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  1. Damn it. Just gone back on to the PS Store. It now says I don't own it. Looks like something got updated behind the scenes. Oh well.
  2. The Ultimate Edition is now on the PS Store and it's says I've already purchased it (I own the base game and season pass). So does that mean base game and season pass owners DO get the PS5 free upgrade now?
  3. Same for me. I think it's too many people trying to connect at the same time. I have no problems connecting really early in the morning.
  4. Me and my team mate did have the game crash a couple of times. Maybe that caused it. I'll push on to level 100 and hope that doesn't glitch as well.
  5. No I was playing a standard quest while in a team.
  6. It looks like levelling trophies are still glitched. I just got to level 50 and no trophy. Now at level 52 and still nothing. Also never played the beta.
  7. See patch notes