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  1. I emailed support yesterday and this morning I got this back: "Our last update for the game broke Trophy support. We weren't able to fix it for a long time because our Playstation dev machine died. We just got a replacement and will be working on a patch for the near future but no ETA yet. Sorry for the problem." So trophies are indeed broken but they are working to fix it.
  2. I started it a couple days ago and did the tutorial which I assume is the first trophy. No trophy, no list. I checked other sites and the last trophy earned seems to be Dec 2018. Maybe trophies are broken for this?
  3. For the 4th training mission, you need to quickly destroy all the targets, under 2 minutes I think and then beat Jinkins. The 150 points is for bonus mission 3 which is separate from the training and story missions. It's an on-rails shooting mission and you get points for destroying enemies.
  4. You're welcome. The guides on gamefaqs don't mention it but I found it in the cheat section. It's like a super special secret.
  5. That's right. The bonus objective is 120 and there is a hidden objective of 150.
  6. Bonus mission 3 has a hidden objective of 150 points. I can't think of anything else.
  7. Also the 100 km dlc trophy is now 10 which is basically when it unlocked before.
  8. Another tip I have is that when one of your transports is trying to escape, players will likely be following behind it and they behave like an AI with the single-minded goal of shooting the transports. I could blow up 3 or 4 ships in a few seconds. It's actually quite funny to see, a bunch of fighters all nicely lined up for you. The hero ships also tend to have fighters chasing them but of course they don't fly in a straight line like the transports do.
  9. I was asked if the invincibility cheat could be used to solo the coop missions. I didn't know so I played a mission in coop with the cheat on my alt and the wingman trophy unlocked. I told the other user this and then they were able to beat the coop missions and get the trophies. Edit: The code is QUENTIN and it only works for player 1
  10. The character select code is square, triangle 3 times, circle 3 times, x 3 times, square 2 times courtesy of Big_Blue_Tree.
  11. I couldn't even get the debug code to work. That's really weird, I'm pretty sure that's the only way to play Han there.
  12. I'm super relieved to report that you can save your way to Jedi Master. It's still really hard so you want to move forward a bit then save. Do that all the way through. There is only one save file though so if you die then save, you'll have to start right back at the beginning which is what I did on the last level.
  13. There is a save system in this version. Hopefully using doesn't negate the trophy though.
  14. I don't when they will be available to buy. I imagine they'd be exclusive for a little bit. Here's the list for Racer Revenge The First of Many Win your first tournament race Most Deadly Achieve 7 KOs in one 3 lap race First Around the Track Earn the Best Lap time for any 3 lap race Record Breaker Earn the Best Race time for any 3 lap race Watto's Wares Upgrade any pod attribute to MAX Bantha Poodoo KO a human opponent in versus mode Rookie Racer Take first place in the Galactic Trials Stellar Superstar Take first place in the Podracer Open Hidden Trophy Galactic Greatness Take first place in the Hutt Championships Hidden Trophy Hidden Trophy The Best Around Take first place in every tournament race with any one character And for Super Star Wars Master Jedi Beat the game on Jedi difficulty without losing any lives Thermal Destruction Kill 5 enemies with a single thermal detonator Hot Shot Destroy 20 TIE fighters in the x-wing trench level Right Out Of the Sky Kill 20 Mynocks while they are diving at you The Walking Carpet Defeat three bosses with Chewbacca No Match for a Good Blaster Obtain the highest level blaster Saw It Coming Beat the Dune Sea level without getting hit by a sandworm Ootini Kill 20 Jawas in one sandcrawler level If Only I'd Gone to Tosche Station Run out of landspeeder fuel when you are not facing Mos Eisley or the Sandcrawler Teamwork Play all three heroes Not a Bad Bit of Rescuing Rescue Princess Leia with Han Solo Han Shot First! Play as Han Solo in the Cantina and shoot Greedo. (Yes, it's possible) I don't mean to go off topic there but anyways
  15. I guess they haven't actually added super star wars and racer revenge to the network. I got the Disney Infinity bundle and I can only see their lists using an offline guest account.