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  1. Have you tried the other social ranks? like 7 and before? maybe its just a text bug and the shown number is wrong. I got everything unlocked without problems .
  2. Sekiro Nioh 2 Code Vein Im very hyped for Nioh 2, if they keep all the features they added with patches of Nioh 1. It was an amazing endgame and people who stopped after first playthrough missed atleast 50% of the fun. =).
  3. Can soneone suggest me some good psVR games? Maybe puzzle games would be cool. I finally bought PSVR and i really enjoy it.

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    2. skidmarkgn


      Statik is a great puzzle game.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      @skidmarkgn I haven't played it, but I've also heard it's a great puzzle game. Keep Talking and Nobody explodes is kind of a puzzle game, but it requires 2 players to play (probably more of a party than a puzzle game). For me, I'm currently playing Eagle's Flight and Rigs: MCL which are both fantastic games. However, if you are looking for a game to 100%  or an easy platinum, Rigs is very doable if you can find a couple of friends, but Eagle's flight would require a hell of a lot of work to 100%, and probably isn't worth the trouble for someone who cares a lot about their completion %, plat rate, etc. I'll probably get either Creed: Rise to Glory or RE7 for my birthday and I heard those are both fantastic (especially RE7 in VR, some called Creed a VR punchout game which sounded fun to me). Astrobot is on my Christmas list as well and some would even call it a dark horse for Game of the Year for some game sites/magazines.


      Not sure if that really helped or not! xD 

    4. Xionx


      Thx everyone , Astro bot was free with my psvr , and psvr worlds. Statik could be interesting .

      ÄHave someone played 18 Floors ? i like the escape room concept but there are not many games like that. Keep talking and nobody explodes is absolutly awesome but you need a partner.

  4. @Kurorac My Master List thread is now unpinned and yours is pinned. Have fun with new thread.
  5. Is Musynx release US only? I cant find it on EU store. Please dont tell me i have to buy it on US account.


    1. AlchemistWer


      I think so 🤔

  6. Its released on PC , Xbox one and PS4 . i see no problem in showing it on Microsoft panel .
  7. Funny because i just got the trophy , but i had to send dog multiple times to the enemy until he didnt grow back , so when i did it like in the video it didnt work , i had to let dog take extra dmg. What ever , wasted over 1h because i didnt understand the mechanic . But google told me whe he takes extra dmg i also dont grow back.
  8. I dont understand the shadow dancer dog challenge ... is this a frame perfect trick? when he is small and i leave i fail , when i wait until dog stands up he grows big and i fail. Doesnt make any sense , im doing this challenge now over 51 times and i get sick of redoing whole level.
  9. If someone here plays Pokemon , there is a Shiny Zygarde Event . First chance to get it shiny . JFYI . im out again :) have nice weekend

  10. 75% in Yakuza Kiwami is the farthest i get with trophies. Legend is car chase to hard (annoying ) 100% completion points i dont want to grind some mini games. Ex request for haruka is mini games again. I think im fine with it to leave it at this % . Still rank A if compared to others.

  11. I think you should get ps4 slim(e) for this game. .... ... Game looks fun , like Super meatboy or so. But maybe less challenging than SMB . I always welcome good indie platformer with short levels.
  12. i heard how good Jak X was , now playing it im little bit disapointed. For me its way to random , If you first you get shot all the time , cant even find enough def weapons. And if you unlucky you can drive perfect and right at end you get destroyed.  Enemys feel rubberbanding ... Lets see how long i keep playing.

    1. Masamune


      I thought it was pretty good, but I've liked most combat racing games since Crash Team Racing. & yeah, some of the races can be a little tedious. 

  13. Awesome , my GOW odins raven counter glitched -.- now i have to go trough every area again to find the missing raven -.- I hate collectables , and honestly i would rather let it stay without plat than using guide for 51 ravens again -.- its so boring.

  14. Battlefield bundle + jak collection , 42 € for 7 games + season pass? yes i take it.

  15. Im not really hunting trophies right now , but sitting on 13 999 trophies looks nice. But not gonna bother making 14k special.