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  1. what's the light light of the new raid?
  2. They added new trophies looks good honestly if they have a mound-maker esque system in place (the purple bros in Dark souls 3) where I can invade a player world and help them (and kill them at the same time). I wouldn't be mad
  3. thanks for the responses. the game flew under the radar for me when it came out. I'll check it out when black friday comes along
  4. Just found out about this game, trailer looks pretty good. How does the game perform (any crashes, glitches, issues)? Would y'all recommend this game to me in good faith?
  5. God bless you @MaxieM0us3
  6. when you spend 3 hours making a bottom gear/expand dong meme instead of studying

    1. Sir_Bee


      and you don't even share the meme, how cruel ...

    2. wackt1


      It was for a discord server I am on


      "Tonight on Burger gear, Teeny enslaves mormons 2 learn how to love himself, Seetor glasses Somalia to make arts and crafts with ash, Anfash & borgar feel the passion of chist tonight to bring matt damon home

  7. Best weapon to wield is the Rakuyo if you have DLC, if not Blades of Mercy. (it's dex build). There's also The Broccoli Boy build (Milkweed ruin, Kos parasite), it's an arcane build. Just wanted to put this here. Anyways, congrats with Sekiro and Bloodborne plat.
  8. holy shit 100,000 trophies that's a lot
  9. @Dr_Mayus I have the vampyr plat EDIT: lmao didn't know I had to wait until the 31st. don't add me to a list
  10. I need new fish tanks for my super aids fish
  11. I can attest to the impossibility of this. The main game hot springs don't need DLC hot springs and there are several loading screens a person needs to get through plus travel time and fightning through enemies to get to each hot spring
  12. Lmao, you haven't played Destiny 1, 2, or World of Warcraft Raids are super fun and the only way to get high tier equipment
  13. When is raid mode coming?
  14. Are there any digital only ps3 games/avatars/themes I have to buy?