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  1. Was going to rent this from Gamefly. Gamefly says this on the games page: Online multiplayer is unavailable on PS4 and will be released with a patch in November.
  2. No, you can't even play the game without a constant internet connection. You also have to participate in online competitions and win online tournaments (3 in a row) for the plat. I haven't even seen a tournament listed, the tournament page is empty soooo yeah. Plus half the competitions I enter get canceled due to lack of participants.
  3. Changed mine in the beta, been waiting a while for this! Old name: redtailedhawk847 New name: Prairie_Falcon_
  4. I had a *review red flag* moment when listening to gameinformer's review discussion the guy who reviewed the game kept mispronouncing Deacon's name (St. Joan is what he said) and had to be corrected by the other hosts. So this guy supposedly just finished a 40+ hour game and can't remember the main protagonists name? I smell bullshit. They gave it a 7.75 btw which is pretty good. Just makes me wonder ya know? Im getting the game from gamefly this week either way, if it's good I will keep it from them for $44 bucks. Gamefly has saved me a bunch from bad games.
  5. Yeah they did say that, and that I would have to make a new Email and basically start over, Since my PC broke and all I have is a crappy phone I decided to just leave it how it is and hope it got rolled into my old account one day. Looks like it might have payed off, *finger crossed*
  6. Changed mine months ago in the beta, and on the brightside I have been viewing/updating my new profile almost everyday and it's counting as page views, if they do finally merge this old account with my new one should have over a 1,000 views lol. Thing that's a bummer is not being able to log in and get a trophy cabinet going for this long.
  7. I got stalked by the ARK PvP community, posting my address online, phone calls, threats of rape/murder stream sniping yada yada. That was pretty toxic. One of the main reasons I changed my psn ID first chance I got and quit YouTube. People take GAMES way to seriously.
  8. Nope it's not a VR game
  9. Thanks guys, I will hold off on deleting this account for the time being and try the Email solution. As a side note I haven't encountered any problems on the PSN side of things even with a double name change, I did wait until I was not in the middle of going for a platinum. Once I plated AC:Odyssey I changed and all seems good. My friends say It looks good from there end to. Cheers!
  10. My new ID is Prairie_Falcon_ I can see the profile here, but can't login to it. When I try to make a new account it asked for my Email and says "that Emil is already in Use" yeah cuz it's tied to this psn ID still. Do I need to make a new email or can I delete this profile? Help plz
  11. Hey guys I read the post that says I need to login with my new ID but it won't let me because My Email address is registered to my old ID, Am I missing something? My Email is still tied to my psn account/new name so how do I get it registered here? Also I was so nervous I fucked up the spelling off my first change and had to pay the 9.99 to change it again LOL 7years and I dun F*ed it up
  12. I want a draft horse, name him Budweiser. Bud for short. If he's white maybe BUD Light
  13. So the plat will be unobtainable for around a month until the online portion of the game is launched. How often does that happen with games? I guess the game is not finished, gasp!!
  14. Oh yeah I'm going to play this. looks fun! good looking trophy list as well.
  15. THE FINAL FRONTIER- Star trek online (0.30%)