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  1. Looks like you have to trigger Progress Transfer on a Website . And its a one time only transfer . after that your progress on H2 and H3 will be seperated on server . So as long as there is no confirmation on autopop , i will wait with transfer . Im not done with H2 anyways.
  2. Top of the class was very easy on Hitman 2 list . Just creat a easy quick own contract , clear it with bad score , clear it with better score -> trophy unlocked. Just hope no one is finding your contract in these 5 minutes.
  3. People on ebay and other selling sites start to drop the price . A PS5 was arount 1000€ 2-3 weeks ago and know they are around 700€ . So if there is more and more Restock coming these people dont buy more new ones and it should be easier to get a PS5 on normal way. Im sure there will be a restock wave every month , so feb could be already much more easier.
  4. Isnt a January Sale coming tomorrow . I bet it will be on sale there too.
  5. Dont forgett, you can grind that on "one Button" mode aswell. I was grinding Dark Domination - proude- one Button mode. Took me 3-4 hours to get remaining Kills. I think i was around 65k aswell.
  6. You have to synthesize some songs to unlock them.
  7. Not exactly , you get permanent stat boosts and skills that stay on character even after switching job . Look in skill List of a job , you see something like +10HP perma boost or so.
  8. I tried to lose some ranks because after reaching Plat 1 i was at 18/20 wins . But it didnt work . i lost 3-5 full rounds of enemies but stayed at plat 1 . So either you try to beat the hard ones , or reset on new save and do this : win 2 match , lose 3 to get new enemies without increasing difficulty . Repeat.
  9. Platinum rank 1 was pretty tricky . Some Proud songs with invisible enemys or "perfekt hits only " debuffs are almost impossible for me . I pulled it of by beating two plat rank 2 enemies and one very very close rank 1 enemy. Now i think the hardest part is done , mainly grind and proud full combos . But with 150 songs im sure i find 50 i can full combo. Im happy that "good" is not breaking combo , and also hitting buttons on offbeats. I think this rythm game is exactly my level . Hardcore rythm players will think its to easy i guess.
  10. I dont think that every single ps4 game gets an upgrade . Most will stay BC Version . if you just play the ps4 version on ps5 it will use ps4 trophy list . If this game has an upgrade version for ps5 it gets extra list . Thats how i get this whole situation.
  11. Imagine the mess that would build up if every BC game would have another stack ^_^. But yeah , english is not my first language and some wording seem like that to me at first.
  12. OK , thats what i thought . Some people explained it like every ps4 game gets new list (or atleast it sounded like that) . For me its no surprise that PS5 versions get a seperate list .
  13. Jeah but im still confused , what about games that dont get a ps5 version? Like a ps4 game i play on PS5 . ... wouldnt it be stupid to give them whole new list? I still think it only is for games with a ps5 version. When i want to continue a game i started on ps4 , i want to continue the ps4 list aswell . This would only lead to a lot of trophies out of order.
  14. Sorry if im little bit slow , but does this mean ps4 games played on ps5 get seperate ps5 list? or games that has a ps5 version (not BC version)?
  15. He is complaining that he cant 100% the game anymore so he dont want to play it at all. He was looking forward to it and misses out on a great game because self forced perfectionism .