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  1. I mean, why should they? They can probably squeeze a couple more years out of GTA V before moving on to GTA 6.
  2. Vince is a senile old fart that needs to step down. Point blank. But a friend of mine had a theory that Vince is trying to kill WWE so no one can inherit it after he dies. Not a fact, just speculation.
  3. Everytime I play this game, I get owned. For both sides. If I play Mastermind, I get owned because I'm not cheating by hacking/lag switching. If I play Survivor, I get owned by a Rank 50 Spencer spamming guns and immobilizing goo. Or a Daniel spawning 10 zombies and 5 lickers all at once. I mean, what the hell is going on with this game? Are people hacking it, gaining unfair advantages? It has alot of potentional, but if people are cheating, it'll kill this game before it has a chance to thrive.
  4. Reopening everything this soon I think is a mistake. I know businesses are suffering, I know the economy has taken a hit, but if this thing makes a second wave because everything was Reopened up too early, those businesses and the economy are going to be hit EVEN HARDER. Possibly to the point of beyond repair. Am I worried about the virus? To a degree. If I get sick, I'll either make it or I won't. What I'm worried about is other people. If this gets REALLY bad, it'll make the daily news look like a walk in the park. People will get desperate. Toilet paper won't be the only thing they're after. I think one or two more months of lockdown should be enforced. There's alot more at stake than I think people realize.
  5. The only way it's cheating is if you hack trophies open. But guides, boosting, etc. is not cheating.
  6. What is worse? Covid 19 or The Spanish Flu of 1918?
  7. Chill out. It just came out this month, not everyone is a pro at it yet.
  8. Here's the video of my stream. It was a Daniel, not a spencer my bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJXAcnvj_DM the match starts at @50:07
  9. How the hell are masterminds able to spawn 2 lickers at once?! I'm talking like Rank 1 spencers spawning 2 lickers at the start of a game. lickers cost 7 points apiece, and masterminds can only ever store up to 10 points at a time. is there some hacking going on? or did I miss something?
  10. Money talks and bullshit walks. Even in the midst of a pandemic, this is true.
  11. So it's confirmed: we are getting Jill Valentine in Resistance! Awesome! Judging by the outline of the survivor we're getting in May, I'd say it's Officer Marvin. I hope we get Nemesis as an ultimate, but who would be his Mastermind you think?
  12. Wow who else is having a hard time going against Spencer the mastermind?
  13. I'm just curious if they'll release patches containing buffs/nerfs? Or will it stay the way it is? I personally think a few things are OP, such as the flashbang grenade stun duration. Tyrone's kick can get pretty annoying too.
  14. The only matches that were any good: Boneyard match, Rollins/Owens, and Edge and Orton. Everything else really wasn't very good. The Firefly Funhouse match was surprisingly a disappointment. I expected so much more than what we got.
  15. I haven't had any problems finding a match for either side.