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  1. Sink or Swim Duck Tales: Remastered
  2. Haha that's sick. Yeah even though I got the 100% a few months ago, I still haven't deleted this game yet. Find myself jumping on once or twice a month to do a few golds.
  3. Agreed. Nightmare was a fun challenge the first time, but I found Gold to be a lot more fun. I leveled up my characters mostly through Gold and had plenty of good gear to choose from for the raid.
  4. #86 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (also, 5,000th trophy!) Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 10/10 Finally, finished this one after 2 years and 5 months. Better than the first Red Dead that took me 7 years and 7months to complete. So in all, a solid decade to plat this series haha. Got burnt out on the 70 gold medals back when this first came out. I think I had about 30 of them completed. Went to go finish them a few weeks ago and realized that they had made an update that allowed you to carry over gear, health, etc. Really made these missions a lot less frustrating. Actually enjoyed going for the gold medals after not playing the game for almost 2 years. It was fun to experience some of the story again since I had forgotten a lot of things that happened in the game. When I first attempted these it was less fun seeing the same scenes and conversations over and over when replaying missions. I know people hate on the online portion of this game, but I still regard this as one of the best games I've ever played. Worked out nicely that I could make the plat my 5,000th trophy as well. First time I've ever tried to plan a milestone.
  5. Abzu #119 3 Days Fun little game to play in between larger titles. One of the play at home freebies we got last month. I'd definitely recommend.
  6. This is a new game or a DLC?
  7. I don't think the online spoiled the game. The online portion was definitely a let down as far as playing with friends goes. My friends and I didn't have that much fun after we completed the few short story missions in the beginning. However, I did like the PvP matches. Specifically, make it count. The single player portion of the game is a 10/10 for me and the overall game with online considered is still a 8 or 9 in my opinion.
  8. That's ridiculous haha
  9. Hi! I've really been enjoying Legends since it launched. Wondering what classes y'all prefer to play as. I've found them all enjoyable to play. Here is my impression so far of each class and where I rank them: 1) Hunter (current rank 18) - The Jack of all trades. I was really surprised how much I liked this class. When I initially saw the list I thought this would be my least favorite. I find this one to be the most versatile. Nice mix of range attacks but also useful in close encounter situations. 2) Ronin (current rank 20) - The quarterback. Ronin was the first class I played as. The healing abilities are fun as you really have to be alert and paying attention to your teammates. I was most aware of my surroundings when playing as this class because of the healing responsibilities that come with it. 3) Assassin (current rank 20) - The lone wolf. Opposite to the Ronin, I found myself most disengaged with my team playing as the assassin. It was still fun to be able to run off on my own and not worry about everyone else. Also, you get to be the hero if your Ronin happens to go down. Super rewarding to be able to throw a smoke bomb and revive all of your teammates with out being seen. 4) Samurai (current rank 1) - The best offense, is a good offense. Haven't had a chance to play as this guy yet, but from what I can tell it looks like a fun hack and slash tank type. When I play with a Samurai they usually lead the way into battle and power their way through the enemy ranks with brute force. Looking forward to playing this class next. What are your class rankings?
  10. I've neglected my Vita pretty bad. Any must have recommendations that I should purchase before store closing?
  11. This. Arms Race is a $2.99 DLC at best and not a very good one at that.
  12. Killzone 2 is the only game I don't have the DLC to, I'm pretty sure. No point in buying it anyways since the servers are down.
  13. Yeah I imagine that would be tough with randoms because of them dropping out half way through. I've played through the raid three times. 2 times were with close friends and the other with a group from here. I'd recommend setting up a session here so you can at least get dedicated people.
  14. The April DLC is included with the season 2 pass. But I think that's it. Anything after that would most likely be a season 3 I'm guessing.
  15. It's largely dependent on your team and how much prep you do for the raid. If you have a good team and watch walkthroughs of the raid beforehand it's fairly quick. I've done the raid as fast as 2 hours. My first attempt took a lot longer, but I was playing blind through most of it as was my team. You also should go in with the mindset that you may not complete a chapter your first time attempting it. Just learning how to get through the first third of chapter two will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes you with a second attempt to get back to the point that you left off. Blind attempt: Chapter 1 - 1 hour and 45 minutes Chapter 2 - 3 hours and did not complete first attempt Chapter 3 - 45 minutes What I've been able to do with a good team that knows what they are doing: Chapter 1 - 45 minutes Chapter 2 - Just over an hour Chapter 3 - <15 minutes Overall, I'd recommend you wait until your done with Outriders. The raid is incredibly fun if you aren't trying to rush through it. I'd return to the game when you are in-between games and can give it an honest effort. It will be way more frustrating if you give yourself a time limit to complete it.
  16. Nice thing about Ronin, no one will leave your party because there isn't a Ronin. haha
  17. Not everyone has 800+ games on their profile haha This was actually the next game I planned on getting, so I'm stoked!
  18. I'm actually planning my first milestone trophy. Looking to plat Red Dead 2 for my 5,000th trophy. Otherwise, I just try to keep my average completion above a specific threshold. For the longest time it was 90%, now that it's higher I'm trying to keep it above 95%. I'll never have a 100% because of unobtainables.
  19. #85 Nier Automata Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 7/10 Overall, I liked the game but wished there weren't so many missable collectibles. If you don't use a guide there's a lot you can miss out on which sucks since there is 26 different endings and a bunch of items to collect. That kind of knocked a point off for me at the end. Next, I think I'm gonna try and make Red Dead 2 plat my 5,000 trophy.
  20. I'm trying to get my backlog to 20 games or less before I get a PS5. I'm also holding off on starting games like Horizon as I'm assuming a PS5 version will be made available.
  21. Magnificent Mario from NHL 12 - 64 achievers.
  22. Don't waste your resources crafting until you have 105 ki gear. Craft the 105 gear that you like to 110 and you should be good. Gold Survival specifically is a cake walk with 105 ki gear and higher. Doesn't even really matter what you're using as long as it compliments your play style. Gear in the RAID you usually want something that will build up your special faster. If you have a good team in the RAID your gear isn't the most important thing in the world, but I definitely recommend waiting to craft until 105 ki gear is obtained. Also, as far as swords go, I prefer something that is good against shield and spear enemies (I forget the symbols associated with them). Otherwise, something that is good against spear and brutes.
  23. Yeah seems they were affected by that winter storm being located in Texas.
  24. I'd recommend the Darksiders series. Really good, fun games. You can tell by my trophy cabinet that I'm a fan.
  25. God of War III - Need to beat the game on Titan mode. Just haven't gotten around to doing it. Hotline Miami 2 - There's two trophies, but the main one is getting A+ on all the levels. I think I have about 10/25 done. Also, need the kills trophy but that is just shooting the same five guys over and over for like 3 hours. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Need to get a gold medal on like 40 more missions. Just got burnt out on replaying everything. Need to revisit. I might try to time it so that the platinum is my 5,000 trophy. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - Need to beat the game without dying. Tried once but glitched out in the last five minutes of the game. NHL 17 - Good timing trophy. Unfortunately, they no longer do the limited time packs so this is unobtainable. Didn't realize until it was too late. Batman Arkham Asylum - Another one with two trophies, but this is really just one. Need 100%, but the only thing I need to get that is the combat challenge trophy.