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  1. I'm pretty sure they're going to finish up the last two seasons. Unless Disney milks this.
  2. Some dude help me with that trophy. He gave me a fully explored map and i put it onto the map display thing
  3. It's back and It looks like it will continue after where the last Episode left off. It looks like David Filoni is directing it and it's going to be a 12 part season on Disney's streaming site of some sorts (correct me if i'm wrong. I hope it keeps its mature feeling from it's last few seasons.
  4. Is Resident evil 0 any good?
  5. ok will do that. also what do you mean by your question?
  6. can i spawn in the ender eyes or do i have to look for them?
  7. wait, there is an ender dragon in the tutorial world?
  8. There is PSN user contacting me by the name of katdasia. The user is attempting to "hook up' with me and ask me my age. Can any confirm if this a bot or an actual person?
  9. oh ya i bing watch oxhorn, I do have a habit of missing environmental ques for story for side quest (though I do use him to find the places where he goes. Also JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE, it makes me wish for a nuclear winter, sorry I did like New Vegas (It was a good game for me, plus memes)
  10. BOI!!! You should play Dad of Boy!!! IT's an easy platinum boi (trust me, I platted it)
  11. I know but I'm still working on Modnation racers.
  12. ya, it's just the main story though, i really don't like. (my main beef with Bethesda is their treatment of Fallout's lore and story),the side quest are good though but Fallout 4 seemed to be lacking in side quest, (though to be fair fallout 3 seemed to have not a lot of side quest too)
  13. someone keep me updated on Crysis 3!! Still need to do the multiplayer portion
  14. story is bad (it's literally fallout 3's plot but less interesting) and it dosen't feel like an rpg, more like a FPS. The only good DLC is the far harbor DLC because it introduces an actual interesting story as well as cool armor and enemies. The settlement system is bugged AF on the console. I did actually like the crafting system yet hated the fact they took out the repairing system.
  15. I did not expect Jojo part 3 to give me the feels.