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  1. Im have not played them yet i have brought them for the vita so hoping to get a around to playing soon so much backlog 😅.
  2. Hello mate press the touch pad while you have a crystal on the portal of power and select the look icon.
  3. Go with what you fell like no one can make you get Dishonored 2 or mafia 3 my money is on mafia 3 as enjoyed mafia 2 so much and will be getting Dishonored 2 at a late date as im in aus and we get so nice sale at target $80 most of the time.
  4. Ok thanks for the reply.
  5. So this playable as of now its on sale on aus psn store.
  6. same here no luck either.
  7. Persona 4 golden for me i live in a sticks lol.
  8. Not working again
  9. Not sure about 2nd control as i dont have one yet but yeah you can boost it easy with a level 70 running rifts etc.
  10. Thank you good sir
  11. Still down for me damm .
  12. I buy my games from EB games but i try to shop around as there some to pricey, psn store got some nice sales, play asia great as there a lot of vita games i cant get in aus, and also ebay.
  13. Yes im 100% sure one of the different challenge icon has the battling 500 progress i was going to give up also till i triple checked all the challenge icons.
  14. Its not glitched i thought so to i have the plat it under a different menu where the boss etc are.
  15. The Technomancer just to be different sweet sci fi rpg.