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  1. I've picked up all 8 memories at the start of the game, the trophy doesn't pop.
  2. Sinister 2 sucked so bad. The new Friday The 13th movie was cancelled... however, the new IT movie looks like it could be AMAZING!
  3. Is the exact same thing as last year's. Even the unlockables are the same, just different colors with different names. Such a letdown.
  4. PLAT #35: Dead By Daylight. Thank god it's over!

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    2. jackmadrox


      @Beyondthegrave07 Oh, it was a chore alright. Getting the adept nurse was a nightmare. Timing her blinks is so unpredictable. 

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  5. I was wondering about this. The other day I was rank 22 or 23 then the next I'm rank 352. I thought it was a glitch or a bug or something. But it's apparently it's not. I'm sensing that they did this to boost gamer's egos. Which is really dumb IMO. But then again, trophies still mean nothing at this point. It's still just bragging rights. There should be prizes or something for reaching certain levels. Like an actual platinum trophy or something, a jacket, trinkets, etc.
  6. This is a fun little game. Picked it up for 10 bucks during the new year sale on PSN store. It's definitely the modern day Road Rash. Was kind of sad to see no one was playing it online.
  7. Honestly, I haven't really been watching much wrestling. WWE or AEW. Nothing really interests me.
  8. I think it's about time someone made this thread. Double or Nothing PPV is happening on the 25th, and I guess AEW is officially starting sometime in October? Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, PAC (formally known as Neville) are already announced on the roster. And now it would seem Jon Moxley (formally known as Dean Ambrose) will also be on the roster. Who else is excited for the possibilities that might be All Elite Wrestling?
  9. Glad i'm not the only one who finds this tutorial frustrating as hell.
  10. I wish PS5 was backwards compatible with PS3 at least...

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    2. funboy1246


      yeah think this is definatley one place sony has truly been blown out the water by microsoft

    3. DaivRules


      I wish it was too. 

    4. kingdrake2


      i'm in agreement. though i gotta keep my ps3 alive as long as possible. there's some games i'm still trying to get (out of print stuff).

  11. Yay. Here comes Roman to bury the evil Fiend. Well you're too late Vince, you already buried The Fiend back in Saudi Arabia in February.
  12. A new generation of gaming, what an exciting time, right? Not to me. It's not even the console itself that I'm not excited about. It's more the games that are going to come out for it. Let me explain. Look at how games are released today: broken, buggy and unfinished with multiplayer modes that heavily encourage microtransactions that are borderline pay to win. Examples of such games are GTA Online, WWE 2K20, Fallout 76, etc. Why are games released in these ways now? Remember when you bought a game and it was functional on release day? Or an online mode that you could just hop on and enjoy with your friends with no broken in game economies that either make you grind your ass off to get to a decent level or give up a few almighty dollars to skip ahead a few ranks/levels. Or how about these new battle passes? Red Dead Online is doing it, so is Dead By Daylight, which are two games that are always in a busted and buggy state. A battle pass to a game that is unplayable? Why give more to a greedy gaming company that doesn't give a shit about your fun, or how buggy and busted their game is? They laugh all the way to the bank, while you struggle to play their game. And here comes PS5. I'm trusting my intuition about it. PS5 games will be absolutely littered with pay to win games and battle passes and remasters of games you already have bought before (GTAV, Control, etc). Get prepped for your new career as a beta tester, and you better be okay with not getting paid for it, because in the PS5 era, I suspect broken on release games and paywalls will just be the norm. You are literally paying them to do their job for them. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to play unfinished games that cause frustration because they don't work as they should. Maybe it won't be as bad as all that, I don't know for sure. I just see games the way they are now and I fear the trend of broken and busted microtransaction-hungry games are gonna take over completely in the era of PS5. It's honestly the reason why I'm gonna wait on the sidelines when PS5 releases. I'm good on PS4 for now.
  13. Right? I mean Kanye West is/was running for president. Like why don't we just put a street mime in office and have it over with?
  14. I'm not gonna lie, the feud between Strowman and The Fiend has really kept my attention. And I'm loving the whole Retribution thing. So this is how to get WWE to put on a better show: have the network suits breathe down their necks about the shit tv ratings.
  15. So last night I watched RAW in it's entirety. First time in a while I've done that. I mean the matches were decent, the promos were pretty good, actually. But what the hell is this "Raw Underground"? Kinda reminds me of fight club. I'm not gonna shit all over it just yet, I'm going to give it an honest try. As for the lights and microphones cutting out, I feel like this has the chance to be a very compelling story IF WWE can do it right?
  16. Just a question, what is a "Karen"?
  17. I think the finding every species of wildlife is a bit annoying.
  18. As of today, I can't even get into Red Dead Online anymore. I'll watch the loading screen until it hits %100 and then...instant disconnect due to error 0x20010006. This is fucking ridiculous. I've contacted Rockstar. Submitted a ticket. Messages back and forth, swear I'm talking to a robot. Changed DNS settings. uninstalled, reinstalled the game. switched from wi-fi to a hardline connection. Called my ISP to make sure my firmware is up to date. It is. Healthy signals from my internet. So what the fuck else can it be??!! Up until today, I was able to play for 10-15 minutes before error 0x20010006 happened. Now it's instant. Don't even get a chance to play. I might have to just dropkick this game to the curb. The singleplayer is phenomenal, but RDO has been an absolute trashfire since it launched. A trashfire I believed in, and had fun with regardless of it's problems. But my god, I can't even get into the game anymore.
  19. PLAT  #33 :  WWE 2K20

  20. Seriously, I miss this game. Is it possible it will come to PS4?

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    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  22. Let's hope July won't throw anymore disasters/tragedies at us...

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      What else could go wrong...

    3. MidnightDragon


      The month is still young. 

    4. jackmadrox


      @funboy I have not heard anything about zombies but at this point I wouldn't be surprised.