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  1. Im also not buying it , because its free to play
  2. Plat #223 : Sekiro . Great game, very very very awesome game. Not much more to say , im sad im done with it ... hope for DLCs.

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    2. Condemned09


      Congrats :D 

    3. Xionx


      thanks. yes very punishing and hard to learn. But at same time very satisfying when it "clicks". First you get destroyed of bosses , and after try after try you learn every move from boss and react to it and than YOU destroy the boss.

      One Boss took me 6h to learn, Now i could kill him without getting damage.

      Thats how difficulty should be , fair and learnable , no cheap attacks (even if you still get frustrated on some attacks)

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  3. Sekiro NG+ is hard , damn i should have read guide , because with my route i have to go to ng++ until almost last area.

  4. I cant read movement of spear enemys in Sekiro , god damn.... I struggle more than anticipated. Maybe i go other area for now : /


  5. There was a time i enjoyed climbing ranks. So my fun was pointless? Now im very sad .Having fun means nothing? I guess you opened my eyes, thanks for that.
  6. If you dont want to buy the Trophies like me , than there are 2 missables. 1) One ending is missable , without spoiler i can tell you its an Optional super Boss , if you beat it a countdown starts , dont attack and you get Y ending . If you interrupt countdown you finish the quest and cannot unlock this ending on this save anymore. 2) there is a drop from golden robots you need to upgrade your PODS . if you kill it without looting , and move on than you miss the only chance to upgrade all PODS. This game is very easy to Plat without buying Trophies. Maybe little bit more time consuming but worth it in my opinion.
  7. DoA6 is not really worth it , i only need few ranked wins and than im done with Plat. I dont really feel like playing it more after Plat . 1) costumes unlockling is stupid , 2) story has no replay value 3) ranked is very bad -> your rank is global and not character bound , so switching characters you not used to is impossible if you fight high ranked from your main. -> people rage quit so you dont get anything. Fatal blow/fatal stun is to strong on some characters (niCO ) . Trophies are not hard but only real motivation.

  8. Yes , i got DoA6 5 ranked wins in a row . Now only combo challange in my way :) .  Fighting games are pretty much my weak point in gaming but i try to get better. Tekken and DoA i can manage a little bit . Street fighter i will never see a Plat of.

    And i love to annoy online players with marie rose spins. Only the costume unlocking is pretty bad in DoA6 .... Why random costums for wins? i want Marie Rose stuff , not half naked Zack costumes ..... no offense....

  9. Yeah they go off , but water has no effect while frosty winters. So you fill up the meter but it has no watering effect. Someone in steam forum explained it better . Winter doesnt have the "frosty" effect everytime. Like rain or dry effect.
  10. Maybe because of the ice effect of Winter time? it removes Watering effect until season is over. If i want to kill time i just make an area with quick growing stuff. 10-30 min stuff with watering let me circle a while. And even if it doesnt bring much money , its still fun to level these crops up . Im not Sure about the increased money when stuff levels up , but it looks like 1 % per lvl.
  11. Yeah i saw it. Funny part about is that i bought the game on steam day befor it . hehe . But i will buy it on ps4 aswell little bit later this year . I enjoy it a lot opn PC.
  12. I dont think they will release a third version. Sun and moon dont have a third one either . I think they stopped with this "ultimate 3 version" stuff.
  13. With few days you mean weeks? months? years? Asking for a friend ..... Its still not in my store (Austria) so if it takes to long i just buy it from US store. I know its just a Week ago , but waiting without a date is something im not good with.
  14. 15k Trophies. I wanted to make it a meme Trophy (doax3 Platin) but it was to grindy and NIER is to much fun , so its a random NIER trophy now ^_^. I dont have much time for gaming anymore so i focus on playing what ever i have most fun with :) . Didmnt want to grind just for a Meme ^_^. (i will finish DoaX3 , but not right now)

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    2. Xionx


      Yeah im on Route C , so it gets interesting. I was little bit annoyed about the difficulty spike at beginning of Route C, because i was way underlevelt. But with temporary Easy difficulty and some heal spamming i got over it. Now its fine again. Was not fun with lvl 38 to fight 15+ Enemys with lvl 50 spamming control/visual jamming.

    3. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the milestone! I need to play Automata sometime this year. Loved the original.

    4. ee28max


      Great milestone! 

  15. Yeah , "few days" ... cant remember which game it was but there was a similiar process few years ago .... and it took so long that i actually forgott the game exist until i saw it months later in Store. Hope its not same with c,s,d 2 , because i didnt buy it on steam after i heard it gets console release.