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  1. I thought this trophy was impossible for me to get until yesterday. I went on a four episode win streak and got to the final in the fifth episode but Hex-a-gon got me.. I only have 13 wins total now so this was a surprise to be able to be that close to getting the trophy. That being said, the trophy requirements should definitely not change and I actually wish there wasn't an exploit to make it easier. Would be so rewarding to have gotten that 5th win in a row.
  2. I got just under 2:40. I even rolled my car on the final turn but was able to keep going without having to recover my car for a penalty. WHEW!
  3. ^its kinda hard to advise you to not go for a certain since you're trying to maintain 100% on all games
  4. Shit I didn't even think of that. I just need to get my paragon up a little more then that should work, thanks!
  5. The only person I don't have loyalty with is Jack because I sided with Miranda when the two ladies got in an argument lol. Yeah I started this game actually last June so I'm just not picking it back up and am gonna finish it. Hopefully I get lucky and this trophy is no problem lol but thanks for your input!
  6. I saw under the tips section when looking at this trophy it said "WARNING: Once the Omega-4 relay opens up for you, immediately head for the Omega cluster and proceed right through! If you do even only one mission between EDI ridding the Normandy from the Collectors aboard and proceeding through the relay automatically results in a loss of crew members and thus locks out this trophy!" I completed Project Overlord and then very soon after the Collectors came aboard the Normandy and took out all the crew members besides the members such as Garrus, Morton, Kasumi, etc. My question is, am I still on track to get this trophy? I don't have a backup save to go back and prevent this event from happening either... Please give me some good news haha
  7. Thanks to this I blew thru levels 46-50 to get my
  8. I'm surprised you're having bug issues with the missions, I haven't had a problem with those besides beating them on Master . As for AT-ST tramples, once you find where all the power-up locations are, its actually not a pain. I thought it would be a pain too until I just kept getting in the AT-ST and got 3-4 trample kills each time!
  9. I agree. I'm finding myself getting owned by people using the DH-17, even worse when they use explosive shot or the Berserk trait. They need to figure out the damage to each weapon with traits once and for all..however, I can't see them doing that since they haven't gotten it right with the frequent patches.
  10. So now that Season 2 has started and some time has passed, I'd like to see what everyone's rankings are so far. So far, I am Challenger 2 in Solo and Standard, Challenger 1 in Solo Standard, but Challenger 3 in Doubles. I used to be Challenger 3 in Standard but went down after a poor couple of games..My goal is to get to Challenger Elite in Doubles and Standard. Anyways, what are yall's rankings?
  11. Not many to choose from but I'd say Operation Abyss. Its a PSVita game
  12. MGS5 but after that maybe Driveclub and all its DLC trophies? Worth a shot if you're up for it. (I have MGS4 and MGS5 too to choose from for whoever advises me.)
  13. I would say Fallout 3, Fallout :NV or Dark Souls or something like that, but I'm going to say Assassin's Creed II. It would interesting to live in a time like that, probably because it is somehwat realistic to live in Florence during that time period.
  14. ^Little Big Planet 2
  15. Haven't even heard of that game :/ Star Wars Battlefront II?