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  1. Just so you know there are a few species that can't make diamond now, after the scoring update, all the goats on cuatro, and the Elk in layton don't spawn with high enough trophy scores for diamond (even if the weights are maxed) I have killed 5 level 5 beceti ibex and 4 level 5 Gredos Ibex that were all gold,(I killed lvl 4s that were higher scoring!!) not even near big enough for diamond. Some PC guy took a look at the spawn files for elk and confirmed that they are broken as well. Makes the Grand Slam trophy impossible for me now. Gave up after my last max level Gredos ibex was only a silveršŸ˜„
  2. Oh shit, thanks I never noticedšŸ˜« I'm going to fix it right now.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but It's possible now that the bugged trophies are fixed. Pro fishing sim is still unobtainable, and I doubt it will ever be fixed.(I deleted it from my profile as I couldn't even stand to look at it anymore) This took me about 2 months to plat, was a bit of a grind, learning curve and I used the DLC maps/lures for my 50 trophy catfish, but there was no problems with trophies unlocking. This is the best fishing game on ps4 IMO. Some of the dlc trophies will probably be impossible unless you have LOTS of time and luck, the lakes are huge and it's anybody's guess where all the trophy fish will be, when they will be there and what lure they might like. Wish the devs would give a little hints on how to find them. Other than that I really enjoyed this game.I picked it up for cheap on sale .it pays to wait for updates/patches for sure!
  4. Yeah doesn't work for me either, snake 4 won't die, Even if I get snake 3. I found using world ender on snake one is a pretty good method tho. Last trophy I need for platinum, spent 3 hours!!! Trying to get this last night. I Can't take it anymore
  5. Poped for me after harvesting an Ibex, glad they fixed it!
  6. You wouldn't happen to remember where you shot your diamond hare?

  7. Good luck!
  8. I have every DLC for the game, and the night vision stuff is the most useless of all of it (I only bought it for the bow) I tried the night vision binos/scope and found it harder to see shit, than the regular binos at night. The bow is nice but honestly pointless too, unless you're an archery fanatic like me I have a love hate relationship with this game, I love this game when it works! (Which is %50 of the time it seems) This is my "chill" game, one of the only games I will replay from time to time even tho I have the plat.(which is rare for me since most games I delete after the plat pops) As for Spain I like it a lot! But the goats are totally bugged out, they are supposed to climb the cliffs but usually just end up stuck in an animation glitch which is a shame, since it's really cool when they are jumping up the cliff and you blast one off and he goes tumbling down, jumps up and back flips to his death . I was lock out of the 100% by bugged med ved trophies, even tho I have started a new game 3 times to unlock them to no avail still love the game as a causal, but hate the game as a trophy hunter.the Spain DLC was worth it to me, as a fan of hunting/fishing games since PS1 days.
  9. Nope, I only got one lvl. 5 Ibex and it wasn't a diamond sadly. Might try multiplayer I think the spawns are bugged, my female Ibex are higher scoring than my males, and there is some animation bug that crashes the game when the ibex are in render, so might wait for a patch before going for that trophy.
  10. Sorry I don't remember how many missions there were, but yes the trophies only popped after harvesting a random animal, once all the missions were complete. I now have all the mission trophies and Shady Dealings Appears to be the only bugged one for me.
  11. Nope you have to just get those from free hunting, (or multiplayer) one mission requires a Diamond Hare to complete as well.. last one I'm stuck on for missions ugh
  12. This trophy is for harvesting 3 unique wolves, the first two are main story related and the last one is from a side mission given by Gerhardt "Gary" Baden. I have harvested all 3 and no trophy sadly.
  13. Remember to back up your saves often! (I use a USB) probably will have bugged out missions. Learned this the hard way myself after having to start the game over to get past a mission on the Yukon. Now I save before starting anything. It's a little annoying for sure but could potentially save you hundreds of hours so it worth it! Good luck all, may the RNG gods give you plenty of diamonds
  14. Was going to rent this from Gamefly. Gamefly says this on the games page: Online multiplayer is unavailable on PS4 and will be released with a patch in November.
  15. No, you can't even play the game without a constant internet connection. You also have to participate in online competitions and win online tournaments (3 in a row) for the plat. I haven't even seen a tournament listed, the tournament page is empty soooo yeah. Plus half the competitions I enter get canceled due to lack of participants.