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  1. another player got a plat so now we have four players that earned this plat so far
  2. if youre doing big ramp idle method ( the one on the big ramp then run off and crash at the border) or anywhere else its over 2000 hours Freefalling glitch 200 hours big ramp glitch( the one that send you to far desert) maybe 200 to 2000 hours depends
  3. i have been at this for three weeks now still no trophy and plat...... i have a feeling that free falling glitch and big ramp glitch didnt increase %.....
  4. its offical The Undertaker has retired! gratz to him he deserved it
  5. im sure he will have same speed as The Nurse since he has to drag his big knife
  6. do you think Bobby will finally become a WWE Champion at Backlash?
  7. this is basically same game with only Vrain added to it and added some new monsters
  8. im so sick of damn C.Viper Hard Trial 2 already and i know i wont able to do 3# either
  9. that was it thanks! now i got that trophy done but i wonder why it didnt trigger the next quest after sink ships?
  10. got this problem as well so i guess we have to wait till ubi fix it
  11. no online trophies in City so youre good to go
  12. so Mick Foley revealed a new title and .......its not a hardcore title...... its called 24/7 title......... Vince you sucks so gtfo and go somewhere you dont touch WWE ever again
  13. im willing to bet you that they bring back Hardcore Title
  14. WWE is dying now
  15. tried to do quit and restart game four times still same results