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  1. I played with default settings , so i cant help with that . But i can give some tips. 1) even if the line shows red, you often can just let go of gas , without breaking 2) rolling start is nice but first lap is still slower than you driving full speed into second lap 3) check if you have the upgrades enabled in extra optionens at the end of creating an event . 4) wall grinding is not recommented 5) you could lower the settings for the gear shifts , for quicker shifts but in my opinion this car is so fast, the time you lose on gear shifts is minimal .
  2. After Upgrading the car i got 20 sec improvement for the Time attack , so dont give up because of the 15 sec on first try .
  3. If you drive the Estonia map , use every car once . Its a good mix up , it takes little bit longer , but you get extra xp with ingame accomplishments.
  4. I know . But im level 70 and xp needed goes up . so lets say i need 100k more xp (1000 per lvl plus more) , i have to do 400 times this estonia run ..... i rather mix it up with seasons . I enjoy this game and i would start hating it if i have to drive 400 times same map.
  5. A short rally gives 1000 xp , a realistic lenght rally around 1400 xp. Thats a joke . Im almost done with every Trophy and im not even level 80 . So i guess i keep grinding ..... with maybe season mode , or so....
  6. Just finished the Demo , wasnt to hard but still good challenge . But mostly because i had to get used to the Spirit system. If you realise the balance between the red and blue are is key than you breeze through the stage . Boss was pretty good, took me fewer tries than i thought it will. Only thing i kinda felt wierd was the healing . It felt like it often didnt register my imput for healing or it took to long . Maybe there is a catch to it but it felt like i died way to often trying to heal in fight . Nioh was way faster and i enjoyed the healing more. But this game is very very fun after getting used to the dodge/deflect / spirit system.
  7. Interesting idea : 1) Jade Cocoon 2 2) Breath of Fire 3 3) Crisis Core 4) Metal Gear Solid 1 5) Legend of Dragoon 6)Grandia 1 Bonus : Vagrant Story .... never finished this .
  8. Playing Touhou games on my Steam deck =) what a nice sunday :) . have nice day everyone

    1. Zassy


      That sounds suitably ace. :D Enjoy~! Hope the danmaku intensity doesn't overload the analog sticks right from the start. ^-^''

    2. Xionx


      I had to remove some of the deadzone from the analog stick. It is way more precise now. I just hope i will not get any drift, because i need it to be on almost no deadzone. 

  9. Jeah sounds like they messed up again . I remember i had problems with the sponsor goals when i unlocked the trait from your mechanic , it reduces the amount for these goals . It glitched out and i had to reset some sponsor goals few times . Grid games are always so annoying with trophies.... i enjoy the games tho...
  10. Did they add GT1 cars with DLC ? because my Trophy popped without problems befor the release of the DLC . Maybe they messed up and included a Car into the requirements ? wouldnt surprise me . They always habe Problems with trophies in there games.
  11. I put the game away for now. It is a fun game but i dont like the difficulty designes . i dont care about hard rythm games or hard shooter , but there is something that makes me feel frustrated on higher difficulties. Im lvl 28 , i have okish gear and i tried some dangerouse diffuculty lvls . recommented lvl 30. I can beat these missions but my dmg is to low , i dont find better gear right now. So it takes either to long to clear a song, or i get overwhelmed and get hit. Doesnt help to die on 2 or 3 hits. And after beating 70% of the time , i still get worse gear. So the it us not "to hard" but its frustrating to play on harder difficulties but not seeing good rewards. I also have problems with some of the faster songs , 190 bpm songs. Even with metronome i miss many notes , i tried calibrating but some how with calibration it gets worse. I turned vrr off because im not sure if variable frame rate can mess up rythm. I want to like this game because its a neat idea. Nice art designe and interessting rythm shooter twist. But i also dont feel like grinding gear so i can beat tanky enemies faster so i can flawless a song. I dont know , maybe i come back to it . i finished story and it was worth the price , but going for trophies... I dont feel it right now.
  12. Trophy Auto-popping should only work for server side progress/save . if they wanted to make it more comftable for players to switch different gen consoles  , than they should go with shared lists . In My Opinion .... 

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Xionx autopop is fine. if you don't want to do it,  don't.  

    3. Xionx


      @Infected Elite yeah , im still allowed to tell my opinion about it . if you dont like it , dont read it ;) same argument .

      Because i have to feeling you feel attacked , i dont care what and how people "earn" there trophies . its virtual points , the only meaning is what you make about it . If you think trophies should be handed out for free without doing anything for it, than its fine :)

      Maybe next step is that after buying a game you get all Trophies automatic. Participation Trophies . They should remove all requirements on Trophies , just open every game and let Trophies autopop .

      Its a hot take i know.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      lol i don't feel attacked mate. 

  13. Im sure its right up your alley.
  14. Ingame there is a known issues section . It says something like " "Rain Royalty not unlocking after finishing all wet/rain related License tests!" So it is buggy and Devs know about it.
  15. People think because it shows 5 Prices you have 20% on every individuale Price . 5 prices doesnt mean same chance on every price . Im sure it has way lower chance to land on a Car . But showing it like the game does creats the illusion it has same % . An the reseting of the game shows the price is already rolled when you get the Ticket . Many games do this to avoid reset abuse.