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  1. Didn't watch much of Summerslam. Good to see Becky going babyface again. Roman vs Brock again (yawn). Bayley being back will help the women's division. Still no Bray Wyatt return, getting tired of hoping to see him come back and he doesn't. Sick of the cryptic tweets. Make a move or hang it up.
  2. Let's just wait and see. Alot of things happening in the wrestling world now. I'm not even sure what to expect. Brutally put, I hope WWE stops sucking ass like they have been.
  3. To all the people saying they're happy that Rockstar is abandoning Red Dead Online for GTA: Just wait. That pendulum will eventually swing it's way over to your side of the gate, in one shape or another.
  4. PLAT #46 : Evil Dead The Game

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  5. If Bray Wyatt returns at HIAC, I'll lose my shit. And I'll also be kinda sad at the same time, because I know he'll get ruined again. But it'll be good to see him again.
  6. This is going to be the first time in years that I'm not watching Wrestlemania. There's nothing on that card at all that interests me in the slightest. Wrestling is dead to me right now.
  7. I am seriously bewildered. Why would Cody Rhodes ever return to WWE? He clearly didn't like it there, the only thing I can think that would make him go back is money. But he isn't hurting financially, so....... I just don't get it. What are they gonna bring him back just to get fed to Roman Reigns? Bleh.... no thanks. Pro wrestling has really gone down the shitter.
  8. PLAT #45: Silver Chains

  9. Run some accuracy cards in your deck, that should eliminate alot of that floaty-ness. Try Hunker Down, Optics Enthusiast, Front Sight Focus.
  10. One word I can sum Back 4 Blood up with is frustrating. 

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      Janky, lazy, and predatory also prove cogent options.

  11. PLAT #43 - BACK 4 BLOOD

  12. I'm starting to truly believe that nightmare can't be beat without cheating somehow.