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  1. For the "Favors for Certain Interested Parties", does it matter if I side with "K" or "D"? They have different hideout names, but does it matter who I side with to get the "Traveler" trophy? Also, Jowan's quest from the chantry board seems glitched for me, I read that a new location appears in the Brecillian forest but I cannot seem to find it. Does it count towards the Traveler trophy?
  2. Don't celebrate just yet. We have to see how DA4 comes out. It might turn into a Mass effect Andromeda 2.0 Electric Bogaloo
  3. what was your character build for your archer and what bow did you use? Like my character has one in the inventory, but sadly its just an average drakeskin make bow.
  4. Is it possible to fight the monster on casual difficulty then switch to hard difficulty once the monster's HP is sufficiently low?
  5. I imported a level 35 rogue into the DLC, but like my weapons or armor arent that great (most are around Drakeskin or higher). Do you guys have any suggestions on respec rogue builds for this fight? Im trying to do the fight on hard mode for the trophy
  6. So like, what's up with the really low trophy earning rates for these 2 trophies from the "Parkour Fever" DLC. Is it legit hard or that most people could not be bothered doing these challenges?
  7. If I dont achieve this trophy by the end of my base game run, am I able to earn this trophy in the standalone DLCs (Awakening, Leliana's song, Golems of Amgarrak, and Witch Hunt), or will I have to do another base game run?
  8. On that note, the Rakuyo is best weapon in the game (in both DLC and base game use). If you're going for a dex build, this is a must weapon
  9. technically yes? you can kill her for her badge when you first meet her, but there's a fat chance a first time player is going to get yeeted by Eileen. The other option is to follow her quest line.
  10. you right, i forgot about that
  11. The Chikage is technically a missable weapon if you let Alfred kill Annalise. You have to join the Cainhurst Vilebloods after killing Matyr Logarius in the Cainhurst castle (which is an optional area, but needed if you want to progress Alfred's quest-line). Then buy the weapon from the messangers in the dream
  12. IMO i would advise against playing this game if you're trying to get 100%. Multiplayer is really grindy
  13. Cyberpunk 2077 is: Fallout 76.2.0 Anthem 2.0 Mass Effect Andromeda 2.0 Assassin Creed unity 2.0 What happened with CDPR is the same thing that happened with Ubisoft, Bethesda and Bioware. Mismanagement
  14. Capcom had something golden when they released the RE2 remake. Now they're wasting resources on PvP modes that will probably die out within a year.
  15. I completed brutal on all 3 games and I will sacrifice my first born and eat my own toes before i do another brutal run through of any of the remastered uncharted games Also fuck the entire train part in the brutal mode of uncharted 2 remastered