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  1. He is complaining that he cant 100% the game anymore so he dont want to play it at all. He was looking forward to it and misses out on a great game because self forced perfectionism .
  2. Ng+

    Have you updated your game? Maybe you need a "story clear" data .
  3. Jeah but i also saw a lot of German online Sites saying 10 oclock , so i understand that German User that didnt saw the official tweet got confused . I dont know why these Sites said wrong Time for the EU release , but i guess one started with wrong timezone calculation and most other sites just copy pasted it .
  4. Looks like the game is not pausing in bachground after pressing PS-Button . Not that it matters much but some games/trophies/speedruns actually benefited from this "system-pause" . Looks ok , but i hope you can remove or sort some of these cards . The spoiler screenshot feature could be useful .
  5. When i click on the PS-Store Tab , i still can buy and see PSVita and PS3 Games. Its just not in the Library Tab . Or do i miss something in the whole discussion here?
  6. You mean its a slap in your face? Because im a Crash fan and i dont feel slapped . And i already saw many others that dont feel slapped. You say its your opinion and right after you speak for all crash fans? And if time is your problem , why not take your time? You dont have to get all trophies in same Week . Split it up , focus on one stage , switch to other game and next weekend do another stage . Make it a long term project.
  7. Hm i still disagree , even if you simplify it . Seeing how popular Souls-like games got i think that is what many people want . Games that take a while to beat without handing out the win like candies . And with additional optional challenges (like time trials) . I understand what you mean , but i dont think a game has to be easy to reach average consumer . Specially if the first game in the series was a game people remember as very hard and some never beaten it back than .... and they still loved it. Like everything i post here , its my opinion , so its fine if you see it different.
  8. Crash 1 was never known as easy "kid friendly" mascot game . And i think game devs go way more often the easy way than the challenging way nowadays . So in my opinion its very welcome to see hard platformer again. True to his crash 1 roots . Platinum difficulty is crazy , but thats not what you talked about i think.
  9. Very underrated game . its amazing and can get very challenging on higher difficulties. i payed full price and didnt regret it.
  10. I think i was reading somewhere that you can use alle the TSW 1 DLCs for the second game , so i think these dlcs trophies are for the existing dlcs of game 1. But im not 100% sure.
  11. I even think winning twice in a row would be very hard . But 5 times? no way , In my opinion a stupid hard trophy on a fun party game .
  12. looks like there was a patch fixing the BGM.
  13. You sure? because there is not much "music" in this game. i cant remember exactly but i think most people i saw streaming this on pc used own music because this game has almost none.
  14. Adding my few Cents here . Jade Cocoon 1/2 Breath of Fire 3/4 Metal Gear Solid (all) Legend of Dragoon Dragon Quest Monsters .... oh wait thats not on Sony consols , and alreade Remastered in jp .... and ignored for West -.- .... sry little off topic with this one
  15. Beat game in 15 min? Beat game without falling? Will be a Ultra Rare Platinum . Speedrun World record is around 5 Min . Casual playthrough is around 5 h . It is very hard ..... DLC (inkluded in the consol version) has also a Trophies like "beat in 30 min , beat without falling more than twice. Thats absolutly insane . These Dlcs are extreeeemly hard to beat at all . Not falling is like deathless in SMB . These Trophies will be very very Rare . Only thing that will push % up will be the fact that not so many will play it . Its niche hardcore Platformer .