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  1. I'm not going to attack the 24/7 title just yet. The possibilities are endless for this title, and it could bring some really hilarious moments. And, it'll give everyone with nothing to do something to do.
  2. Remember, if you're the killer, being on the map at any time is camping and tunnelling.
  3. https://twitter.com/Jeremy1P1/status/1128126192085872641 DIGGING THE NEW BRAY WYATT!
  4. The segment with Becky Charlotte and Lacy was pretty cool. "CHARLOTTE NO BELTS!" 😆
  5. The griefing has gotten way out of hand lately. Just tonight, I spawned in for not even a minute, and I was head shotted. Then I respawned, called my horse, and just as I got on my horse, the same griefer lasso's me, ties me up, and then shoots me. I mean, holy hell, he had a whole posse with him too. I guess griefer posses are a thing now.
  6. That's what broke you? The RAW before the McMahon's announced that we're the authority now (whatever), did it for me. The one where Ambrose was getting vaccinated for everything, and Baron Corbin was the GM? Bobby Roode getting his robe pissed on? Yeah, that was a god awful, breaking point for me. I haven't been able to finish a whole RAW or SDLive since. Something about that episode just felt like a breaking point. I think WWE is in a very bad place right now. Besides for Becky Lynch, everything else is pretty much trash, and I don't think even Becky is enough to save it.
  7. Have they announced what station they'll be airing on?
  8. I think it's about time someone made this thread. Double or Nothing PPV is happening on the 25th, and I guess AEW is officially starting sometime in October? Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, PAC (formally known as Neville) are already announced on the roster. And now it would seem Jon Moxley (formally known as Dean Ambrose) will also be on the roster. Who else is excited for the possibilities that might be All Elite Wrestling?
  9. Jon Moxley is back! Did anyone catch the somewhat subtle references in the video? Escaping the prison that is WWE, being chased by a "big dog"? In my opinion, the prison is definitely WWE. Now, the dog, that could be Roman, or it could just mean The Shield in general. But does that imply that The Shield was hurtful for Dean's career? So many things it could mean. https://youtu.be/k1WZixm6wGk
  10. It's addictive, for sure. I wasn't sure about it initially. But then I began to play it and just found it really fun. There's a huge map to explore, optional objectives, an over abundance of enemies to kill, etc. It's seriously fun! It gives off a Crackdown vibe, for anyone who's played that on the Xbox 360.
  11. https://twitter.com/LatnemRood/status/1122214231905062919

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      Well, he's trying his best to be polite, but if one watches his body language for the subtle signs, it eventually becomes apparent he's not the biggest fan of the game.

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      LOL you guys. 

  13. Yeah, it could be interesting if done right, but that's trusting WWE to you know...do something right.