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  1. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the quick feedback. Glad to know that you can save mid-run. Takes the pressure off trying to squeeze in one last run before you have to leave to do something else.
  2. Hi! Just got the game and really enjoying it. I was wondering if you can save mid-run. Anytime I think to test this I'm already pretty far into things and don't want to risk losing my progress. Can I finish an encounter, quit game and then come back later and continue on the next encounter? Sorry for the noobish question.
  3. I just came here for the puns...really killed my buzzzz
  4. I just completed the DLC on PS5 with no issues.
  5. This worked on my first try. Shadow Teeth was the big winner. Thank you! Thanks @damcrac5, @SnakeSound222 and @locofella83 for the additional tips as well!
  6. Probably the first Red Dead Redemption. Loved both games, but RDII got a little old having to replay missions for gold medals. I think the only other UR's that I have that were also really fun are Little Big Planet 1 and 2. Those games were super rad, but the DLC wore me out a little.
  7. This sucker is pretty hard. I got him down to about a third of his health but then he called all the other apex predators and I got destroyed. I was using the lightning shark skin and then tried once with the atomic skin. Question for anyone that has completed this. What did you find to be the best shark skin to use?
  8. 1. Astro's Playroom 2. Miles Morales 3. Bugsnax Up next: Maneater A Plague Tale Operation: Tango Immortals Fenyx Rising Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  9. haha oh no Difficulty wise, or just a grind?
  10. I've been very happy with my PS5. Worst part was trying to find one for $500. I don't get to play more than a few hours per week, but have enjoyed the games I've played. Astrobot, Bugsnax and Miles Morales were all really fun. Looking forward to Fenyx Rising as well.
  11. I think 3 of the 4 trophies I achieved within 20 minutes of starting Rivals. It's essentially survival but you are broken up into teams of two. The goal is defeat all of your enemies before the other pair. Meanwhile, you can send over additional enemies to the other team to try and slow them down. I only did one match and got three of the trophies. The trophy that requires you to purify cursed gear may take you a little longer. That one is dependent on loot drops. You have to get a pice of cursed gear first and then you have to do whatever requirements the gear requires. Honestly, if you've done the raid, this set of trophies is a cake walk. I think all 4 took me about an hour in all.
  12. The online Super Bowl trophy is the only one that seems like it could be challenging.
  13. I got this trophy just naturally playing through the game. However, the guide posted above seems extremely helpful.
  14. Miles Morales and Fenyx Rising
  15. I'd be surprised if the higher level difficulty had a trophy associated with it. Just hasn't been the style with the trophies for this game. Nightmare mode didn't have any related trophies in the original release and they could have easily made that a requirement.