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  1. Violetta's Home-Made Donuts Get a donut offered to Phoenix by Viola. (T&T, Ep. 3) Awww~ 🤗💕
  2. PSVITA The Party Never Ends Cleared all tracks in Free Dance It doesn't indeed~ 🤗💕
  3. PSVITA Time to Party Harder Margaret joins the dance Ms. Velvet Room~ 🤗💕
  4. Touhou~ 🤗💕
  5. Ikr! My bf has the original AC disc 😅 I remember having lot's of fun and ofcourse frustration on the AC, GC and XBLA. We managed to pull through and clear the game on each platform! 😊
  6. Thrillseeker Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game Buddy System Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game Yush!~ Got the (base) multiplayer trophies done. Just in time before they take it down... 😅 Be sure to unlock them too @Johnathan994!
  7. The Fifth Cleared Generation 5. Yush!~ True Ending, here we come 🤗💕
  8. Corrected~ 😅
  9. PSVITA Senpai, You're So Cool! Seen all Bond Fevers between Yu and Rise They make a good couple~ 🤗💕
  10. 🤗💕
  11. ^ Should finish Claire's campaign before moving onto other games 😅
  12. PSVITA Dream Team Paired Rise and Kanami in Free Dance Team kawaii~ 🤗💕
  13. This DLC features collaboration song(s) from the Japanese arcade game Groove Coaster. The pack includes a "Groove Coaster"-themed gear, note skin and an exclusive plate. Songlist: - Black MInD - Good Night, Bad Luck. - Got more raves? - Groove Prayer - HB-axeleration - Marry me, Nightmare - ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- - OVER THE NIGHT - Satisfiction - Warrior Let me know what your thoughts are on the Goove Coaster DLC pack 🙂
  14. Beware, Your Honor! Press Dahlia's claim that "Feenie pushed him twice." (T&T, Ep. 1) 😓
  15. Sometimes happen when you play a V/N blind without a guide 😅