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  1. Is game-Series a new feature of psnp? or did i miss it a while ago? can someone maybe post a forum thread about it?


    1. NathanielJohn


      Definitely new. I was just looking for a forum thread about it too -- I don't think there is one yet.

    2. BlindMango


      The features boxes started showing up on the site of trophy lists a while ago but just recently they've become clickable - There will be more to come within the specific features pages later down the line :) 

    3. Xionx


      Awesome , i like it. I always wanted this feature. I love it so far. Now only the "unobtainable !" sign needs to come and im fully happy :)


  2. I think you only see Online stuff after connecting an area , so new people dont get to much help reaching a new area first time . I also thing you can see in Bridge Links with who you in a "lobby" so you can leave that to. (or play offline?)
  3. I absolutly love Nioh1 , played all difficultys , dlc and 100% trophies. I was so hyped for Nioh2 . BUT this open Beta ruined it for me. This extrem Stamina debuff in Dark Realm is BS even with 30% resist skill. And second boss is waaaay to agressiv with his grab attack . Its almost impossible to dodge most of the time , deals 90% of my HP and he spams it every second attack. Thats a deal breaker for me and i hope this changes in full release. There is so much awesomeness in Nioh2 and it gets over shadowed from this dark world and gradb spam BS.


    1. Copanele


      I guess that's why it's open beta... I suppose they are open to any kind of criticism? Maybe they will tweak it in the end

  4. Hm, I'm kinda sad it will be a over 90% Plat, because of cheats working for trophies. But on the other hand, i will try to Plat it without cheats for my self , so i dont really care how others play it. I remember these two games were very hard to beat , so its just a missed opportunity for UR Plat. (or atleast very rare)
  5. I think pressing options multiple times let you skip the memory sequence.
  6. You have to find the Vestige parts and let Io repair the Vestige . You enter the Memory Echo of this Character while reparing. Some of these Trophies pop on first Character specific Vestige.
  7. Here my little demon maybe i create a nekomimi next =) but you can do so much more crazy stuff =) only the item limit is to low sometimes ;(
  8. For me the biggest help was the fact you can buy a craft item you already crafted , and dismantel it into the materials. So you only have to get most materials once . Take some time for a money farm build , and you can buy so much. like super rare materials , you craft 1 item with them , buy the crafted item 10 times , dismantel them 10 times and you have 10 of the rare material. This method still involves some grinding , but way less travel time.
  9. Soul Calibur 6 online ranked trophy is annoy as fuck . 90% net code issues , and after 20 min waiting i get a b+ ranked enemy who is destroying me . Playing a dead game for online trophies is the worst . (And its dead because online mode is aweful)


    1. Elvick_


      I got it ages ago and it was a nightmare because I'm awful and threw so many matches that went 2 wins for me in a row, to 3 losses. I'm just glad I got it eventually, I was screaming in rage so much. I hate online trophies. Stresses me out.

    2. Xionx


      Jeah same here . Winning 2 rounds just to throw 3 rounds in a row . I would care less if the waiting for opponents wouldnt take 20+ min . Spamming one match after another and i will win some . but one 3 match per hour .... and only against high ranks isnt fun.


    3. Elvick_


      Yeah, I got a few high ranks even back then. But it didn't take that long to find the matches, maybe a minute or two at most. I wanted to be sure i got that over with as soon as possible for that reason. I'm a bit wary to even start Tekken 7 for this reason too... I'm so late to the party.

  10. It would be easier for people to help you when you post in the game section of the game in question. I personal dont even know what game you talk about sorry. Edit: ok the game is called dont even think , i thought thats the trophy name , my bad . Still posting in right game section people can help faster
  11. Its just a patch that adds new trophies. So yes its free. Trophies dont autopop when you already fulfill the requirements BUT they pop if you change the require stat : what i mean is , if you collected way more than 100 gold nuggets than the trophy pops right after picking up 1 more. Same for storage . add or remove some storage and it checks the stat and pops the trophy if you fullfill it. Most features from new list are already in for a while and there is a seasonal event running right now . So if you play it activly you can pop almost all trophies pretty quick.
  12. Looks like something in my trophy data corrupted on ps4 : NP-32091-5

    Only way was to delete user from ps4 . Now i have a yakuza chapter 10 trophy missing . Hope the problem is gone now :( it kept crashing every game on boot with this error message. Nightmare for trophy hunter .


    1. MidnightDragon


      Rebuild your database, too, just for good measure. 

    2. Xionx


      jeah good idea. uploading all my save data took me 2 hours . i hope atleast there was no problem.

  13. Misaki and Leifang dlc for DOA X 3 Fortune :) , now you dont need Scarlet at all :) Thazs awesome.


    1. Shadiochao


      Is it actually normal DLC? I was worried it was something tied to the region/account like the ingame clothing purchases because I couldn't find it on the store

    2. Xionx


      I guess if you have HK version you have to buy the dlc from HK store . I just saw the DLC trophies , i have not looked into the store yet.


  14. It actually pretty good MH-clone game , not as deep but still a lot of fun . And it gets pretty hard later Hunts, so its not geared towards children imo. I would not judge it by the graphic style. Its free to play so its easy to judge it after testing it.
  15. Im playing it for 2 days and i already got the trophy, i guess its a dodge into attack when i-frames saves you from dmg. Trophy popped on such a dodge. I would not bother much about a counter, it will come naturally on the way to the harder trophies (like " Defeat Shrowd and Rezakiri ").