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  1. too many online trophies, hope they are easy to boost
  2. tip for these game: just spam roll and go straight to the boss, you become pretty much immortal while spamming it. I don't even kill anyone, just roll past everyone and you can get to the boss in 20-30 seconds everytime. i didn't really have freeze problems that Apesky mentions above, i'm playing in the PS4 PRO btw.
  3. I didn't know about that bug until now. It's crazy people can get flagged by simply booting up their PS5 and legitimately playing a game. The player has zero fault, and didn't cheat whatsoever. What a joke.
  4. I´m fine with that too. A larger cabinet would be awesome
  5. Anyone knows if PS4 > PS5 autopops anything ?
  6. Just a matter of time now, dying on the the last level is so frustating.. I considered lvl 20 to be "easy" after doing it so many times, but it has so much movement and jumps, that I preferred to do it early.
  7. Hi.

    I saw your post on the Spelunker HD (PS3 game) forum. I had this game on my backlog for some time now, and want to finally get the platinum.

    Do you remember if it's possible to get the group excursion (coop) mural pieces that require 3 players by myself ? I do have 3 controllers.

    1. Deceptrox


      I haven't done it myself yet but it's possible to get those pieces of mural that require 2 or 3 people on your own. The levels where you need to do that are:


      Area 1-3
      Area 2-12
      Area 3-26
      Area 4-34


      I'm quoting someone else's post so I don't remember what the second number exactly means. 

  8. Thanks, I finally got Impossible Boy this weekend. In total I ended up failing a 19/20 run 6x times, but I´m happy to be finally done. Despite all dificulties and frustrations the overall experience was very positive, really enjoyed the game !
  9. Wow, congrats on the platinum. I just finished Super Meat Boy platinum yesterday, and really enjoyed the challenge, it's super hard, but fun to do and the difficult is fair. This is not the first time I read negative experiences about SMB Forever, which is really a shame. I was looking forward to play it, but the fact it's a auto-runner just puts me off. Even worse going to the platinum, since it will require close to 100 hours of gameplay I'd imagine. If you don't mind I have some questions related to the difficulty you mention: You say it's significantly harder than the original, but the reasons seems to be subjective. If someone straight up use your seed for the no-death runs, you would still consider more difficult than the original SMB ? About seeds, I'm surprised there aren't many discussions about the easier seeds and strategies in general, after so many years I'd imagine people would have digged everything about the game. Guess this game isn't that popular. Would you consider your seed in the easier side ?
  10. Played for over 10 hours yesterday trying to get Impossible Boy. Still couldn´t get it done. My disappointment is immeasurable lol. I keep dying when I´m missing one single level. Unbelievable. Was 19/20 and died at 7-20x. ( bad move to leave that level for last, but it happened). Got to 19/20 levels done once more and died at 7-5x again. This level is pretty easy but i keep breaking under the pressure. This brings to a total of 5 times where I was one level off and died 😑 Messed a 18/20 run too, but don´t even remember which level I failed.
  12. Impossible Boy is mopping the floor with me, I'm so close but just can't get it done. Yesterday I died after beating 19/20 levels at 7-8x "In Line" ( was so nervous I didn't even made the initial jump, just ran straight to the slime). I just stared at the screen for 30 seconds in disbelief. After that I just couldn't focus and could barely win 2 levels in a row. So just called the day. Today I died AGAIN at 19/20 levels done, this time at 7-16x (the one with the fan blowing you up). My fault to leave that level for last, it's way too random and hard to do a consistent route. Even abusing the pause/exit to map method I ended dying for a sawblade. Hardest levels are 7-1x and 7-9x for me. No matter how many times I play can only beat them 30-50% of the time. Especially 7-1x, that transition jump in the end is just evil. It looks simple and straightforward and the first impression is that during the game you do much more tricky jumps. But no, that jump tops it all, it's inexplicably hard for me to get it right in a consistent way. 7-19x was very hard too, but I'm getting better at it. Now for some reason 7-13x "Bleach" suddenly became a threat too. It's a fast level but couple days ago I was beating it 10 times in a row, but now for some reason it keeps ruining some of my runs. Guess I'll just start to do it early in the run to avoid the trouble. I don't know many hours I've be trying to get this damn trophy, probably over 20 hours lol. Hopefully the stars will align and I can get it soon. Edit: died again at 19/20 levels done, believe it or not, idk what's wrong with me hahaha, this time at 7-5x. I literally never die at this level, but managed to mess up the second jump. Was nervous and hesitated for half second, and that's it took for those purple monster to get me. 😖
  13. What about the platinum in general, would you guys say Wipeout HD is harder than CTR ? Not really a fan of racing games ( exception would be games like mario kart and arcade racers like burnout ), but for some reason i decided to platinum Wipeout and it was a nightmare.