completed.
  4. I have been shooting bison or elk with a lower caliber, they leave huge blood trails and run around forever before dying.
  5. Yeah I think its just a mega grind, I'm at 3,400ish. Blood trails are the best For grinding it out, there might be some discrepancies too, like I counted over 200 blood tracks on a bison but the main menu stats only counted 48 or so. So I track to 40 then exit the map and start again.
  6. It's FIXED! they changed the color of the progress bars for the dogs now when they are fully leveled up so its easier to see, looks like my brown lab might have been the bugged one, showed it wasn't fully leveled but as soon as i took it out and it found a track the trophy poped
  7. I had the retriever just fetch the same duck over and over. When it drops at your feet step back a bit and have it retrieve again. It's a pain but best way to grind it. Also for stamina you can AFK it by just crouching after setting the dog on a trail. It will follow it to about 40m from you and stop, but the stat still goes up. Takes about 6hours to fully level
  8. True True
  9. Hmmmm, hopefully its an incoming patch. If not I may have to save my game and start up a new one, level up one dog to max and see what happens, maybe the stats carry over.
  10. Man how nice would it be if this was the case for every game! The amount of bugged trophies I have personally run into these last few years has been insane!
  11. Yeah its a shame, and at this point I'm not hopeful for a patch. I think they may have abandoned the game, just like they did with Pro Fishing simulator. might be forever unobtainable
  12. September: Horizon zero dawn fishing sim world
  13. That makes more sense, I was wondering what the "set 1" was for. I bought all the DLC's for their other game "Fishing sim world" and generally enjoyed them, a bit on the expensive side tho (personally)
  14. Wow, I know train sim world has a ton of DLC's but wasn't expecting so many to release on day one with the 2nd iteration of the game, something about this rubs me the wrong way. (but i guess this is a typical sim game thing) what do you all think?
  15. Emailed the devs, hoping they fix it (will include their response) but as of now I have maxed out every meter for every dog and no trophy, of course its the hardest most time consuming trophy that gets bugged It is the only trophy with a 0.0% completion on the PSN. Dear Emily, Thank you for your message. The issue you have posted will be investigated. If a fix is necessary it will be included in the next PS4 patch. Best regards Filip