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  1. Haven't seen anyone mention the Under Night In-Birth games, they're all super easy and quick.
  2. Skadi release soon boyos How much SQ do ya'll have saved up? 449 here though I'm still worried that isn't enough ;A;
  3. Big heart attack moments when you accidentally delete your game from your PS4 instead of just closing application.

    I thought I wiped my 80 hours Persona 5R save omfg...

    1. DaivRules


      Good thing you have Plus and automatic backups! That alone is worth a good part of the ~$4 a month.

    2. Deluziion90


      ^this PS+ saved me so many times lol

    3. Stevieboy


      When you delete a PS4 game from the HHD, it doesn't delete the save file too. Those still remain. That only happens with the Vita.

  4. Millia's IAD still lookin real crispy fast, hardly any startup compared to so many of the other characters! Looking like she'll still have some of her dumb disc oki too. If Elphelt ain't getting back in, looks like I'm gonna be handing out those patented 50/50 disc mixups to everyone. Also is that an easy full combo off overhead at 1:14??? OH BOI
  5. Someone give me recs on games that I can comfortably play with maybe 1 second of input delay via mobile PS4 remote play pls lmao 

    1. charxsetsuna


      Dragon quest 11 is a turn based jrpg , only reaction based thing you need to do is a horse race and that's it.

    2. Hentekorino


      @charxsetsuna Thanks for the rec! 

  6. [Persona 5 Royal] This will be my first experience with any Persona game. Can I play the game bind for the most part and still get the play fairly easily in one playthrough? Really I just want to avoid having to look at a guide for every single day, telling me what to do, who to talk to, etc.

    So far, the couple of things I'll be keeping in mind from the start are maxing out all social stats (pls tell me this is something that I can just play by ear and not have to plan out way ahead of time lol), scoring the highest on exams, and the requirements for the true ending.


    On that note, any tips for someone completely new to the series?

    1. Redgrave


      If you are going for all the max social links/Confidants then you will have to plan ahead and probably will need a guide. However since Royal doesn't have any difficulty related trophies or the Futaba Lines trophy you could just play on the easiest difficulty and then beat a Palace in one or two days and then use the rest of the days left to talk to Confidants. There is one Palace in particular where if you beat it as soon as possible you will get nearly a month of free time. You might also need a guide for the exams as well, unless you know all the answers. I don't know about the true ending requirements if any since I haven't played Royal myself.


      As for other tips, be sure to upgrade your Personas as the game goes on and get new ones. It's ideal to sneak up on enemies so you can get the jump on them at all times, and be sure you bring Personas that can take advantage of enemy weaknesses once you learn them.

    2. Hentekorino


      @Redgrave I actually don't think there is a trophy associated with maxing out all confidants in Royal, so I'm probably just going to be taking it easy with that. Highest exam score doesn't seem like something that I need to meticulously track from the start of the game so I don't mind using a small guide for answers when the exam comes up, just going to keep in mind to possibly prioritize maxing out knowledge first for this.


      Thanks for the input!

    3. mako-heart


      @Hentekorino Do Palaces in one run (aside from times it makes you leave for plot reasons), stat boost as much as possible, always have matching Persona to S. Link.


      There's at least one S. Link you need to do to get the Royal ending, iirc.

  7. So what am I missing out on by playing Trails of Cold Steel without having played Trails in the Sky?


    Really wishi they would just localize the Sky PS4 games man. ;A;

    1. Edunstar84


      I only played the first one years ago, so I have very basic knowledge of the lore. I would say just play Trails of Cold Steel. I'm pretty sure there are wikis and let's play videos of TitS (giggidy), if you're really interested. If you have a computer (I don't think you even need a gaming one), you can buy the Trails in the Sky trilogy. It shouldn't be too expensive. 

    2. Berendsapje


      True, there are wikis. While keeping spoilers at a minimum, I'd say Trails of Zero (Crossbell) is required for full lore in ToCS2, and TitS in ToCS3. But as Edunstar said, just reading it should be fine. It's what I did.

    3. Hentekorino


      Thanks for the input yall!

      I ended up just buying FC on steam lol.

  8. [Control] I swear it's going to take me 3x longer for me to plat this game vs the 15 hours it says it'll take to plat in the guide. I'm opening up photo mode probably once every 5 - 10 mins oh god. The visuals, art direction, atmosphere and scenery are all gorgeous in this game.



  9. #66 - Bloodborne

    Little bit late to the party but good god I absolutely loved this experience, really revived my love for the souls series after having not played a single entry in years! Can't wait to tackle every other souls game and souls like that I've missed out on over these last couple of years.

    Even the chalice dungeons were incredibly enjoyable, this includes defiled dog and amy lmao.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. Hentekorino


      Thanks ya'll! I don't even know why I put off this for so long despite having loved DeS & DS1 & 2.


      @ferginator88Hell yeah! Co-op is one of my favorite aspects of these games, spread through DS1 & 2 I swear I have a couple hundred hours of just helping people with bosses and PvP lmfao.


      @DamagingRobOH MAN, PLEASE PLAY THE OTHERS. I've wasted so much of my time between both the PS3 & PC versions of DS1 & 2 just messing around, they're great experiences man.


      @CopaneleWE AINT SKIPPING THAT GLORIOUS DLC. Artorias still remains one of my favorite souls bosses to date. Can't wait to experience DSIII and it's DLCs man.


    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  10. [Demon's Souls] Can I get some opinions on the plat journey experience for this game? It honestly looks the most intimidating out of the souls games just because of the whole world tendency system and highly missable, one time chance crystal lizards. Accidentally attacking someone, not being in the correct CT/WT at the right time to miss out on a questline, and accidentally aggroing a lizard and causing it to forever despawn sounds absolutely brutal. 

    Tbh I don't think I would really mind the grind for pure bladestone, its just the lizards and WT/CT. 


    I did it once before while the servers were up, but only because I had someone drop the items I needed. Now that offline is the only option I def have to pay attention to WT/CT & the lizards. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cassylvania


      The guide on this site is great. I used it last month. It's best just to accept that you're going to have to do at least two playthroughs. Even if you use the dupe glitch (which I recommend), you're still going to have to do 1.5 playthroughs.


      If you want to do it mostly blind... For the lizards, just avoid them until you're ready to farm. They respawn a few times each, so it's OK if you fail to kill them on your first go or don't get the drop you need. You can actually quit out of the game when you loot one if you don't get the drop you want (as long as you don't close the loot window). For WT/CT...eh, the main thing you need to know is it's a good idea to suicide in the Nexus after every boss kill. You want pure white tendency in each world first, and dying in body form moves you away from that.


      Honestly, just use the dupe glitch. It's easy and it makes the game more enjoyable. You're still going to spend a few hours farming the PBS, so it's not like anybody is going to accuse you of taking the easy way out.

    3. XchocomanX


      I'm biased 'cause I loved EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND i had with it. I remember some crazy ass grinding  but, like peeeps have said there's a glitch for that. I honestly played the entire game offline (That's hiw 'Ive been playing the souls games tbh lol). If I remember correctly the tendency can be controlled while playing offline by defeating bosses and/or dying a lot. 

    4. Hentekorino


      Thanks for the input yall! Looking at that guide does put my nerves at ease a bit tbh, seems to explain everything step by step quite clearly. Def going to be following step by step. My first run through I actually did use the dupe glitch and ran with a magic build alongside that crescent falchion that you could find quite early, the game was fairly easy because of this lmfao. Good to know that I can just close the game if I accidentally aggro/kill a lizard though.


      As for farming stones, dual monitors are an absolute godsend for situations like this lolol.

      Looking at WT/CT guidelines a bit more, it looks like the only couple of things that'll mess me up and move me towards PBWT/CT before necessary are killing NPCs and dying in body form, I actually figured there would be more to it than that. 


      Now to just find a way to obtain a PAL copy of the game along with an Asian w/ eng text version. 🤔

  11. [Bloodborne] So why do people hate the chalice dungeons so much? I'm on the central one and they actually seem quite fun. I can understand the frustration with the defiled chalice with the 1/2 health status, but so far this is a nice little experience.


    Do they get worse somehow?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Hentekorino


      @Copanele These depth 4 dungeons have been giving me so many echoes omfg. Currently running a +10 Whirligig/+9 Tontrius and they've still been shredding everything I come across, though things are definitely starting to heat up. Def considering grinding out depth 5 dungeons for echoes and blood gems to make DLC easier on myself.


      @Dreggit Oh god, in rooms with multiple summoners summoning spiders... N I G H T M A R E  F U E L




      @DamagingRob That physically hurt me omfg... that and the layer two defiled boss are what I'm most worried about ;A;

    3. Copanele


      Ah the pizza cutter, you are a msn of culture as well xD

      Yeah you should have no problems with the game apart from lower loran. Just mind the spiders, there's a bazillion of them in depth 5 (fkin hate them too :(

    4. Hentekorino


      @CopaneleThe blessed Yharnam delivery boys, serving them signature yharnam slices since 2015. This weapon is too good man.

      Yeah these spiders AAAA, I swear I'm going to see red spiders in my nightmares.

  12. I was in the same situation as you, being a bit unsure on whether or not I wanted to stay with a stick so I ended up buying a cheapo one to see if I enjoyed the new feel of using a stick vs a controller. Decade later I have like 5 random sticks laying around and have built a couple lmfao. They definitely didn't make me better inherently, but I really, really enjoyed the way it felt playing fighting games using a stick over a pad after I adjusted. Some recs for cheapo sticks that can be easily modded to get better parts (which is what I did with my first stick): Mayflash F300/F500, Qanba Drone.
  13. [Bloodborne] So is online still fairly active? I've been trying to use my small resonant bell to join other people's games in both central yharnam and the old cathedral but I haven't been able to join anyone's game in the few hours i've been playing. ;w;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I platted it last week and I found people within 5 minutes for the most part. Do you have your settings set to worldwide?

    3. Hentekorino


      I think I was around I think I was from around 10 - 20?

      I'm 28 right now and at Old Yharnam and I'm actually getting summoned a decent amount, so I think we're all good!

      @Beyondthegrave07 Yep! Still was unsuccessful in getting many summons, though now that I progressed a bit I'm getting summoned more.

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Earlier levels are always hard because not many people have insight or realize how the game works with the bells. It'll get better.

  14. Omfg I literally JUST finished getting to 20m from afking with my turbo controller for basically the entirety of last month... WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE COME A WEEK EARLIER OR SOMETHING ADJKGFNSDKJGNDSJK GNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This feels like a situation where you buy an item at full cost, only to find out it went on sale for 50% off the following day ;w; Very good news to anyone who still has to get the trophy though!
  15. #65 - Dragonball Fighter Z


    I'M FREE



    20,000,000 ZENI



    And right after I get my 20m from afk turboing, arcsys gives everyone 5m for free... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    why couldn't you lads have given us the 5m a week earlier. ;A;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Copanele


      Lol congrats xD that gift really was a kick for many

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Hentekorino


      Thanks ya'll ;w;