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  1. Beat game in 15 min? Beat game without falling? Will be a Ultra Rare Platinum . Speedrun World record is around 5 Min . Casual playthrough is around 5 h . It is very hard ..... DLC (inkluded in the consol version) has also a Trophies like "beat in 30 min , beat without falling more than twice. Thats absolutly insane . These Dlcs are extreeeemly hard to beat at all . Not falling is like deathless in SMB . These Trophies will be very very Rare . Only thing that will push % up will be the fact that not so many will play it . Its niche hardcore Platformer .
  2. Im no expert but i can give some tips. Try not to steal , its way harder to get a winning hand with stolen tiles. Hit the (i think) square button every turn to check if you can Richii (could be other button) . Throw away dragons (green , red white) and the Wind cards (west , east , north ,south) as soon as you only have one of these and other players throw them away. Try to throw away lose endings of a row : like you have 1 , 5, 7. 8 . throw away the 1 . its more likly you get a combination with rest of these tiles. If you call Richii , choose for the combination with the most possibilitys for last tile (i think it shows on top right) . Sure its luck based . but if you dont steal and dont loose many points in most rounds , than you only have to win one or to big hands . I think there is an option to play 8 rounds instead of 4 . I think its better way for the 50k , because most rounds you dont really lose many points but if you win a Hand you earn lots of points. Like i said im no expert , but with these few strats i was able to get most of the Mahjong trophies in the Yakuza games.
  3. Nice , so 15.5.20 Release (digital) on switch doesnt mean after midnight release -.- . Wanted to play new Miku game (its 3:30 a.m 15.5.20 here) , but its still not playable.  Annoying .... What ever , in few hours is my doctors appointment , maybe after i can play .


  4. So , because of the patch of Yakuza 5 i can continue my "All PS4 Yakuza Platinums " - Project .  5 , 0 and K1 are left . And Y7 if its release of cause .  Maybe Judgment too. But focus is on Yakuza series  .  I dont think they will ever port dead souls and Ishin (or something like that) to ps4 , but it would be nice extra.

  5. Awesome . Texting support sometimes helps. Im pretty sure im not only one who send bug report about that.
  6. Im getting so annoyed of Buggy /glitched Trophies or Games. I had to stop my "all ps4 yakuza Plats" because Y5 has a crash bug on some minigames. Now i didnt unluck an "Hat" in stranded sails because of a f*** bug , and with autosave it pretty much means i have to restart and almost 100% it again .  Not enjoying Trophies right now ...


  7. So jeah , after getting out of pachinko minigame , the Y5 just closes . No Error message or crash , the whole game closes , I wrote Sega Support an Email. lets see. Edit : Support replay, lets hope it helps , maybe if some more people write Support? : Hello, Thank you for the time you have taken to write to us. We acknowledge and appreciate your feedback. Although we are unable to confirm any further information with you, we will add this bug report to our shedule. Please check us out on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/SEGA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEGA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SEGA Best Regards, Nadim SEGA Support
  8. What update Version are you on? i deactivated auto update for now. thx for the info Edit : nevermind -.- i see in my update history i already got the auto update yesterday ... Version 1.02 . Now we have to hope they fix this.
  9. Yakuza 4 Plat finished , took me longer because i was emergency operated last week. Removed my appendix and Gallbladder :( . But now im back home and have some more time recovering . Only Y5, Y0, Y1 left . But i think i take a break and play some other games like ff7 or doom eternal.


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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! And sounds rough. Hope your recovery goes well and quick. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Congrats. Feel better!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

      Best wishes for your recovery!

  10. Yakuza 3 Remaster Platinum . God damn this one was hard , Minigames are annoyingly hard because of the bad controls on some (Darts/Billiard) . Ultimate Challanges are ok except the stupid Chasing challange. I was putting FF7 , RE3  and Doom eternel to side just to finish Yakuza 3 . I knew if i take break from it i propably never came back to it.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. PooPooBlast




      @DamagingRob Pretty much what op said. Only thing I disagree about were the bad controls. They weren't the best but they were straight forward imo. I never felt like I messed up because it was the game's fault. 


      With darts, it's pretty much like yakuza 0 if I remember correctly where you just gotta gently flick the Right stick down to hit the dart where you're aiming at.


      Billiards was the hardest thing in the game fir sure. 

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  11. Adding DLC trophies after two seasons already launched? I dont really think they would do that tbh.
  12. Do i have to dodge the Mines ? or the controller? And how do i activate fever time with move controller?
  13. I started my "backlog project"  a week ago because of the holidays . Now i already finished Resident evil HD1 , Resident Evil 2 remake , Atelier  Totori and Atelier Meruru. But i dont know how i feel about that . My goal was to playthrough as many games as possible without looking at trophies . Story finished -> moving on , thats the only way i can play all the games i want to play.

    But it still feels like im leaving the games unfinished behind me , specially Atelier games . Even when i get the Normal ending it feels like im missing soooo much content ( and i know there is) . I really enjoy the Atelier games , but i have 11 Titels .... i cant play alle the NG+ with super bosses and extra content if i want to finish all of them .

    So here i am , finally playing all the games i wanted and still feeling bad for leaving 80% content behind.... I just dont know what to do....

  14. My whole Life i struggled with one problem with games. After short break (few days) i lose interest in a game and start a new one. So i played hundrets of games but rarly finished them. My Backlog is huge , so i decided to start 2020 with a clean up. Im not talking about Trophies , just finishing a games Story .

    Like Resident Evil , i only finished RE6 few years ago . But i have all of them (exept RE3 which comes out 2020 anyways)  OR Devil may Cry . I started almost all of them but NEVER finished any (exept the reboot one) .


    My list is long , most of them i already started but never finished.

    A few games on my mind , not even close to full list :


    Resident Evil (all)

    Devil may Cry (all)

    Atelier (ALL haha crazy i know)

    Borderlands (finished 2nd)

    Darksiders (all)

    Final Fantasy (this is more about 100% trophies , never finished 12 and 9 story )

    Kingdom Hearts (finished 1st)

    Persona 5

    Batman games

    Deponia collection

    Dead Rising

    Death end Re quest

    DISGAEA (i love this series soooo much and only finished 3rd on ps3)


    DOOM (classics)

    God Eater (started all 3 and never finished...)

    Megaman (played 1-3 i think , but i have all collections)

    Metal Slug (same as Megaman)

    Ratchet and clank (first 3)

    Jak and desxter

    Tomb Raider (all reboot ones)

    Star Ocean

    Evil Within

    The Surge 1+2

    Trine (all)


    Hollow Knight

    Rouge Likes (enter the gungeon , binding of isacc , rouge legacy , dead cells ...)

    Trails of cold steel


    and many many more


    Lets go.... 2 weeks Holidays .... lets start with Resident Evil !

    1. Dreakon13


      Good luck dude!  Lots of good games in that list... probably doesn't sound very nice, but I'd say just force yourself to play a few start to finish.  No matter how much you feel you want to switch or give up half way.  Don't give yourself any other options. ;)

    2. Xionx


      Not wrong  , most of the times i continue a game i still have fun . Its most of the time just the step to launche the game again and not a new (or just other ) one. Its pure psychological. So little forcing could help.

    3. Dreakon13


      I know exactly how you feel and have the same issues.  So I should probably take my own advice. xD

  15. WTF ? Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is just a DLC pack this time? Lame . hope its not full price than.

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    2. Xionx


      jeah but i doubt it will get full trophy list than. It looks like the list is only a dlc list for the original. I was hoping for a full Plat list.

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I wouldn't give up hope yet. 2 months is still a good amount of time for it to show up.

    4. ruffedgz


      Agreed but looking at what @Xionx found, the WO4U looks to be on its own for those who dont know it but they seem to have a DLC part that might be coming for those who own the base game (??)... just a thought