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  1. Retirement? Ha! Never.
  2. That's the rumor going around it seems. I'm personally happy to hear it. Vince has truly ran his own company into the dirt, and maybe somebody else can do better. Let's just hope Disney doesn't buy it.
  3. PLAT #40: Red Dead Redemption 2. What a grindy beast it was, now I'm gonna go outside and barbecue some food.

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      Congrats :D 

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  4. These scalpers can kiss my ass. I will never buy from them. I don't care if I have to wait years to get a PS5.
  5. But what I got was way more than I expected! Yes, this game is a walking simulator of sorts, but Slender: The Arrival is an example of a walking simulator done right. The atmosphere is unsettling and creepy, walking around in the dark woods at night looking for your missing friend Kate. Slenderman himself is terrifying as he disappears and reappears as he pleases. But ol' slender ain't the only thing after you...but I won't spoil the game for anyone who hasn't played it yet. I picked this up on sale on PS store for two bucks. It's certainly worth it if you're looking for a new horror game to play in the dark! Alright well, I'm gonna leave the link to my playlist for this game HERE . I think he's getting close. Might have to run. But he's EVERRRYWHEEERE.
  6. Alright, that's a relief! Thank you!
  7. Does chewing tobacco count as a health item?
  8. All they did was take bray wyatt and apply it to Alexa bliss. whatever. don't care.
  9. 10 years of gaming = 5,000 trophies. Whoo!

  10. I'm done cheering on Bray Wyatt. There's no use. Until Windham Rotunda leaves WWE, I don't see him being used properly. Time after time, they have squandered him. I can't be invested in him no more. It just hurts to watch something that is so great, be so utterly bad.
  11. I haven't really been impressed with these post covid episodes. They've barely been able to keep my attention.
  12. The mishandling of Aleister Black is absolutely atrocious. The mishandling of Keith Lee was absolutely horrifying. Retribution was over as soon as they "signed" with WWE. And The Fiend has been faltering for a good minute now. It's hard to get invested in anyone or anything in WWE because they throw everything away so quickly.
  13. That's all I've been saying for years. Time and time again, WWE has consistently passed opportunity after opportunity to cash in on Bray Wyatt. Being sacrificed for Reigns, Goldberg, Cena, Lesnar, Undertaker. It's actually quite disgusting to remember everything and everyone WWE sacrificed all in the name of putting Roman Reigns over. I don't even like Reigns as a heel.
  14. I hope this "new look" is only temporary. Because it just looks like a hot mess.
  15. PS5 scalpers are now receiving lots of hate, and are now claiming they're the victim.