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  1. Looks like this finally released on console today. Has anyone had a chance to play it yet?
  2. Mortal Kombat - Ultimate Respect (2500 King of the Hill Points) - I got these from legit playing online for like a year, but even if you tried to boost this it would take quite a while. Should have at least been a silver. Red Dead 2 - Observing and skinning every animal - It's a lot of work and these should have probably been silvers.
  3. The more I hear about this console, the less enthused I am. I'm sure I'll get one at some point but probably next Summer at the earliest. The three games I was most excited for are all getting released for PS4 so I'll probably just be playing Horizon, Spiderman and Sackboy on PS4. I think I'm going to make a personal goal of cleaning up my PS3 backlog before I get PS5. That way I can retire that console and move my PS4 into it's spot in my attic.
  4. hahaha
  5. Yeah it was announced back in like 2016 I think. If you go to join a session right now it says they are closed but you can still play.
  6. No one knows. They were supposed to close a few years back. Just on borrowed time now. Could be today could be years from now.
  7. If history is any indication, then this most likely will be the last DLC with trophies for the game.
  8. Looks pretty straight forward. Beat all the bosses and side missions mostly.
  9. Still getting into the game. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet.
  10. This was one of my favorite gaming experiences of the last two console generations. I enjoyed all of the combat and collectibles. So much so, that I went ahead and collected/upgraded just about everything in the game even though it wasn't required for trophies. Also, to the point made by the post above me. I haven't played an open world game since Spider-Man and Red Dead 2 came out a couple years ago. If I had just played a AC prior to getting this game I could have seen myself getting burned out towards the end maybe.
  11. Marvel's Spiderman Ghost of Tsushima Transistor Shadow of Mordor Dust: An Elysian Tail
  12. I've actually been itching to play Madden again. Madden 12 was the last title in the series that I played. I ultimately decided to not get 21 because of the negative reviews and user feedback. I'll probably wait until at least next year for the PS5 version, assuming that they actually put effort into the game next time around. I think a lot of people are starting to pass on these annual sports update games or at least waiting for a big discount 6-8 months after release. Hopefully, this will force EA's hand for future games.
  13. I love Darksiders as a series. Would play those, trophies or not. Also, whenever I get a new NHL game it's usually assumed that I won't be getting the platinum.
  14. Yeah, you can definitely track crickets. I platinumed the game without use of a guide for any collectibles. The only actual trophy I had to look up was the one where you play a song at a burial spot.