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  1. Interesting idea : 1) Jade Cocoon 2 2) Breath of Fire 3 3) Crisis Core 4) Metal Gear Solid 1 5) Legend of Dragoon 6)Grandia 1 Bonus : Vagrant Story .... never finished this .
  2. Playing Touhou games on my Steam deck =) what a nice sunday :) . have nice day everyone

    1. Zassy


      That sounds suitably ace. :D Enjoy~! Hope the danmaku intensity doesn't overload the analog sticks right from the start. ^-^''

    2. Xionx


      I had to remove some of the deadzone from the analog stick. It is way more precise now. I just hope i will not get any drift, because i need it to be on almost no deadzone. 

  3. Jeah sounds like they messed up again . I remember i had problems with the sponsor goals when i unlocked the trait from your mechanic , it reduces the amount for these goals . It glitched out and i had to reset some sponsor goals few times . Grid games are always so annoying with trophies.... i enjoy the games tho...
  4. Did they add GT1 cars with DLC ? because my Trophy popped without problems befor the release of the DLC . Maybe they messed up and included a Car into the requirements ? wouldnt surprise me . They always habe Problems with trophies in there games.
  5. I put the game away for now. It is a fun game but i dont like the difficulty designes . i dont care about hard rythm games or hard shooter , but there is something that makes me feel frustrated on higher difficulties. Im lvl 28 , i have okish gear and i tried some dangerouse diffuculty lvls . recommented lvl 30. I can beat these missions but my dmg is to low , i dont find better gear right now. So it takes either to long to clear a song, or i get overwhelmed and get hit. Doesnt help to die on 2 or 3 hits. And after beating 70% of the time , i still get worse gear. So the it us not "to hard" but its frustrating to play on harder difficulties but not seeing good rewards. I also have problems with some of the faster songs , 190 bpm songs. Even with metronome i miss many notes , i tried calibrating but some how with calibration it gets worse. I turned vrr off because im not sure if variable frame rate can mess up rythm. I want to like this game because its a neat idea. Nice art designe and interessting rythm shooter twist. But i also dont feel like grinding gear so i can beat tanky enemies faster so i can flawless a song. I dont know , maybe i come back to it . i finished story and it was worth the price , but going for trophies... I dont feel it right now.
  6. Trophy Auto-popping should only work for server side progress/save . if they wanted to make it more comftable for players to switch different gen consoles  , than they should go with shared lists . In My Opinion .... 

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Xionx autopop is fine. if you don't want to do it,  don't.  

    3. Xionx


      @Infected Elite yeah , im still allowed to tell my opinion about it . if you dont like it , dont read it ;) same argument .

      Because i have to feeling you feel attacked , i dont care what and how people "earn" there trophies . its virtual points , the only meaning is what you make about it . If you think trophies should be handed out for free without doing anything for it, than its fine :)

      Maybe next step is that after buying a game you get all Trophies automatic. Participation Trophies . They should remove all requirements on Trophies , just open every game and let Trophies autopop .

      Its a hot take i know.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      lol i don't feel attacked mate. 

  7. Im sure its right up your alley.
  8. Ingame there is a known issues section . It says something like " "Rain Royalty not unlocking after finishing all wet/rain related License tests!" So it is buggy and Devs know about it.
  9. People think because it shows 5 Prices you have 20% on every individuale Price . 5 prices doesnt mean same chance on every price . Im sure it has way lower chance to land on a Car . But showing it like the game does creats the illusion it has same % . An the reseting of the game shows the price is already rolled when you get the Ticket . Many games do this to avoid reset abuse.
  10. i had 2 options , one was buying it and second one was adding it to library . with drop down options.
  11. Im not sure if ps5 version is better , i have not tried it yet . But the free upgrade was for me available , even if i bought ps4 version few weeks ago. Looks like they changed there minds.
  12. Looks like they changed that . I was able to add the ps5 version now even i bought the ps4 Version . i was going through ps5 games and saw the "kostenlos" -> (free in german) . give it a try.
  13. It was not showing on my console either last few days (online mode) . But few minutes ago i can access it online . So it should be on sonys server , psnp has to recive data now.
  14. I tryied to search for player on very first island after unlocking coop. Right in front of enemy base , after 1 hour i gave up. later same day i progressed story and i tried another base , and someone joined , i got trophy . I dont know but maybe there was problem on first island because it still "tutorial" .... but than why coop is shown as possible at that point? ...