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  1. Killzone 2 and NHL 12/17 are off limits to me thanks to online trophies no longer available.
  2. Dude, that did it! Thank you so much!
  3. I noticed recently that my PS Plus games are no longer showing in my library. I used to be able to see all of the games that I have "purchased" with PS Plus. Now it only shows a few random games, but most of the ones that I never downloaded no longer appear. If I look them up in the store, they are still free for me to download and my Plus subscription is current. Does anyone know how I can get the games I haven't downloaded yet to still show up in my library? It's just annoying because I can't always remember all of the games that I have available and would use that section of my library to find something to download.
  4. I'd probably put them in this order for most fun: 1. Deadpool (PS3) 2. Darksiders Series (PS3, PS4) 3. Red Dead Redemption Proudest would be Mortal Kombat (PS3). I'm not great at fighting games and it took me like 8 years to complete but I finally got through it.
  5. Cool guide. Everything looks great, though I would lower the difficulty. Unless the endgame is way harder than the base game, I'd say this is a 3/10 max.
  6. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Haven't gotten a chance to play a lot of it, but fun so far.
  7. For me it depends on how old the game is. If it's a brand new game I don't really worry about them right away. My preference is to enjoy the single player of a game first and then play the online. This prevents possible spoilers and also allows me to get acquainted with the game/controls before playing with others.
  8. 8 years and 2 months to complete Mortal Kombat on PS3. Chipped away at it little by little. Felt like I would never finish haha One of the first games I got that had trophies.
  9. #74: Tearaway Unfolded Fun enough game. Glad I waited for it to be on PS+ as I think I would have been disappointed paying for it.
  10. Bummer. I have good memories of playing this game online.
  11. I just finished Tearaway Unfolded. Not sure what I'll go after next. Currently considering: The new Dragon Ball game, Dragon Quest XI and Wolf Among Us.
  12. The developer just dropped a trailer for their next game "Sea of Stars". Looks pretty cool, I might consider getting this game in the meantime.
  13. This trophy was definitely annoying but I got it in less than 30 minutes following the video in the guide and experimenting with some different methods. I personally really enjoyed this game and feel the complaints about it being buggy get really blown out of proportion. I played the game for about 50 hours and only once had it crash on me (although I only lost about a few minutes of progress) and got stuck in a wall once or twice, but was able to get out by just mashing buttons. A lot of love went into this game and overall I think it is a really fun experience, especially if you are a fan of the series.
  14. All good. I would have just felt like an asshole, haha. But yeah, that game and the new GOW are the type of games I probably wouldn't buy but usually end up getting through Plus and enjoying.
  15. Oh for reals?! When was that? Not the end of the world or anything, but I'm pretty good about grabbing the games every month even when I'm not super interested with them.