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  1. we didn't talked about any issues, the question was about on how early you can get the nuke trophys from the scratch
  2. I know it's been a while since this has been asked, but I just answer it anyway for others when they read this. I pretty much rushed through the game until I could build a nuke ( I got all achievements a few years ago on Xbox One before I switched to PS4 completely, so I had some experience with the game to rush it ), I grinded the ressources and idled to process the ressources to building a nuke. Overall from the scratch it took around 2 days ( 10 hours each day ) to reach the "building a nuke" part and 3 days for grind and idling. and + 24 hours to actually building a nuke. so around less then a week you should expect.
  3. yeah looks like I tryed way too early like you guys said. the reason why I wanted to try as early as possible, is because I didn't know if I had enough affection or too much of it (since I heard it can glitch it) and this glitch only takes at one place at one time. after continuing the story I finally got it tho maybe I should mention this here for others: the second part of Golden Saucer is after the Rocket Town part of the story, where you even recruit an character and then you have to try to obtain the Keystone in Battle Square, try to leave Golden Saucer and THEN there is this Hotel Sequence
  4. I really don't know how to trigger the hotel scene on a >second visit< of Golden Saucer and no video on YT has shown me at all, they just cutted through the scene right away. Do I really have to pay the Hotel visit at night? I have the done the affection glitch 10 times, 20 times, 30 times. etc But I can never tell if I had it or not since... nothing different happend in the hotel, I always payed 5GP to stay at night but it just doesn't show I was in the room ( where Barret normaly appears or not ). Anyone has an idea what I'm missing? Do I even have to do the glitch before I reach Golden Saucer the >first time<?
  5. Well it sucks but I accepted those p2w stuff already, on the bright side for the S+ Rank you still can't use those infinite weapons, I don't regret unlocking those weapon by my own. What do bothers me is if you are going for the fastest complete in the Leaderboard, you can't do it without buying these anymore, I was planning on beating the record but now it's RIP, I won't support those DLC's at all.
  6. You pretty much explained why rarity doesn't mean that much at all, which makes your previous argument even less valid. I can tell you are playing for trophy only, which is reasonable that you barely understand what I said. Apparently I overestimate of people common skills, because that is all you need for DMC5 plat. Sure, because highplaying your trophies, which gives people false impressions, just so other people can praise you for your "hard work and will" makes it way better and not arrogant at all, am I right? True I apologize for that, I did gave reasons tho why cheating/reporting out of jealousy is worthless for this game, since it isn't a big plat at all. Which leads to witch hunting in the first place. I bet some people don't even care for the cheating issue and just wanted excuses to report most of them.
  7. that wasn't my point: you don't see any of those in the trophy, only the date and that's it. You can do it the hard way and the easy way, the value stays the same, which makes it nothing.
  8. Well technically everyone could this if they try and know those things, those 3% aren't much of an argument either since there are easier trophies with higher rarity, just sayin.
  9. I don't think some people care what's lame or not, the fact that this is possible makes it less valuable. And 30 min mission are faster then hours of attempts in offense anyway. oh and this guy, yeah I watched his DMC2 runs, those runs are really rare to find.
  10. If you do this by yourself at some day, you will understand why the trophies basically have so low value. Those challenges makes the trophys like nothing, that was my point. And who is this guy? Maybe I know him.
  11. What I mean by "free" is, No Damage is literally the only thing you need to get the S Ranks, you don't need to play well, gain more points or making in time. You can even try to be bad but less then 2500 points is something you won't get it in DMD ( maybe in M18? ). All the other requierements are basically not need it. So if you have No Damage, you getting a S Rank free. aim only for No Damage in DMC3 for example, you won't probably get an A. Also what "challenge" are you refering to? Using with or without Dr. Faust, camera abuse and save reload? I'm pretty sure I didn't said that everyone can do this without.
  12. I don't think time can be used as valid argument, some games take even more hours and isn't hard as some dmc games. And yeah there is no shame for using Dr Faust ( sorry if I sounded like ), if it's in the option, you are allowed to use it, simply as that.
  13. Well, let me say it this way: some people obtain the Plat without Dr.Faust and save scum, some people with. There is no way in checking those except when people recording this ( which not everyone wants to ), in this case the process has value, not the result.
  14. It doesn't devalue it because there is no value to beginn with and I do believe that people get it without Dr. Faust, but that isn't my point. It's just DMC5 isn't that hard as people claim to be and there is no need to cheat at all and there for, people who did it "legit" are the one who get accused for using the savefile now. I don't care if people cheating ( heck, do what you want what makes you happy ), but if they are bothering other people with it in any way, like this right now, the line has been crossed.
  15. Well, I can't say I'm surprissed with this mess. If some mad people trying to report me, feel free to do it because that won't stop me from playing this game if I get banned. As for me, any Plat in DMC are actually worthless if you think about it, anything can be cheesed in any way and the actual challenge lies beyond trophys. In DMC5 everyone can abuse Dr. Faust the heck of it after some grind and save scum is also a thing in this game ( with the checkpoint thing ). Not to mention >only< aiming for No Damage gives you a free S Rank ( unless you managed to reach less then 2500 pts at the end on DMD or for HaH/SoS 2291 pts, which is VERY unlikely ) When I saw the title on the thread: "Platinum trophy not rare enough" I couldn't stop laughing how ridiculous this is, because it is too rare for my taste. And people still needed to cheat... this is some high level lazyness right here.