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  1. thanks man, I sent you a message to continues this there.
  2. what happens if it glitches though on your save file?
  3. I did not complete mirkwood in one sitting if that's what you're asking. I might have to start from the beginning. The thing is that the online servers are empty, so finding a random close to the mirkwood spider boss fight is going to be a waiting game for hours
  4. How do I get through Mirkwood? I bit the spider boss of the area but I'm unable to proceed to the next area as I am unable to talk to Beleram. It seems that the only way to progress is to have someoneelse get me to the next area, however, that'll leave the other players save file broken. If someone has tips to get over the glitch or can manually get me to the mountains, that'll be appreciated.
  5. So like, if i defeated all niblets and then I did ng+, then it would still count towards the quest? What about the ultimate lair, would I have to fight through all the last ones again? Also, what set up do you recommend for aeronite and the floor 33 boss in the ultimate lair? I've seen many set ups so far.
  6. I swear this is going to be another Dick measuring contest. "ReEeEeEeEe, I wOn'T bUy ThE gAmE bEcAuSe I nEeD to ShOw OfF mY tRoPhY hUnTiNg SkIlLs"
  7. If anything you guys could do a server ala Demon's souls, which if you're trophy hunting is I think the mods are ok with as long as the fan/trophy hunter ran sever is not malicious in anyway.
  8. Besides equipment and abilities, what carries over to NG+? I've just got to 33rd floor of the ultimate lair and I cannot seem to beat the boss of the 33rd layer and was thinking of coming back in ng+, but im not sure if omega forms of enemies carry over too.
  9. TBH Bethesda games are glitchy, though I suggest doing some sort of combination of the methods listes.
  10. What happiness setting are you at? What I did is use the the red rocket station as my base, had like 3 people there, (had more beds, electricity, water and food), had a trade route connected it, lots of furniture. I also stayed and waited in the base until it got to 100%
  11. managed to get into the fight with the barrow fight in its final lair, but the fight won't start. I think because I skipped the cutscenes and glitched the game up in the process. Is there any way i can fix this, or do I have to start the game from the beginning again?
  12. If I pause the game, does the timer still run? Also What character scenario is easiest to run (Leon A or B or Claire A or B)? Also I can still use infinite ammo, right?
  13. how hard is the siren on this mode?
  14. So it sells cheats as well?
  15. I know right, the only way I was able to get through some of the fights by just spamming lightning style shadow clone justsu. I get your frustration though, all that ability spam.