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  1. Is Musynx release US only? I cant find it on EU store. Please dont tell me i have to buy it on US account.


    1. AlchemistWer


      I think so 🤔

  2. Its released on PC , Xbox one and PS4 . i see no problem in showing it on Microsoft panel .
  3. Funny because i just got the trophy , but i had to send dog multiple times to the enemy until he didnt grow back , so when i did it like in the video it didnt work , i had to let dog take extra dmg. What ever , wasted over 1h because i didnt understand the mechanic . But google told me whe he takes extra dmg i also dont grow back.
  4. I dont understand the shadow dancer dog challenge ... is this a frame perfect trick? when he is small and i leave i fail , when i wait until dog stands up he grows big and i fail. Doesnt make any sense , im doing this challenge now over 51 times and i get sick of redoing whole level.
  5. If someone here plays Pokemon , there is a Shiny Zygarde Event . First chance to get it shiny . JFYI . im out again :) have nice weekend

  6. 75% in Yakuza Kiwami is the farthest i get with trophies. Legend is car chase to hard (annoying ) 100% completion points i dont want to grind some mini games. Ex request for haruka is mini games again. I think im fine with it to leave it at this % . Still rank A if compared to others.

  7. I think you should get ps4 slim(e) for this game. .... ... Game looks fun , like Super meatboy or so. But maybe less challenging than SMB . I always welcome good indie platformer with short levels.
  8. i heard how good Jak X was , now playing it im little bit disapointed. For me its way to random , If you first you get shot all the time , cant even find enough def weapons. And if you unlucky you can drive perfect and right at end you get destroyed.  Enemys feel rubberbanding ... Lets see how long i keep playing.

    1. Masamune


      I thought it was pretty good, but I've liked most combat racing games since Crash Team Racing. & yeah, some of the races can be a little tedious. 

  9. Awesome , my GOW odins raven counter glitched -.- now i have to go trough every area again to find the missing raven -.- I hate collectables , and honestly i would rather let it stay without plat than using guide for 51 ravens again -.- its so boring.

  10. Battlefield bundle + jak collection , 42 € for 7 games + season pass? yes i take it.

  11. Im not really hunting trophies right now , but sitting on 13 999 trophies looks nice. But not gonna bother making 14k special.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Nice it does :D

  12. jeah , gal*gun 2 plat. 7th person from EU list :) . Fun game , first one was better IMO.

  13. Crash 1 : totally impossible order. you got 2 gem and 2 relic trophies at same time , always the higher one first. You got 5 boss trophies at end ? way after collecting gems and relics , which is impossible because you have to beat them to unlock the stages. What ever your "roommate" did , it was not legit . crash 2 : you earned all gems and relics again befor even beating a boss? impossible aswell. ffX: you unlocked 9999 and 99 999 dmg right at beginning ? If it unlocked because you did it already on your ps3 /vita , than sync trophies on that console and tiomestamps should be fine . If it was a lie or not your own savefile than this will not get lifted.
  14. Gal Gun 2 is fun :) i like the demon suck gun :o , upgraded it can suck cloths away too :P .

  15. Trackmania Turbo is fun :) . Never gonna Plat it because all gold is way over my skill level , but maybe i can push through most silver + some early golds. Im happy i dont care about completion rate =)