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  1. Same here, can't seem to get the Pro Bowl trophy. One of my players made it but then I played the game and never got the trophy.
  2. I did manage to finally get the low pass trophy after deleting the game and reinstalling a 3rd time and not connecting to the internet. Still not able to get the play now live trophy. Tried spamming X with no luck.
  3. Still not able to get it even if I spam X. It still starts a franchise but doesn't give me the menu or the trophy. I still haven't been able to get the low throw touchdown trophy either. Tried multiple teams or plays and haven't had any luck either. I did try with the receiver already in the endzone as well.
  4. Not sure about anyone else, but I have been experiencing some trophy glitches or them not popping when doing the requirements. When trying to start a franchise from Play Now Live, Already In Progress trophy, I don't even get the option. I also don't get the Throwin' Dots trophy when I throw a low pass touchdown. I have tried deleting the game and reinstalling and having the same issues. I had no issues when I got the platinum on PS4. Anyone else having issues on the PS5 version of Madden 21?