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  1. I have changed my mind I will have another go at plat'ing this - having looked at Powerpyx's guide 😊
  2. I don't know if I'll plat it a second time - it depends on the grind and gardening and if they tweaked it to make it less frustrating
  3. Old EnoughComplete the Game at age 21 or younger That means you can't die more than 3 times. Does this game have NG+?
  4. Hearing 'Caution: The Enemy is Approaching' constantly gets annoying Enemies are bullet sponges. 1 one Explosive Can doesn't kill them You can accidently heal when at full health wasting items You cannot sneak up behind the enemies and grab/choke them Hive mind AI rears it's ugly head Thoughts?
  5. Anyone else experiencing the fan going berserk during game play - didn't notice it with the Demo. It's quite distracting and it only does it with Trials (from all the games I have installed) (Normal PS4)
  6. If it happened with every game then perhaps I would look at replacing the thermal paste. But as others have suggested this could be bad optimisation and it would be anyone's guess if the developers will address it. A shame that this issue dampens my enjoyment of the game I have the Nathan Drake PS4
  7. Charlotte, Hawkeye and Reisz This was my very first party from when I had the original Seiken Densetsu 3 Cartridge
  8. There have been issues with the DLC even when placing the preorder via PSN 24 hour Early Access wasn't available The DLC - (horse skins and theme) are not accessible via the PS4 console and instead need to be downloaded via your Download List from the browser PSN Webstore (the skins don't automatically download and install with the game) Typical Sony Last time is was the pre-order VIP weekend for Remnant from the Ashes that got pulled from the PSN - and only PSN
  9. Does the game explain how leveling works (is there like a beginners corner). Like most Final Fantasy games have?
  10. Yes the DLC went live on the PS Store at midnight (1mb file size) before the patch was released. That went live around 10am UK time this morning. Of course it was glitched without the patch/update
  11. Ok be aware I have an original Save file (Level 66) just the base game completed And a second save file (Level 100) (base game, The Crucible, new game + Armageddon 1 completed and a partial Armageddon 2 (only have Flame hollow) + access to the new armour So I have to play with my base game in order to complete the DLC - with no access to the DLC armour, as using my second save will force me to play a huge majority of the game again. I think I made a mistake by not grinding to level 100 on my Armageddon 1 run I hope no one else encountered this issue
  12. Yes the trophies are live now 5 Reminds me of Darksiders 2
  13. Hi, I have just gained control of Dana (End of Chapter 2) and noticed that her level dropped to 68 - She was on Level 96 at Clear Game (first playthrough) Is this normal?
  14. Melee kills take 3 hits with a metal pipe and then a finishing blow. 2 things it's slow and the RNG that the enemy doesn't magically turnaround while sneaking up to him
  15. I've had this game on my radar for a while, there has been a lot of critiscm on low quality animations and other things. The only thing that bothers me is the non-reactive enemies. But I've preordered the Day 1 edition and the trophies look varied enough for me As for the difficulty trophies - I hope the hardest difficullty doesn't go the same route as Metal Gear Solid 4's Big Boss Emblem Requirements or any other silly difficulty - i.e. limited saves (Dead Space 2), Dying will force restart game (Dead Space 3) etc.
  16. There are frame rate drops to say there aren't is false
  17. Probably with one of the two DLC's like in Darksiders 2 I've recently platinumed both Darksiders and Darksiders 2 on the PS4 so I'm ready for this
  18. Trophy List has been released
  19. In no particular order: - Bugs and glitches - Inventory Full Nag - Inconsistent traversal - Worst Enemy AI of the series - Deadly Obsession is a poor man's difficulty - Poor pacing - Too many combat skills for almost no combat - Too many weapons for so little combat - Plenty of outfits but restricted in one major area (see spoiler) - Slow walking (mostly during radio chatter) I'd say it's a 7.5 and that's based on the above which all serve to ruin the experience (some more annoyingly so) Story is OK but lacks cohesiveness in places - Rise's was better Jonah was along for the ride but outstayed his welcome after the first main area. Last few chapters felt rushed 9.10 would indicate it has barely any flaws HA HA in your dreams. I'm not a veteran and I appreciate the OP's review but that's certainly not the game I played
  20. Has anyone noticed the sound changed - On my surround sound (5.1 DTS) since 1.05, it sounds like Lara's voice is reading the documents from the rear speakers, and the directional sound (i.e. the wolves' howl/growl should be audible in the general direction of the speaker when you rotate the camera to where they are) If they are behind me - they should be heard in the rear speakers but they are now heard in all 5 😶 Also the general audio is tending to lean to the right channels
  21. My trophies have sync'd 59 trophies Descriptions have been truncated Hidden Trophies also posted on
  22. Was playing co-op with a friend and we took turns to kill an Arch Duke (Sword and Shield) The counter for both of us remains at 0/10 Suggestions?
  23. Like with the Mana Magic (Undine reads LVL 8 Max) can the same be done to weapons? The Javelin and Spear at the highest Level (showing in Red) but the % stays on 0% and won't fill up with each Kill. I had hoped for a Lvl 8 Max reading for the Weapons too
  24. From the official Japanese Square Enix site found in the above link: 'Announcement about "Delicious Legend 2 Secret of Mana" update (Ver.1.02) delivery' Cute 🙂