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  1. looks like only some will auto pop. Better than none
  2. Thanks! Tbh, I don’t know why they didn’t just include this to begin with lmfao. The majority of legacy trophies will pop so I won’t have to redo them which is all I care about. There’s a few really painful Sniper Assassin challenges but other than that, the Sniper Assassin isn’t too difficult. I’ll live hahaha
  3. Physical is out dude. I could walk into any store that sells games and buy it right now. It’s only digital that’s locked as I said in the post you quoted. That’s why it’s weird that the website isn’t fully live. It’s already 6:30pm on the 20th where I am. All I’m commenting on is the strangeness of locking the digital to a specific universal time, and the website with it, while the physical is freely available. It’s gonna be a lot longer than 8 hours too, at which time I’ll thankfully be asleep, cause that website is gon’ craaaaaaaaassshhhhhh.
  4. Yeah, it’s weird. I mean, they’re basically guaranteeing that the website will end up crashing anyway, because they’ve made sure everyone will be accessing it at the same time. Plus the website should always go live a little early anyway just to make sure it actually works
  5. Ah okay. People have already got physical so I thought it might be up. It’s only digital that’s locked to a specific time. Kinda weird that they did that.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has the game and has transferred progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3? Do any trophies pop? What about maxed out mastery? Any info? Haha
  7. It literally says that transferring is optional. You just can’t pick and choose what’s transferred. You transfer everything or nothing.
  8. It would have to have some sort of auto-pop. If it carries over mastery, mastery maxes out. So it’s not like you could earn another level to make it register or anything. I’m getting mine home delivered, so I probably won’t have it release day, so I’m more than happy to let other people find out first haha. I’m definitely not going to import if there’s no auto-pop, cause that would basically lock you out of those trophies, right?
  9. This is correct. I just tested it. It appears to be a "this save file already knows you've achieved XYZ thing". I made a bunch of saves when I found out they didn't share progress, but I still unintentionally unlocked a couple on PS4. Everyday life is one. Completing another world event didn't trigger, but going back to a save I had prior to completing world event #10 and then doing it again unlocked the trophy on PS5. So TL; DR save file has memory of what you've done and won't let you do it again. But you CAN transfer PS4 saves to PS5 and still earn trophies. You just need to go back in time to re-do the same one.
  10. lol who cares about ending pre-requisites. The only ending anyone needs is Tohka. Everyone else can just GTFO 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
  11. You can't do "level 5 escalation". You have to go to the location and pick an escalation mission (some locations have multiple escalations and some are harder than others) and then start on level 1 and play through and continue to move on to the next level until you clear level 5. You can't just start at level 5, you have to work up to it.
  12. Not gonna lie. Super peeved about having to do Base game + all 6 original locations again.
  13. 1: What is your 2017 Game Of The Year? Can I say LA Noire? If not, then AC Origins, even though it was short. 2: What is your favourite game that was released before 2017? The Witcher 3. 3: What is your favourite PlayStation Plus game? Does it have to be something I got through PlayStation Plus? Cause there's heaps of games that I already had. Tales from the Borderlands is epic. 4: What is your proudest Platinum that you earned this year? Trine 2 Hard. 5: Which game do you consider to be the most over rated game of 2017? Probably Destiny. 6: Which platinum trophy pushed you the hardest this year? Trine 2 Hard. 7: Which trophy (excluding platinums) was your most frustrating trophy this year? Walk in the Park for Trine 2. That was the only trophy that kept me from getting plat. Sat incomplete on my profile for just over 4 years. 8: What is your most anticipated game for 2018 ? Detroit: Become Human 9: What is the last game you bought for: ) PS4 - Dreamfall Chapters ) PS3 - Aabs Animals ) PS VITA - Aabs Animals (they came in a bundle lol) ) PSVR - Don't have VR. 10: Has your backlog of games in 2017: ) decreased ) remained about the same ) increased by 1 - 20 DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER! ) increased by 21 - 50 ) increased by 51 - 100 ) could rival Cj's and damage's spiralling lack of control on the PSN Store 11: Please list the Top 10 games that you've played this year that you recommend that we play (they must be PS games and they can have been released at any time, as long as you played it in 2017) The Witcher 3 Hitman (the episodic one) Ghost Recon Wildlands Telltale Batman (1 and/or 2) Horizon Zero Dawn AC2 LA Noire Until Dawn Middle-Earth: Shadow of War FFXV 1: What was your favourite part of the GATH Season 2? The part where I killed it in November 2: What was your least favourite part of the GATH Season 2? The part where I keep forgetting it exists cause of the screwed notifications. 3: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your End Of Month Result? Fine. 4: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your Bonus Categories? Fine. 5: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for Backlog Games? Fine. 6: How do you feel about the Backlog Game setup (6 x PS3 games, 3 x PS4 games, 1 x PS VITA game)? Probably have less PS3 and more PS4 considering the amount of games for PS4 now that it's been out so long. 7: How would you want to see the Backlog Game setup run differently? (This includes points dispersion and certain amounts of titles per system required). See above. 8: What did you think of my FAME & SHAME event and would you be interested in seeing a minor points system implemented here? (I'm thinking whoever earns FAME gets a 3 point bonus and whoever earns SHAME loses 3 points, but it's a work in progress). I'm not sure how it works but it seems fine. 9: Would you be interested in being added to a group chat on PlayStation Messenger Chat in 2018 where everyone can have a chat, discuss games and even try to arrange boosting sessions with other interested players? (You can still be added but there will be no pressure at all to say anything or play with others). Nah. PlayStation messenger is shit. Super laggy. Discord would be good though. 10: Would you be interested in a new feature next year where everyone nominates a list of games (not sure how many yet, maybe 5, maybe 10) that require online co-op or multiplayer boosting? Wayne and I would see your nominations and match you with people who have nominated the same game as you. Possibly we could add a substantial points bonus to anyone who completes said game. Games like AC Black Flag or Battlefield 4 or Killzone Shadowfall are a few examples. This would be similar to the backlog feature in the sense that you aren't required to complete any or even nominate any. This would simply be a way for those people who have MP or co-op games they'd like to get finished. If I was going to apply a points system here, I would probably cap it at 2 or 3. The whole point here is to hopefully encourage people to play together if you are that way inclined. Let me know what you think because this is not set in stone. Sure.
  14. This. I haven't played a game I deleted, but I would imagine all you would need to do is play the game you deleted. As far as I know, all it does is stop your trophy list from showing that game, it shouldn't block you from earning trophies if you change your mind later.