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  1. Can anyone confirm if any of the current event quest drop crowns for the monsters, whether they be new or returning from base game.
  2. In the lair where he sleeps or the area just the area that leads to its entrance (area 2)?
  3. Hello, on the NA/U.S servers for the playstation store, Arkham knight DLC is on sale along with the season pass, which is 50%. off at the moment. I can say its on the us store and I think someone said in one of the threads that its also discounted in the Brazillian play store
  4. how did you get the nekkers? I've been trying to hunt them with the great jagras at night but I cant find them. @Juras
  5. x to doubt. It's probably some kind of zombie update to online for halloween and not a full fledge single player DLC.
  6. So like when they mean Elie, are we talking about Ellie in the unreleased TLOU 2 or the first game? Ellie in the first game aint that strong or combat oriented as Joel if the company is going off the first game. Also, this is a poor launch title for PS5, they should probably get another launch title (Knack 3 baby).
  7. I thought the only final fantasy games people were decisive about were the 13 trilogy (13-1,13-2, and 13-3 lightning returns)
  8. Imma go check this out later to confirm this. Are we talking just the standard arena quest from capturing monsters? EDIT: ya its random i thonk.
  9. Since it's free on Ps plus I thought I should give it a try since I played asylum (haven't played city yet). Just have a few questions; is it really buggy, I've heard about the debacle with the PC version, how hard is it to get the plat/100% and the last kind of goes off the 2nd question, does the DLC pass come with all the DLC necessary to get the 100%? I've read that it doesen't cover all the DLC or something.
  10. So like there are trophies for getting all gold crowns (large and small) in both base and DLC. Are we able to switch between versions to complete it?
  11. I'm guessing because the game officially releases tomorrow but like anyone with a preorder can play it early or something
  12. kinda disappointed its not a sequel or a remake, but its a joy that these classics are getting the attention they deserve. Star wars game reached in the early to mid 2000s are great. Now just waiting for the Republic commando game (series) revaltilized
  13. Should I play Arkham knight or Darksiders 3 first? I have played Arkham asylum and the first two darksiders.
  14. When you own all 3 darksiders on ps plus