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  1. that was it thanks! now i got that trophy done but i wonder why it didnt trigger the next quest after sink ships?
  2. got this problem as well so i guess we have to wait till ubi fix it
  3. no online trophies in City so youre good to go
  4. so Mick Foley revealed a new title and .......its not a hardcore title...... its called 24/7 title......... Vince you sucks so gtfo and go somewhere you dont touch WWE ever again
  5. im willing to bet you that they bring back Hardcore Title
  6. WWE is dying now
  7. tried to do quit and restart game four times still same results
  8. heya i brought it and played for a while but i think i hit a glitch where you select a song in jukebox but as soon as i select one song i cant select anything else and cant leave or hit play at all i had to quit and try again and same results whats wrong with it?
  9. fuck this bullshit trophy
  10. well yea it went down at 1am pst but my friend told me it was still up i quickly hopped on and was able to get all online trophies done today thank gods!
  11. its all over servers has offically closed
  12. i have the plat now and no longer need download my stuff thank you all for everything
  13. are you level 20 and are all unique peaks at tier 3?
  14. you need to equip his three unique peaks and nothing else just these three
  15. well i need d4d now more than ever since glitch screwed me over today psn name is catslayer11 and ill download your if you download mine msg me when youre done