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  1. How hard is Nightmare compared to Ys Seven if anyone's played that? Seven was ez pz so I'm wondering if I should just start off on Nightmare, just for reference apparently MoC's nightmare was easier than Seven's.
  2. @crespino97 Only two trophies away from Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, get at that.
  3. I want to, but in order to do that I'd need to play Sly 2 & 3 which I don't want to do as I didn't enjoy the first one too much. @RVMcypress_grave Omg there are so many games above 90%, and looking through. the trophies you need don't look too particularly difficult. Head back and do Minecraft, RWBY or Borderlands as their last trophies all seem really simple and quick.
  4. BF Bad Company Those 10k kills & medals... :[
  5. I see someone is a perfectionist. :v
  6. @TristanBrown17 Go for Dust: An Elysian Tale - it's a quick & really fun plat.
  7. NieR, I'd love to skip all that grinding.
  8. @Terra: GTAV, you're so close dude, only two more trophies.
  9. So just to make sure I got this right. If I already own a Vanilla DS2 disc I should skip out on getting the PS3 digital version of SotFS since it will just share the same trophy list?
  10. Kingdom Hearts series as a whole seems so incredibly grindy so I'd just delete that game off your list while it's at 0%.
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. Yeah I kind of was overthinking it lol... I got sick of trying to farm for some drops so I just went it with that Barbara at lv 4, put on Attack up XL and some other modules, stuck on some attack augs and got both trophies pretty damn easily. My Pelta strat was literally just clinging to the back of its head and firing at it's neck weakspot, dead within a couple of minutes. Dionaea was a bit more involved as I was hiding behind rocks quite a bit. Couldn't even breaks it's wings either.
  12. Jak II or Ratchet and Clank: FFA
  13. Hello, I'm making a Barbara specifically to kill both of these things as I am trying to kill them without dying, just wanna know what elements I should put on it. I'm more focused on the Peltatum since the Dionaea looks a lot easier from videos, but I don't want to put an element on my Barbara if the Dionaea is resistant to that element. I've read that Pelta is weak to either Will'O or Electricity, but in order to get Will'O into my Barbara I'd need to farm Pelta, so I'm just going to go with 25% electricity for now, is this fine? Is Dionaea resistant to electricity? My Barbara is only an R6 though it is LBGR1. I'm planning on putting Attack L/XL, Clip Size XL and Mag Size XL, anything else that I should add on?
  14. I'm assuming you're already playing Arkham Knight, so go for Rocket League next. It seems like a short, easy and fun plat.