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  1. Tonight's show was the first time IN YEARS that I walked away feeling...fulfilled. It was such an odd feeling too, because I think I actually enjoyed a wrestling show for once, and I forgot what it felt like to do that. I can't wait for next Wednesday's show.
  2. Any word on MP release date? I'm not buying this until MP happens.
  3. I can't even get through RAW any more. The whole Lana thing out there screaming about being pregnant and having sex- I tapped out, literally. I slammed my hand up and down on the arm rest of my chair and shouted obscenities as I turned off my TV. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DUMPSTER FIRE.
  4. Yeah, when I saw #FixWWE2K20 trending on Twitter, I felt like I dodged a bullet. Some of those bugs...I haven't seen anything that bad since Friday The 13th. Simply unacceptable. I mean I really wanted to get that Bump in the Night DLC, but screw that. I'm not touching 2K20 until they fix that buggy shit.
  5. I mean yeah that was pretty funny to see Cody punch through the glass to get to Jericho, but it was just a backstage brawl, nothing we haven't really seen before.
  6. So last night I finally watched a full episode of AEW Dynamite. The first thing I noticed was how great the tag team matches were! It had been so long since I'd seen a tag team match that actually held my attention. There is definitely a universal difference between WWE tag teams and AEW tag teams. The Moxley vs Pac match was pretty good, bummer though it ended in a draw. Still very early to tell how good AEW will be, but one thing's for sure, they're headed in the right direction tag team wise.
  7. I wonder how long FOX will tolerate a brand new show losing a million viewers so fast... WWE doesn't realize just how badly they screwed up at Hell in a Cell.
  8. Wow. They did it. They screwed up the best thing they had going. I'm ready to give AEW a real shot now.
  9. The Pac match. Yeah pretty much just that
  10. I watched a little of it. Surprisingly, I wasn't all that impressed. I kinda felt like I was watching a generic verson of WWE. Like everything I was hoping it would be, wasn't there. Hmm. It is the first show though. Give it time to develop.
  11. If I remember correctly, in MP, there was a super rare ghost you had to catch, but it would never spawn. At least for me it never did.
  12. Right? I was thinking the same thing. Here it is, Ghostbusters The Game 2009, is being remastered for current gen consoles, and all anyone here is concerned about is whether or not the MP trophies will be required for the platinum? Nobody wants to put in the time, they just want an easy platinum and it's on to the next game. Screw the trophies. I'm going to legit enjoy playing this game again after 10 years.
  13. Yesterday, the toxicity became too much for me. I finally set my messages to friends only, after one particular message was so vulgar and threatening, I decided I've just had enough of it. I am absolutely convinced that this game brings out the worst in people. And yes, I did report him.
  14. This latest update has been awesome so far! And honestly, the fact there's no trophies for it, doesn't really bother me.
  15. Authentic, right?