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  1. Anyone besides me confused on the coaching royalty trophy? I've won the Stanley Cup, used the Ottawa Senators and won the presidents trophy twice in back to back seasons. Any idea or suggestions on this? I've gotten 60+ and 70+ wins seasons and still am completely lost.
  2. Holy Sh** I did it! 1.01% # 31 in the world (
  3. Holy Sh** I did it! 1.01% # 31 in the world (
  4. Raise Your Banner '17 Acquire all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies Ultra Rare 0.35% WOWZA! 35th to platinum this in the world thanks the NHL/TROPHY gods i have another UR from nhl! Enjoy 10/10 Difficulty 9.5/10
  5. the trophies you are talking about are the galactic invasion and the home world invasion ?
  6. ​can I still participate and help with the trophy ?
  7. Wow never thought it would happen for me, #8 in the world and #2 in canada! And to boot a kool ultra rare! Nhl 16 PS4 Sorry i dont know how to post an image of it http://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3853-NHL-16/KariaRyuk
  8. Ps4 - bloodborne, border handsome, dmc, dragonball, evolve Vita- toh and silent hill
  9. 4000ish i plan to lower it my goal is to complete 52 plats +52 100% biggesr challenges is its in variant difficulties
  10. Lmk if next season there will be room for me ill work on meeting the minimum requirements
  11. What basketball game? Low platinums dont always mean hack man its means theres a challenge ive also gotten that achievement on xbox, ps3 features was actually a complete copy of last years game so its really easy to replicate where as new console means new features ps3 trophy list is the same as nhl 14 ps3 trophy list - notice something
  12. Lol ok well i dont think the guy who hasnt touched the nhl game should comment as for hacking u could but whats the point i think the facts that less than 1% of people having the platinum should speak volumnes as to difficulty to be honest DONT! start it not worth your time or effort i think you should look around at all the prior titles that have win the league in hut and your question is answered as for monks statement i think anything said is moot because he has no experience or can vouch an understanding for the trophy, paraphrasing stuff is lame especially when understanding is none, i am more than willing to help you with the game but its pretty impossible if you have never touched an nhl game
  13. Coming from a guy who got the platinum its up to you, u shouldnt take a platinum cause its rare! do you enjoy playing hockey? do you enjoy playing competitively? the plat is rare because your playing people who in general enjoy nhl and understand the mechanincs of the game Also 99% of what monk said is wrong due to the patch you have to install, foxes alot of the problem unless your deadset on eashl its one of the best hockey games to date! The games platinumable since day 1 all features are tied in on disc content, winning the league is incredibly hard im a competitive/play for money nhl player
  14. sounds competitive for sure
  15. well ill join when i reach 100 posts i think i will be a valuable asset, i will contribute when and how i can