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  1. is it currently able to be 100% because i heard something a while back about servers closing or something and that it affected trophies
  2. What's this, a remaster? im excited now
  3. that actually makes kinda sense now.
  4. I thought Alan Wake was an Xbox exclusive. Why the change to multiplatform? Is it something to do with CONTROL?
  5. ya, the nuke and the infiltration online right?
  6. maybe this time Todd will actually fix the game with another patch
  7. Valkyria Chronicles Armored Core Jurrasic: The Hunted Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith game Zone of Enders not enough people have played these games I would include Bloodrayne and Timesplitters but they're not released on PS3 systems .
  8. looks like im dropping $20
  9. Jesus christ, I'm probably going to buy it again, but how many times is Todd going to re-release skyrim?
  10. Uhhh these aren't "Forgotten Gems", all these are wildly popular.
  11. did he specify the requirements for the trophies?
  12. I'm not surprised but surprised tho as that I thought AC3 was the buggiest, on the account of a couple bugs that bugged 100%
  13. I'm very surprised they did not make a separate list of DLC trophies Like how IO did with hitman or Behavior with Dead by daylight