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  1. I honestly just don't feel the urgency to get a PS5. Seems like an expensive and (for right now) an unnecessary upgrade. But if a really cool wrestling game (non wwe) came out for PS5 only, it might persuade me to get one.
  2. Most of what the game is showing me, I mostly knew about already. I'm curious as to how many people are actually aware of the horrible inhuman treatment mentally ill people received back in those days. It's no wonder so many people hid their illnesses, if they could that is. They didn't want to go to these asylums. They were pretty much a death sentence.
  3. PLAT #38: The Walking Dead The Final Season. Here's hoping there will be more seasons...I doubt it though.

  4. I liked the ending. For once, we had a happy ending. Clementine can live and love with Violet and watch AJ grow up. I just hope that just maybe there's another season coming...but I doubt it.
  5. Now there's a new variant of covid in the UK and West Africa? Jesus man, I'm halfway expecting to see the four horsemen coming out of the clouds on the news.
  6. The credibility of Kombat league goes right out the window when you destroy the other player in the first match, then they select new fighter in the second match and pick sheeva and do NOTHING other than her stomp and fatal blow. I realize it is her classic move from MK3, but it's truly bogus when a bad player can get a win by spamming that bullshit over and over again. I've tried contacting the devs on twitter, but as expected, they ignore me. And yes, I realize the way to avoid is to dash forward but it takes precise timing everytime, and it's hard to pull it off EVERY TIME these no talent sweaty tryhard bitches spam sheeva's stomp.
  7. Look. Nearly 2 months of inactivity in this thread. If that don't speak volumes then I don't know what will. Either wrestling fans are horrified by how terrible WWE has been, or they're embarrassed to say they're a wrestling fan. Jeez, you know? How did it go so wrong?
  8. The micro transactions are everywhere! Don't think of just jumping right in the king of the battlegrounds, other players will dominate you hardcore. This game feels very pay to win. Also, game crashes! Trying to start a female royal rumble, crashes. Several challenges in the Battlegrounds Challenges section for your CAW, crashes the game. I'm glad I picked this up on sale, and even though I do enjoy it, it's not even worth the sale price. In my opinion, this should have been a free to play game.
  9. I've picked up all 8 memories at the start of the game, the trophy doesn't pop.
  10. Is the exact same thing as last year's. Even the unlockables are the same, just different colors with different names. Such a letdown.
  11. PLAT #35: Dead By Daylight. Thank god it's over!

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      @Beyondthegrave07 Oh, it was a chore alright. Getting the adept nurse was a nightmare. Timing her blinks is so unpredictable. 

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      Congratz! 🎂

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      Well done! 💯 

  12. I was wondering about this. The other day I was rank 22 or 23 then the next I'm rank 352. I thought it was a glitch or a bug or something. But it's apparently it's not. I'm sensing that they did this to boost gamer's egos. Which is really dumb IMO. But then again, trophies still mean nothing at this point. It's still just bragging rights. There should be prizes or something for reaching certain levels. Like an actual platinum trophy or something, a jacket, trinkets, etc.
  13. Honestly, I haven't really been watching much wrestling. WWE or AEW. Nothing really interests me.