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  1. for whatever reason, today this isn't working for me anymore- When I finish the elimination it gives me a time of around 2 minutes, so it didn't count the time I spent in the lobby. Even so, the XP I get is decent, about 3 levels each time
  2. I tried again and answered my own question- room time counts, you don't have to start the mission. Also, if you fail the mission you can apparently also keep retrying and it will still keep the timer running- I just left my game idle for a while in the mp room, then failed multiple times trying to beat the elimination (😅) and then finally succeeded and the timer in the end showed a little above 3h that I took for the mission. I then gained quite a few xp and leveled up from lvl 6 to 21
  3. to clarify, by idling in a multiplayer lobby, do you mean in the room before starting the mission or after starting the mission? I tried to idle yesterday evening while the mission was running, but when I came back after some 20mins or so I was disconnected from the server. Do I perhaps need to press a button every couple minutes or so?
  4. Can you still get all the trophies after importing a platinum save from PS4? If yes, does it save you any time?
  5. Nice job on Farpoint!! Any tips? 

  6. I plated the game in the meantime btw 😅 reinstalling while backing up save data with ps+ seems to fix the lag. I actually reinstalled twice during platinum. Also, I played it on PS4 briefly too and I saw that the PS4 Version has much more UI on the screen while playing and displays dealt Damage numbers, so I think the experience there is in general a bit better than on Vita. But on Vita it's still very fun to play, that's for sure!
  7. yes, I did
  8. I decided to start playing this today, but my experience hasn't been great so far. On the first boot, the game crashed on the first splash screen and after that, the game started, but during gameplay, I have major lags of 1-2s where I can't control my character, but the game keeps running and I still get attacked by enemies. I'm afraid the game is literally "litterally unplayable" for me in this state... I'll go pick another game from my backlog for now. next time I have internet access, I might try redownloading it and picking it up again at another stage
  9. I haven't started this game yet... I was thinking of playing it on Vita, but the 50+ hours that it's supposed to take on vita are scary... The game doesn't have cross save, does it? Didn't get the impression that it had, but I haven't found a definitive answer on the web.
  10. Just picked this game up and am hoping it'll be an easy and fun platinum, but I've not found any guides for it yet. Has anyone played it and can recommend it/has any tips for the platinum?
  11. Titanfall 2, because It interests me mainly for the SP, but I'm not going to bother with the Leaderboard trophies now.
  12. just to clarify, for me and everyone else who wants to get into hitman 2016 late... The complete first season in any edition has all dlcs needed for 100%, right?
  13. It turns out it was 5-5
  14. I completed LocoRoco today and got all the trophies bar let's explore the world. I thought I had made sure to always do all of the perfects, but I must have missed one of the perfact ranks for pickories :(. Crane game glitch workaround did not help. Which levels are the most likely culprits? I.e. In which levels are there secrets with only pickories in them or hard to collect/missable pickories? Anyone have some ideas?
  15. I won't brag with how many I have, but I will brag that I have Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and MGS2 x2 plats. Also, OlliOlli2. though I still think it's odd that that game's plat is so rare because the game is really not that hard. And fun, too.