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  1. Yeah I get your point and I already made a change and only play games which I really like. I still have the thoughts about starting a new profile but in the end one thought always stops me: Trophies are virtuel icons, jpg files which give you nothing. Getting nothing from trophies > why should I start over. Its hilarious.
  2. I have the same thoughts about creating a new account (I already have one with a better name) to start fresh but my problem is that I already invested way to much time in this account. Your have a little bit over 50 platinums. If my account would have this amount of platinums, I'd start a new profile but my account has over 230 platinums and 12.000 trophies. The amount of trophies isnt my biggest problem because in a few years I would have the same amount again on the new account its just a matter of time. The memories are the real deal/problem. I started trophy hunting when I was 14 years old. I literally wasted my complete teenager life (trust me) with trophies. It hurts to even think about it throwing this whole account away to start fresh. and of course the urge to replay a lot PS3/PS4 games which takes a lot of time which you could invest in new games. What would be my new goal on a new account? A completion rate over 90%, no stacks, only games I really enjoy. Its up to you: Are the memories from your account to strong then the anwser is no.
  3. Sorry for my weak english. In my opinion simply delete the whole trophy function for PS5 would be the best option. Personaly I'd like to delete some games but Sony will never insert a option for >1% games. There're two main reasons why: 1. Company perspective: Sony simply doesnt care about trophies. Even the Level cap is still at 100. The only reason why it was insert back then in 2008 was because XBOX had it. 2. Trophyhunter perspective: It would fucked up your trophylist. For example you played a game like CoD BlackOps 2. You played the story, a little bit MP (even achive the first prestige for the gold trophy) and then you realise that you need to do the zombie mode in order to get the platinum/100%. Then you realise that you are way to bad in zombie mode and cant get the platinum/100%. Problem is you are a completist so you simply delete the game and move on. Now the real problem begins: For example after one year you want to try it again in order to get all trophies. You start the game and play it from scratch but the data for the trophies are already saved on servers. What will likely happen if you start the MP and play one game? Maybe you'll get all MP trophies which you already earned at the same time. That'll result in illegitimate timestamps > profile looks cheated > flagged > can't really proof it > stay flagged > depression???
  4. No Man Sky.
  5. My biggest wish for the PS5 would be that Sony simply deletes the trophysystem function. You'll still getting trophies from PS3 and PS4 games but not for PS5 games. Then everyone would play games for fun and only if they enjoy it. For me it's a stupid addiction to get trophies but I'm to weak to fight against it.
  6. Yakuza Zero. This will be a project for the future. I liked Kiwami a lot.
  7. In my opinion it should have these things: No hidden trophies (of course including a country/world rank) Completion over 80% or higher Average trophy rarity 45% or lower Some rare platinums A good mix between easy, medium and hard/extrem games But to be honest it's just a hobby which includes a lot of wasted time (grind, collectibles etc.) so you shoudn't focus to hard on it. Nobody cares (not even Sony) about a random PSN Profile with thousands of virtuel icons and pngs. I play a lot on the PC too and I'm absolutley not interested to get achievments on Steam, GoG Galaxy etc. I wish that would be the same for me on the PlayStation.
  8. Sometimes I think about that too. I really like the idea to start a new account because I dont like my account anymore. BUT there're two major reasons why I didnt already start a new one. 1. I wasted (and I really mean wasted) way to much time on this account only to put him into the grave at the end. I have a lot of good memories and met great people through out the year with this account but mostly I wasted my life with shitty collectibles, grind and MP stuff. 2. I dont like the thought about re doing games. Sounds stupid I know but I already see myself in front of the screen, replay all AC and Souls Games because I like them so much. At that point I would waste my time again to have a 100% completion even though I like these games in general. Maybe I'll start a new on when the PS5 comes out.
  9. Sorry for the late replay. I still had the bug but lucky me I made a save close to the start of the episode. I'd play the episode again and got the trophies. It was frustating but better than start a whole NG+ run for it.
  10. But that update seems to me that it destroyed my trophysystem in that game. I finished every trophy from the second episode of the "Legacy of the first Blade" DLC and I didnt get a single one of them to pop up. Has anyone the same problem? I killed over 20 guys with that rapid fire abillity, killed all cultist, finished the questline etc. but no trophy sorry for my english.
  11. I like that idea because I don't want to farm over xxx hundred hours for these stupid crowns like in the base game.
  12. Sorry for my english. This game is complete broken, unbalanced, buggy, ugly af and I hate it. I have bought it on PSN sale for 20€ (way to much) last year. After one hour I reliezed that the game isn't worth it but I was close to a 100% completion so I managed to make it to 100% (this includes 5 runs through the whole awful game!!) But the developer dropped another DLC in which you need to play the whole game two more times (with a handicap). No thanks. Everyone who's reading this: DONT BUY THIS GAME. It isn't a good Souls clone with weapons. It's just software-garbage.
  13. Damn you're good. I only make 10k sometimes 15k a game and it tooks forever to level up. I'm level 33 and tired of this game. The last few patches sinces february destroyed a lot in my opinion.
  14. Damn I have no luck in MH World. I already have over 200hrs of playtime and only 12 small and 5 large crowns. (e.g. I killed great-Jagras over 100 times, still no large crown)
  15. Mortal Kombat
  16. Go to your trophie-list on PS4: - choose a 0% game and press the "Options" button - choose "delete" - finish!
  17. On PS4 you can delete 0% games.
  18. You can delete 0% games. Just a small tip.
  19. Sorry I'm not a expert in english. Good morning Community, Someone of you plays the DLC? I try the 3 stars in every event. I got the first championship and all the events with 3 stars. The second championship I have also all the stars in every event except the drift event where you have to create 350,000 points. Has anyone a good tip? Which vehicle etc. My best result was 280,000 points. And the best for the end ... the DLC special events. Since I do not look through any more. What vultures are the developers thinking of? The DLC Special Events are impossible in my opinion. Does anyone have valuable tips? I can not make a single approach. I would be grateful for any reply. Greeting
  20. Hello, my english isn't the best but I hope your guys understand me. I want to buy the Session Pass but my question is: Do play enough people the DLCs or will I find a lot of empty lobbies?
  21. 127 / 4 = 31,75