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  1. Trophy updates 17-08:







    :platinum:    Ace Attorney Trilogy   :platinum:
    Get every trophy.



    Yush!~ I'm happy to achieve my 63th :platinum:! 🤗💕




  2. Ace Attorney Trilogy Get every trophy. Yush!~ I'm happy to achieve my 63th ! 🤗💕
  3. Project DIVA FT 🤗💕
  4. Genius Girl's Melancholy Made friends with Kurisu via email. Kurisu~ 🤗💕
  5. Stardust Sky Reached Mayuri's ending. I've gotten Mayuri's ending, but I'm still sad to what happens to < spoiler >... 😢
  6. WF released a new trailer. This time featuring Kyoko~ 🤗
  7. Fractal Androgynous Chapter 8 Clear
  8. 🤗
  9. Another trailer (JP) has been dropped. It seems that we can get assist characters, just like Scott Pilgrim's VS The World! 😱
  10. I used to play the original 'River City Ransom' on the NES with my bro's back in the days. I love how WF kept the oldschool vibe in it with the new graphics 😊 The trophies seems to be straightforward, nothing hard from what I can see. Oh, it's awesome that you can play as the boyfriends too! 🤗
  11. ^ Is playing around with water pistols~ 🤗
  12. Metaphysics Necrosis Chapter 6 Clear
  13. Dogma in Event Horizon Chapter 5 Clear
  14. Let's see now.. I've got the following games 'ed - 電撃文庫 FIGHTING CLIMAX • JP - 電擊文庫 FIGHTING CLIMAX 獎盃組 • HK - Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition