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  1. @DARKB1KE are those the most commonly glitched collectables?
  2. Half way done with the "Leviathan" raid (normal) on Destiny 2. On the Obstacle course

  3. Might be a bad idea because of Grineer and Thumber spawns, though rubber banding over water is a good idea
  4. I know explorer mode locks out the trophies as well as chapter select.
  5. So apparently 4 trophies auto pop once you start up and load your old D1 character(s) into D2 if you played D1 and have a save file with one or more characters.
  6. Is the PS3 version of this game available on PS now?
  7. Is the game anyway boostable?
  8. Doom Eternal will be having DLC, though IDK what its going to be or even if it is going to have a patch incoming for trophies
  9. Quite a few Bethesda game studios run like dog shit on last gen (Fallout and Elder Scrolls Series) I would play it on PC if I were you
  10. lmao the other threads were a political mess. I do support people to go look at the leaks though but won't do it here. Have fun though (not sarcasm) with the game
  11. I wonder how this thread will evolve
  12. Am I able to save and quit in the middle of a mission when I turn off my Ps4 then come back to it when I relaunch the game?
  13. Is Gilgamesh a boss in the game right now?
  14. I would wait for RE3 remastered to go on sale. I've heard that its really short with a mediocre multiplayer (dead by daylight clone) slapped on. Though both Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot are very good and great games in their own right. It all depends if you want to play a traditional fighting game or an action adventure game that follows the Dragon Ball storyline. Dragon ball Z Kakorot is more of an action-adventure game with fighting elements in it.
  15. My only issues with the game, were zones loading in late and smoothing out late as well as a horrible looking holo map