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  1. It is a separated list. Even Trophy Names are different. But they have same requirements to unlock.
  2. New PS5 update is meh . but one thing i reaaaaally look forward to :" Customize Game Library. With the ability to search your library or hide games from view, it’s now easier to find content and personalize your view of your game library. "

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xionx


      yeah , so you can hide games you already cleared or got all trophies . I still think ps5 interface is step back .

    3. Yuna4353


      Im glad that tey are bringing share play  across PS4, and PS5 console because my friend and I could not do it since i got a PS5 and they have a PS4

    4. Xionx


      Yeah i guess thats a plus for people using share play . i never use it so i dont really care much about this . But its good thing for people like you. Its good to see they working on interface and features like this .

  3. Light Entertainment didnt unlock for me on first time ckearing the stage . Propably because i used a restart to get all 3 stamps. After clearing whole dlc i tried this stage again and it unlocked . pretty glitchy.
  4. How is it connected with the store? I already have these but i dont see connection . PSN online feature dont close , "only" store.
  5. PS5 store closed too? cant see content . maybe they pushed wrong button and ps3 stays up and ps5 will go down.


    1. MidnightDragon


      Did you try using it in the app? 

    2. Xionx


      Its working again . I tried 20 min later. Maybe small Hiccup . Its just first time it happened on ps5 for me.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Probably the store is a bit weird since everyone's rushing to get all the PS3 and Vita stuff they can.

  6. Just use the Web store ...... oh wait .......
  7. Selling a digital only next gen console and in same time closing digital store of old console gen .

    I was expecting Sony is not that stupid . I was wrong.


    1. MidnightDragon


      That's why I won't get a digital only console. A day will come where it's a useless brick.

    2. KingGuy420


      Downloads aren’t going anywhere, just the store itself.


      And in all fairness, every console I owned in the last 15 years had the disc drive die meaning my physical games are literally useless bricks lol.

  8. Still an amazing stupid decision . Selling a digital only next gen console and in same time closing digital store of old console gen . I was expecting Sony is not that stupid . I was wrong.
  9. What a Joke . I can understand if they dont translate it at all . But for god sake release a Game in English in EU . Everyone here speaks english . Even if there are 20+ Languages in EU, everyone speaks English aswell. Square Enix is stupid about that for years . I just dont get it -.- . I have Jp account so i will download it there . but it is annoying and unnecessary.
  10. Is it coming out in EU too? cant find it in Austrian store .
  11. You can see lot of people posting a screenshot of this problem on Twitter already . Im not in a hurry , im not planning to play it soon again .
  12. I cant get the free upgrade because it says something like this : "you already own a product called Crash Bandicoot 4:Its about Time - Tracker" Nice Error message . I own the Crash 4 digital ps4 Version. I think they messed up somethings in the store ......
  13. That could be the way it works. I got my Trophy on a match with a 500 point bonus , i cant remember why but i think it was winning without loosing my position and never got hit. So maybe its point related . Still pretty bad worded in my opinion .
  14. Can someone explain me how this trophy works? It says " Took first place in the rankings match. " I got first place in ranked multiple times and no Trophy . Is it bugged or do i not get what "took first place" means? EDIT: I guess it was bugged? I got it after winning a ranked match in next Lobby . i was also ranking up from C to C+ . Maybe thats what they mean with "ranking match" ? Im not sure but im happy it worked out afterall.
  15. There is a cap but i think it starts at 100. so this Trophy got nerfed quit a bit. You have to save your Beattik video after clearing it , than you can spam 1 stone after another on same video. To bad the rythm minigame is the worst i have ever played . Even Yakuza mas a better rythm mini game ...and its not a game about Virtual idols an Vtuber .... The whole game was disapointing , finished it at lvl 60 .... super bosses with lvl 70 ... and than i grinded up to 100 . Only good part was seeing some Hololive Members , i hoped for more content with these tho.