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  1. This worked for me as well after seeing your comment. 1. Go to a radio station. There will likely already be a song playing. If there is let it finish. 2. Listen to the entirety of the next song. Once an ad or another song comes on, change the channel. 3. Repeat 1 & 2 for all music stations. 4. Next I did VCPR. Listened for about 5-6 minutes before I couldn’t handle the crazy mom anymore lol 5. Changed to Kchat and did the same thing. It ended up being the entire section between the host and the footballers. 6. When I switched back to a music station after thinking the trophy had glitched, it popped.
  2. I can only like your post once 😭. Amazing find/info. 👏🏻👏🏻
  3. Really? That would be awesome. Sickeningly catchy song hahahaha
  4. Sad about Japanese Boy, Steppin Out and Poison Arrow. Otherwise I don’t care about of the removed songs. Lucky me.
  5. looks like only some will auto pop. Better than none
  6. Thanks! Tbh, I don’t know why they didn’t just include this to begin with lmfao. The majority of legacy trophies will pop so I won’t have to redo them which is all I care about. There’s a few really painful Sniper Assassin challenges but other than that, the Sniper Assassin isn’t too difficult. I’ll live hahaha
  7. Physical is out dude. I could walk into any store that sells games and buy it right now. It’s only digital that’s locked as I said in the post you quoted. That’s why it’s weird that the website isn’t fully live. It’s already 6:30pm on the 20th where I am. All I’m commenting on is the strangeness of locking the digital to a specific universal time, and the website with it, while the physical is freely available. It’s gonna be a lot longer than 8 hours too, at which time I’ll thankfully be asleep, cause that website is gon’ craaaaaaaaassshhhhhh.
  8. Yeah, it’s weird. I mean, they’re basically guaranteeing that the website will end up crashing anyway, because they’ve made sure everyone will be accessing it at the same time. Plus the website should always go live a little early anyway just to make sure it actually works
  9. Ah okay. People have already got physical so I thought it might be up. It’s only digital that’s locked to a specific time. Kinda weird that they did that.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has the game and has transferred progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3? Do any trophies pop? What about maxed out mastery? Any info? Haha
  11. It literally says that transferring is optional. You just can’t pick and choose what’s transferred. You transfer everything or nothing.
  12. It would have to have some sort of auto-pop. If it carries over mastery, mastery maxes out. So it’s not like you could earn another level to make it register or anything. I’m getting mine home delivered, so I probably won’t have it release day, so I’m more than happy to let other people find out first haha. I’m definitely not going to import if there’s no auto-pop, cause that would basically lock you out of those trophies, right?
  13. This is correct. I just tested it. It appears to be a "this save file already knows you've achieved XYZ thing". I made a bunch of saves when I found out they didn't share progress, but I still unintentionally unlocked a couple on PS4. Everyday life is one. Completing another world event didn't trigger, but going back to a save I had prior to completing world event #10 and then doing it again unlocked the trophy on PS5. So TL; DR save file has memory of what you've done and won't let you do it again. But you CAN transfer PS4 saves to PS5 and still earn trophies. You just need to go back in time to re-do the same one.
  14. lol who cares about ending pre-requisites. The only ending anyone needs is Tohka. Everyone else can just GTFO 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
  15. You can't do "level 5 escalation". You have to go to the location and pick an escalation mission (some locations have multiple escalations and some are harder than others) and then start on level 1 and play through and continue to move on to the next level until you clear level 5. You can't just start at level 5, you have to work up to it.