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  1. I got somewhat interested in playing TLOU mostly to the Singleplayer part, but how active is the Multiplayer? From what I understand, there are only 4 Multiplayer trophies and they should be easy by simply playing and changing the Fraction, just 2 are grindy which requieres 84 matches each (correct me if I miss something that could be annoying, other than that it takes time). So, I would rather play it by anytime without relying on boosting sessions if possible, there for I want to know how active it currently is.
  2. Yup, looks like they did
  3. Welp, this is as much as we get:
  4. It really does work, but it looks like one of your teammates used all the ammo of that weapon. Once it hits zero, you lose the weapon.
  5. I'm done with the game since I have the platinum, but I still try to keep it updated once there is any news on that. As I said, 17th April should be the next patch.
  6. From what I remember since it was one of my early trophy, you need to reduce the cooldown by either hitting or killing enemies after the activation. So if you find a small room with weaker enemies such as regular Zombies and Dogs, that could be your best chance. The cooldown is 120 sec. and I think it reduces 5 sec for each hit or kill? You can look up in the descrpition on this ability. Otherwise I remember there was something to make it easier, by ranking up to unlock it. Also keep paying attention when the Ability is ready a second time, to activate as soon as possible. Maybe hold a bit back when you think it's less then 90 sec ago.
  7. He most likely meant Alex Wesker, since she is playable and involved now. But Albert Wesker as a Mastermind is pretty much a given, considering that game stays alive until then. Also, isn't that Jill DLC free? I remember free DLCs always had 2 Trophies, like RE2R or RE7 with Not a Hero.
  8. You >can< obtain 2 trophies with Alex before reaching Rank 4, and the third trophy of her can only be done after unlocking that perk at Rank 4. So yeah, you actually don't need to. But I heard it makes things easier when you rank up more.
  9. I personally would say they had too much of chances with Multiplayer (RE5 Versus, RE6 multiple Versus Mode, RE:ORC, Umbrella Corps.) enough is enough, they are too incompetent to make an decent Multiplayer at all and they should've focused more on the Singleplayer games. You're right with Resistance being the best RE Multiplayer experience they ever had, but what did they fked it up? Matchmaking, the most important thing any online game, but they choosed P2P over dedicated server, in 2020. I'm sorry but no ones patience is infinite and I reached a point where I would even say: after getting the Plat this game can rot in hell and I don't care what they do with it anymore. They take too long. Oh yes, on top of that you pay for this shit, can't wait switching to PC on the next Gen.
  10. No way, I found an match in less then 4 min... what happend. I did nothing different. Ok idk why, but I'll take it, I find more matches frequently. Edit: Back to the long waiting, I was only able to play 2 quick games, what a joke... Edit 2: Well, it seems like they kinda fixed it now? Or since it's the weekend and most people are done with RE3R, I could've find more people again as Mastermind. It worked so well today, I just got my Plat just now.
  11. Yeah I'm losing my patience as well, finally we have a RE Multiplayer that has potential to be good, to playing also more for fun outside of trophies and they just decided to use P2P over dedicated server. Instead of adressing those issues, they just release instead a Roadmap for free DLCs... yeah like, no Jill or other known Character will save this game if it stays that way. And now it even affects people like you who don't have the matchmaking issues, it's such a big mess where I can only say that those devs are morons, I'm sorry i had to say it.
  12. I can't enable the WAN Setup at all, I don't even see an option for that by looking through everything in the settings from my Router.
  13. I forgot to mention, my brother plays this game on PC and we pretty much use the same internet and the longest he waited for Mastermind was 4 min, I've seen it even with my own eyes. So this tells me it's more of a console problem.
  14. I could finally find matches too, my connection was always wired. But I only found 2 matches which was always around after 70 - 80 min.
  15. Ok a little update, after 80 min of searching I was able to found a match, seems like it is still possible but dayum, they still need to fix this, would take a year to complete this game at this pace...