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  1. The one dead giveaway that tells you who's read the comics and those who have only seen the show : Those who have only seen the show think Daryl is in the comics. He isn't. Daryl and Merle were both made for the show, but they were never in the comics.
  2. Same with the laggy home screen. And I've rebuilt the database several times, it did little if anything at all.
  3. My system crashes on a regular basis. At least once every two days.
  4. Winter has been very harsh this year, at least in Iowa it has.
  5. I feel like this current generation of gaming (PS4, Xbox One) was dead in the water for the first couple of years. There was nothing I wanted to play, really. As my PS4 collected dust, I plugged in the old PS2 and went down memory lane. But then after awhile, it began to feel stale. I realized I wanted to stay up to date with the current generation of gaming because there's always something that comes along that kicks ass. When I heard Friday The 13th was being made for current gen, that just got me all excited and optimistic for the current gen. I really have no interest in COD games or Assassin's Creed etc, all the typical over hyped garbage that tends to get pushed to the moon. There has to be a game that caters to a certain niche market to get me interested. I guess you can say F13 brought me back to current gen. But holy hell, the unbelievable buggy glitch fest F13 was brought my excitement down a few notches. I mean, you couldn't even play the game on release day! And more and more you see games that get released that are obviously NOT FINISHED YET, and you're all excited to play them, but let's say there's a game breaking bug, you have to wait until the game developers issue a patch to fix it. But by then, they don't care, they got their money. What happened to games being finished before they're released? Sometimes it feels like there's no drive or passion put into making a video game anymore, with very few exceptions. It feels like a game gets shat out for the sole purpose of a cash grab (*cough* Fallout 76). But I have been pleasantly surprised as well. For example, WWE 2K19. Now the game has it's problems, (nothing new there) but I was very happy with the story mode this year. WWE games have been souless husks of their former glory days (early 2000's). But 2K19 took a small leap forward. The story mode is fun, imaginative, and reminded me very much of Tony Hawk's Underground for PS2. Unfortunately, online play is full of players who spam the same moves over and over again, and the submission system is damn near impossible against the cpu. But, improvement was made nonetheless. Maybe current gen games did hit a low there for awhile. But, it's getting better I think.
  6. That's usually the way it works with Batista. He's always been an entitled little crybaby.
  7. Like this weekend was the weekend you were finally going to get around to watching 1408 after putting it off for ten years. If you haven't made time to see it yet, you probably never will. So quit being petty.
  8. "Bawsaq maintenance". That sounds really bad, lol.
  9. King Kong Bundy died. RIP
  10. For Christ's sake, the movie's been out for like 10 years. Quit being petty.
  11. I love 1408. But which ending do you prefer? The one where he burns alive in the room, or the one where he gets rescued?
  12. Even though Rick is gone, I still feel the show is watchable. I'll watch this show till the end, so maybe I'm biased.
  13. The only thing that interests me is Becky Lynch. I'm also intrigued by the this whole Batista situation, which I'm sure is going to be Triple H's opponent at WrestleMania this year. Everything else feels undercooked so to speak.
  14. Here you go. Chemotherapy severely damages the immune system, and that takes time to recover from. It's all right here in the link I have provided. He's back way too soon. https://www.webmd.com/cancer/lymphoma/understanding-leukemia-treatment#1
  15. And if it turns out it was a work to get Reigns over, will you still say, "Let It Reign"? You see, you need time to recover from Leukemia treatment. From what I've read in google searches, the most minimal recovery time is 2 years.