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  1. 1. Max Payne 3 - around 600+ hours, around 15 playthroughs, and 10th legacy on multiplayer, maximum rank. 2. The Last of Us - 500 hours, 8 playthroughs, and around level 300 on multiplayer. 3. Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves - 300+ hours, 5 playthroughs, maximum rank and legacy on multplayer.
  2. I like Oreo cookies. What about you?

  3. I'm having the same problem..
  4. The difficulty is better set on normal, with no risk yellow stars.
  5. What causes lag? I've always thought that it's about the distance between the host and the player geographically, but I'm not sure enough. I would like some tips on how to avoid it, and fix it. I've been recently playing Uncharted 3 Multiplayer back again, but I've noticed that every match I enter, there is some serious lag in it, it frustrates me, and it ruins my KDR, and it displays to the other players that I'm a noob, I don't like that. I never had that before, I had a Netgear router, with 20Mbps connection speed, but now I just moved, and it's 2Mbps and a shitty router. I just went to a hotel to stay for a couple of days, days ago, while I'm in it, I played some Uncharted 3 MP, and I've noticed that I've been going crazy, getting rampants and stuff, I played like 12 matches, against 5th legacy players, and each match I kill at least 30 players and die like twice or 4 times. The connection in the hotel was extremely fast, and great too, but when I went back, each match is full of lag again, I'm wondering what causes this? I'm really pro at the Uncharted games btw, since Uncharted 2, I've been clocking a KDR of 3:65, and I never really cared about KDR back then. What causes lag? Is it the quality of the router? The speed of the connection? The distance between the host and the player? Or some server issues? Extra Questions to you guys : - What is your router? - What is your connection speed in Mbps? - Where is your location, and is your region on your account truly your region, and if it's not, does it affect the player pool? - Do you encounter lag spikes? Well, my region in my PSN account is U.S, I'm American, but I'm not in the U.S currently, does the region of the account affect of who I play with? For example, my account region is U.S, and I'm at Mexico currently, I will play with Americans rather than Mexicans or no?
  6. I'd stay away from that.
  7. Would like to set the order of the platinums shown on the card, rather than them being in order based on the time they were achieved.
  8. Payday 2. Rat Fuse : - 4 players. - All get in bus. - Shoot all the windows. - Open all the cases. - One with a mic counts to three. - Within the 3 mark, everyone starts getting bags, throwing them out the window, then taking another bag and throwing it out - Leave after all 7 bags are out of the bus. - Wait for the helicopter, carefully throw the bags into the helicopter. - Done. They see me baggin', they hatin' : - Start day 1 on rats. 2-4 players, prefer 2 players. - Cook 5/6 meth bags. - Leave during an assault police wave. - Start day 2 on rats. - Keep track of which police assault wave it is. The first, second, third etc... - Make the deal, then go up the 2 buildings, search for money bags. - If we found 2 money bags or 3, we put them in the van. - Go back, steal the meth bags, and put them on the van with a total of 8 bags. - Leave during the 3rd assault wave. - Start the garage escape. - Throw the bags into the second floor. - Take the bags and put them into the van. If we keep not getting the garage escape, then we restart the whole mission and cook 5 meth bags instead of 6. Hit me up anytime, PSN ID = RainzFTW :
  9. - Uncharted series - The Last of Us - Metal Gear Solid 4 - Killzone 2 - Heavy Rain - GoW series - inFamous series
  10. The Shadows Rushed Me