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  1. well i need d4d now more than ever since glitch screwed me over today psn name is catslayer11 and ill download your if you download mine msg me when youre done
  2. whats your region? NA region is all gone
  3. so there is no way to get dlcs other than buy dlcs codes from EB stores and gameshare with someone's accounts? Far East DLC is the only one i need
  4. oh well i already got three condors so just 120 tournments guy left to go
  5. strange... i beat all VS masters and all Revenge VS Masters and its not unlocking....does it mean i have to beat secert VS masters as well?
  6. wait, is your name the red death batman flash? If so thats super cool 

  7. i heard of some people are unlucky that didnt get some trophy unlock properly as i got them all legit in that order
  8. What do you think of this list? i think it look good expect online stuff, it look a bit better but the jury is out on that
  9. you cant even use old chat either
  10. why the chat is offline? whats the problem?

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    2. DamagingRob


      I'm surprised more haven't already gone to Discord. Maybe there needs to be a general PSNP one set up. 

    3. Cats


      oh well i blame Troy for this

    4. atlasxof-



  11. you got 100% shards collection before 25% and 50% which is impossible to do hence you used a downloaded save
  12. aww no plat oh well ill play it anyway because its free
  13. thats what happened if you use cheats it prevent you from get 100% even you did everything
  14. thanks effy heres my different pic i used for facebook avatar that my friend made