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  1. Just watched the Irishman. A bit long, but good.
  2. I have four games completed: Chains of Oympus Ghosts of Sparta GOW GOW II
  3. Super excited for this game. I'm a big fan of the series. Released yesterday for PC and is getting pretty favorable reviews.
  4. I'm definitely looking forward to X4 then. I only bought the first collection. I probably won't get the second just cause I haven't heard the greatest things about those games.
  5. Just picked up the collection over the weekend. Forgot how much fun Mega Man X is. Brings me back to being a kid and playing this game all day on the SNES. Never got a chance to try the sequels, but so far Mega Man X2 is very enjoyable. It's cool, because I get the nostalgia effect from the first but am still getting to experience new levels/bosses in the sequels. Definitely recommend this collection to anyone that played this back in the day or just fans of the SNES era in general.
  6. Mega Man X Legacy Collection
  7. I'd say that mine would probably be Diablo III and Mortal Kombat. Both for the time commitment. MK took me nearly a decade to beat.
  8. I've stopped getting new games for the PS3. Once I've completed my remaining backlog of about 15 games or so I'll probably get rid of it.
  9. 1. Killzone 2 - Never really liked this game plus online is dead 2. Gotham Imposters - Same as above 3. NHL12 - Liked the game but online is dead so can't complete 4. NHL17 - Same as above 5. Arkham Origins - Same as NHL games
  10. No hidden trophies. I like my profile to represent my actual account activity. If I were to ever hide trophies it would be the three bronze trophies I got from Gotham Imposters. I never really liked the game and the servers are down now so I can never complete.
  11. Hey man. I know you posted this years ago, but these video guides are amazing! Totally helped me out with this game. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for confirming!
  13. Question: Does the game difficulty effect the challenge difficulty? I didn't think so, but want to make sure. Any advantage you can get, right?
  14. Awesome, thanks for the feedback guys! And I have been enjoying all of the 80's references for sure!
  15. Yeah for sure. Honestly, I think I just suck at FPS overall. Outside of Borderlands, I've never been good at them. I'm sure I can get through it, I was just hoping for something easy/relaxing since I just got finished with a challenging game.