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  1. I  love Hatsune Miku games but the extra encore for 8€ (not included in season pass) for 2 songs? no sorry i pass. Only one of these songs is good. I just hope Future tone DX gets EU release too.

  2. Finally the last Twilight mission appeared. Now i have 100% Nioh :) DLC trophies were way harder than Platinum.

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    2. Scyther
    3. LuciaRosethorn


      Well done! I always think DLC should be harder to earn since it's paid for and after the main game, how's your bare-fists run going? 

    4. Xionx


      THX everyone.  I was not playing much since last time. im at vampirelady boss first island. I can beat her but i dont have much gaming time right now for trying. Every boss takes way way longer , so you have stay focused without mistakes longer. I think i have to unlock fuku at her mission before i can learn fist boost magic.

  3. Started my Nioh fist only challenge run. Beginning is pretty hard ^^ takes a while until you can get some fist skills or gear with fist dmg +.  I never played a game so much outside of trophies. (except WoW maybe ... but i was an achievement hunter there too.....)

    1. LuciaRosethorn


      Good luck! I hope you enjoy the game even more without worrying about the trophies. =D

    2. Xionx


      Thx ,  i kinda want to try different weapons on other playthroughs aswell.  i pretty much played only dual swords the whole time ^_^ . Starting with "no weapons" hehe. Good thing is , i can stop the playthrough when ever i lose interest.

  4. And his source is? I mean he is reviwer/editor..... ? I dont say its wrong but what makes him believable? Everyone can bring rumors like this up at twitter. I believe it when its official. Maybe he has his sources , but it sounds kinda out of blue.
  5. I have absolutly no idea about that Maybe it was HK account? i cant remember but i was reading a guid how to easily get access to this game. But still its better now to wait for western release.
  6. Nice , i was already planning to creat korea (?) account for it , but now i just wait good news , i love to try new rythm games even if i suck.
  7. Hm so psnp links guides now to all Versions , but i cant see what trophy i have because its still linked to original version :( . I mean i understand why this is so , and why it will not change , but still little bummer. I love to see in guide if i already have a trophy.


    1. BlindMango


      Yeah I asked Sly if that was possible the other day and he said maybe in the future, I imagine it would be a bit of a complicated task to do that kind of thing :P 

    2. Xionx


      Yeah i imagen its complicated , because if guide is for US and i look at it from EU it is not showing. If he links it to EU , what happens if i start the US version aswell? so i guess its maybe best it stays like it is OR there is a Copy automatically created for every version . so it is not linked but it just has same guide as copy in every version ...

  8. HAHA the DRV3 minigame with dungeon crawler is kinda more fun than main game right now. Im so salty about the ending :( What ever , lets have some fun lvln character cards :)

  9. So i cleared story of DRV3 ... Now i can tell my top 3 DR games 1)DR1




    ... OK maybe little bit harsh, story was not that bad most of the time ..... but the ending was sooooooo awefull. Im sure some people love it , but IMO it was bad.... after every DR ending i was feeling a lot of mixed feelings. DRV3 ... nothing, very disappointing. NO spoilers here , just my opinion.

  10. I think i give up on Nioh 100% . i only have 2 missions left on way of the demon and i cant beat it. I can beat way of the nioh (highest difficulty) but i cant beat dlc3 missions on way of the demon. Grand tournament is just ridicoules, fighting 30 min trying without getting hit against every enemy game has just to get destroyed of last bosses . i dont have patience and energy to do 30 min fights with full focus just to get another shot on boss.

    1. LuciaRosethorn


      Any way you can do it co-op or is it non co-op? I'm sure you can do it if you take a break from the game, sometimes that's all you need. Best of luck though! =)

    2. Xionx


      Yeah there is no shrine for these 2 missions. No coop possible. I mean i know i can beat it , but the patience is not here right now. maybe a break is not a bad idea. I could gear up even more in Abyss but im not in mood for grinding right now.

      Hows your playthrough going?

    3. LuciaRosethorn


      I have the Queen's mission unlocked for way of the samurai but I need to level up a bit more before I attempt it, I should be able to get the platinum soon though. =) I still have the DLC to experience for the first time so I'm looking forward to that. 

  11. So Star Ocean order is ´SO: Last hope (3) , Till end of time (4) and thanIntegrity and Faithlessness (5)? ?? or is order different? i would like to play them in order but without numbers its confusing .... atleast i know Integrity and Faithlessness is last one because it was ps4 release.

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    2. Xionx


      @starcrunch061 So i have 3, 4 and 5 . Do you recomment playing them in release order or "universe" - order? i would say i start with star ocean 3

    3. starcrunch061


      If you start with 3, you might be disappointed in 4 and 5. For me, and for many fans of the series, 3 is one of (if not THE) high point of the series. 


      So long as you don't care about trophies, I think I would start with 4. I think it supports decently a no-guide playthrough on galaxy (since you'll likely play through it 4 times for the plat anyway). You can then put it down and play others as you will.


      5 is the worst game (by FAR), but it is the friendliest in regards to trophies.


      As far as worrying about the timeline order, don't. After all, the developers didn't, either. But 3 might color your opinion of 4 and (especially) 5 if you start with it.

    4. Xionx


      Ok , i dont care much about trophies right now . I dont have much time for hunting and i have biiiiig backlog , so i just want play for story . Specially if i already know how long SO plats are im not bother about it right now.

  12. Jeah i was just waiting until the new Thread is open befor i close the old one. Have fun with the new PP threads
  13. I close this Thread , everyone interested in PP Warriors please visit new Thread : Thanks for participating anf good luck in new Project Platinum threads.
  14. Jeah i beat Way of the Nioh difficulty :) now i clear up all remaining way of the demon trophies and 100% here i come :) its a 1,54% rarity . I put so much time into Nioh , i think i will keep playing it frequently with fist only runs or other builds :) i ...love...this...game !!!!

    1. LuciaRosethorn


      That didn't take long, well done! ^_^ I'm also really enjoying the game, hence why I would like it to be my first platinum. Well I wish you the best of luck and it should be easy for you now. =)

  15. Nevermind , stop stream after 2h , not in mood to talk if no one watches anyways ^_^



      I'd always assume others here be too busy collecting their trophies than watch someone play. ><

    2. Xionx


      Jeah trophy hunter are not best viewership to get many viewers . Hard to find place to advertise my stream little bit. I just need small push so people find my stream without posting somewhere.  Twitch is so big , you cant find someone new there. Everyone and his dog can stream today, makes it hard to get even clicks if you swim in mass. 

      I have good audio , mic , layout , own channel design and everything that makes it professional ^^ but no viewers because people dont click streams with no viewer (dog catching his own tail) .