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  1. Hey fluffy. Hope you doing fine :) i know i should say hi way more often , but i have so much to do right now.  Job , new apartment ... you know all the stupid adult stuff. Being an adult is annoying sometimes XD. What ever, have a nice week !

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    2. Xionx


      How many do you have?

    3. Koromaru


      four; three sisters and one brother...all from a farm near by my house ;)

    4. Xionx


      Nice . i dont think 50 m² is enough for so many cats ^_^ I wanted a cat my whole life but my mother was allergic.

  2. I like how this thread is about laughting and having fun and enjoying each other . I think this is what gaming should always be about . having fun and enjoying life. I have some games i could enter with but i pass I let others win .
  3. Nice , good luck on last few trophies. Epic perks are awesome . Unlimited teleports with teleport explosion is so much fun . Or unlimited abilitys with saw ability . I dont know if it is worth putting crystals into higher chance of epic perks if you cant see percentages.
  4. Its random. I got 2 epic perks while playing through first difficulty. You can increase chance to get epic perks by buying the ability with crystals.
  5. Even if i agree that people should not complain about giveaways because its OP decision how to deal with his money , and some are really butthurt because they cant enter.

    But i think its sad to hear that you think that people with Mayo on profile are people "who sink so low".  I played some of hardest games and had a lot of fun with it, but sometimes it is also a lot of fun to relaxe and play stupid easy nonesense games. 

    Because they make me smile sometimes. having hard time in real life, stress and depressions make you appreciate a small short smile.


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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      @AlchemistWer If I have a friend who's played mayo I have more information to go off. When it comes to strangers profile all you have is their trophies, actually talking to someone you can get a better idea. Its hard to explain what I mean but it's easier for me to respect someone when I actually know them so you have nothing to worry about. =)

    3. AlchemistWer


      @LuciaRosethorn I understand what you try to say. When I bought my name is mayo if you see my first 10 platinum you can see mayo is the 5 or 6 platinum because when I started with trophy hunter I was thinking play games like that was ok because a lot of people did the same. After read a little bit more here and other website I found about easy and trash games. I play only jrpg because is the kind of game I enjoy but hidden mayo just because is mayo and have more than 100 trophies hidden... it does not convince me. 😅

    4. Xionx


      Dont get me wrong , im not sad because you have no respect of my profile. Because im not playing games and earning trophys to get respect. I just expressed my feeling about that you think someone "sinks low" or "lose all your respect" because of easy games. I think that pretty harsh judgment only because someone plays whatever person feels like playing.

      I also dont understand why very hard Plat lose value because same person has cheap trophies too? if someone has super meat boy and crypt of necrodancer plat on his profil than im same amout impressed even if he has mayo on profil. It only shows that this person is just human and also plays a stupid easy game here and than.

  6. I give the Winner additional 10€ if he buys only games from the "not allowed" list with the price money . I dont really agree with the rules because having these games on your profle doesnt mean anything. I have a lot of plats the OP has , but i also have 3 of the "easy games" . Because i dont limit my self , i just have fun . And if fun isnt allowed , than its a sad sad day . In the end its his money and he can do with it what ever he wants (except buy illegal stuff i guess) .
  7. Anno , Civ , Stellaris . Games i would only play on Pc . I was thinking many times about starting steam archievments but i have sooooo many games on console, so i only play games on steam whenn they will never be released on PS. Not gonna touch the Early access area tho
  8. Its just a free to play puzzle game . You have 3 difficultys and for every difficulty there is a trophy to clear it under specific time. very easy to get but you can also clear them and wait without poping the trophies. Other two are just for placing pieces and using power ups (you get powerups by placing pieces) . So i guess he just played until he was able to pop pieces placed and power up trophies , finished the hard mode picture , and finished the easy and normal mode. If you time it right you can get them the way he got it.
  9. HiQ Ace is possible to plan out this way. Placing pieces and use powerups without clearing a puzzle under the time. Than pop the two longest trophies (pieces and power ups) same time frame and than clear puzzles under time for other 3 trophies.
  10. My friend i know you dont mean it in a bad way But i just try to make point , i have 52% completion rate , pretty bad right? but im still on 1600 World rank with almost 14 k collected trophies. Am i a casual trophy Hunter? =) Haha to be fair i wouldnt even care if someone thinks im not true trophy hunter because of my awerful completion rate, as long as i have fun . =) Have nice day , hope you know i respect your opinion
  11. IMO You can be Trophy Hunter without going for Plats. 100% psn games dont have Plats and people collecting these Trophies are Trophy Hunter aswell. Not every Trophy Hunter has completion as goal. Just think about games were you can get 98% of all trophies in 5 hours , but last trophy would take 50 h . If someone skip this and go for other quick games he would get more Trophy points in shorter time and would go up in Leaderboards way higher. One decides to go for points , one for completion , both Trophy hunter and i wouldnt call one of them "casual". Just my Opinion.
  12. Back from Final Fantasy Symphony Concert! It was amazing. FF 6,7 and 10 with Orchestra. I could listen to it for hours.

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    2. Xionx


      Without skipping text and without cheats? if yes than im impressed , thats pretty quick. Im unsure if i want use cheats , i played so many times through story that it would be even fun destroying everything without grinding. But on other hand i dont want use cheats. Conflict in my head that also holds me back playing it ... stupid reason i know.

    3. Masamune


      Actually that was 1 & 1/2 playthroughs too, I started over after getting the Barret date trophy. :P The only time I mainly used the cheats/skipped text was to catch up to the point I restarted at.


      If there's one game I could play blindfolded, that would be it. I've got many hours on that game (that was my 1st RPG, & what got me hooked onto the genre). xD 

    4. Xionx


      Same for me for ff10 :) played through it 10 times and 100% it 3 times. And i would do it again ^_^ But i guess they will put it on ps5 as remaster again anyway XD.

      Hope Galactic Nordic Nuts isnt annoyed of all the status update notifications going so off topic here xD

  13. I reached second difficulty today. Its getting pretty tough, but i guess thats why you can unlock permament skill upgrades and dmg boost if you kill enough of specific monster type. A little bit luck based , epic perks make huge different, but right now it doesnt feel unfair even without epic perks.
  14. Yeah , full text is 100% Racing. And Emblem with 3 wings always used on Sonic emblems. I would say its 99,9 % a sonic racing game Edit: Just saw it was shown on Sonic panel..... so of cause its Sonic game And racing is 100% readable ... even if its dark you see letters.
  15. If someone has good knowledge about Arkham knight please tell me whats best way (cheapest) to get all DLC addons with trophies. So whats included in season pass , what do i have to buy seperated. I have only base game. Oh and Family dlc is on sale with 4,19€.  There are so many DLC i dont really see through all that.

    1. KingGuy420


      Pretty sure everything comes with the season pass. I could be wrong but I don't remember buying anything extra.

    2. Xionx


      Sounds good , so buying Season pass is best way , and if there is something missing i can still buy them. Its just older game and "season pass" doesnt mean all dlc if they add dlc way later again. *looking at you ff15*

    3. PooPDeePie


      It's funny seeing how season passes in FFXV no longer mean all addons lol. But yea don't worry man, I bought the season pass, 100%ed the game no problem. You get everything. Also game is fan freaking tastic. Get it without a doubt!

      Also the season pass goes on sale sometimes for $10 CAD so that would be a pretty good deal