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  1. I'm like 99% sure that the online trophy components for the 2013 Tomb Raider game on the ps3 can be boosted solo in a lobby. However, I cannot confirm for the definitive PS4 version
  2. it would be great if they put Yokai in them
  3. huh, didnt think this would be solved props to you
  4. So like, I've only played Life is strange and the Life is strange: before the storm prequel. How does Life is strange 2 and True colors connect with each other and the other 2 games?
  5. The OG Demon's souls on PS3 is great. Plus you can dupe Items and souls for an easier time getting the trophies. There is Linger in the shadows which is a tech demo from 2008ish its like very short and is a 100% non platinum The walking dead seasons 1 and 2 are on the Ps3, really well beloved telltale games. I recommend against buying the Bethesda games that a couple people already mentioned as that they are really buggy on the ps3 system (Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas). Beyond 2 souls is a really good and easy plat
  6. So like, I've acquired all 67 collectables in the base game and the trophy didn't pop. I just found out about the glitch and I've tried deleting the update, loading up the "extraction" main story checkpoint and picked up a collectable but that didn't work either. Are there any other options or do I have to start a new game? EDIT: nvm it popped
  7. If you have the PS3 version, you can dupe the boss souls using stockpile Thomas and make multiple copies. I am not sure if this glitch is available on the PS5 version
  8. "making the mother of all omelets here jack! no need to fret over every egg!
  9. Lmao said Rockstar, lol
  10. found this out the hard way, I lost access to the scene selection option
  11. So like how does revisiting scene selection to get the collectables work? Do I have to keep making new saves when ever I revisit a chapter?
  12. thankfully I rectified it and got the heart trophy
  13. So like, Does bringing the camera onto the Plane Crash underwater void the "go with your gut" trophy?
  14. GoW platinum isn't that bad when it comes to RPG platinums. The collectables do be annoying thought but it should be doable
  15. A bit of warning for those going for 100% for Ghost of Tsushima. Days Gone, and Uncharted 4. Uncharted 4's multiplayer trophies are extremely difficult and will require a lot of cheese or tactics or someone to carry you. As for Ghost of Tsushima, They have a raid component with trophies in the same vein as Destiny's raids, and you'll need a competent raid party or a group who has done it to carry. For Days gone, the challenge DLC trophies are quite buggy from what I hear since I have not played the game and will require a lot of time and effort