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  1. The trilogy was great! Doesn't age super well though. Still good but there will be some frustrating mechanics that other games have improved upon since the PS2 days.
  2. Thanks man! Already dropped out of the crew to save space. Appreciate it.
  3. @HansPatat050 could you invite me as well, please?
  4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Rarity: 5.3% PSNProfiles Rarity: 20.93%
  5. I'm down. If anyone wants to knock out the Operation Tango DLC with me, let me know.
  6. Just finished GoW(2018) giving me five plats for Kratos. Please move me up from Spartan to Titan.
  7. Favorite Platinum Earned in 2022: Immortals Fenyx Rising Favorite 2022 Game Plat'd: TMNT: Shredder's Revenge
  8. Oh gotcha. Did you replay any levels at any point before that? I found that the trophies seem to count playthroughs and not unique levels. In other words, I think you could play 12 levels and pop that trophy regardless of which characters and levels. All of the 'complete all missions as 'x'' trophies seem to do that. You can see on my profile that I got this trophy before I got the one for beating all levels as an agent and got that one before finding the bomb as an agent. It's because I had replayed some levels as the agent before completing the game. That's my theory anyways. Definitely glitched in a way, but doesn't really matter because you still have to beat the game to get the plat.
  9. I feel like I'm not understanding something. Shouldn't that trophy pop after completing the final mission of your second playthrough?
  10. Yeah, been a while since I played this game but pretty sure the OP was posted before NG+ was released for this game. You can get more than you need through NG+ and DLC.
  11. Is there NG++? Curious if it might be easier playing through a third time with everything maxed out from the start.
  12. I'm a child and 69696969 was already taken.
  13. Yeah you can only use two swoops in the entire Owl section or you will fail the trophy requirements.
  14. What's the point of this release if it doesn't add anything? I played the ps4 version on my ps5. It was great, but why would I now buy a ps5 version if it's identical?
  15. Yes to the Darksiders stuff please.