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  1. Some of the puzzles are complete bullshit. LOOKING AT YOU TORNADO ALLEY
  2. Is empryan dlc already out?
  3. Aight will check it out soon
  4. how do I get the new trophy from the new update? Is it the letter in the S.T.A.R.S office in the police station?
  5. How do I create one? I've read and watched guides saying that I have to run a Lvl 20+ grineer mission for one to pop up (kuva jester has to announce) but I ran 4 missions in solo and didn't get one to pop up. What else do I need?
  6. Am I able to obtain the "Nue Slayer" trophy (kill the nue in the "Demon of Mt. Hei") via as a visitor in someone else's mission?
  7. Entry 4: Minecraft's Earth blocks so I can avoid traffic by putting them in midair
  8. Entry 3: Wabbajack, because I NEED MY CHEESE
  9. So what's up with them. I encountered a revenant saying he was killed for "friendly attitude" or something and then I shot some eyes on a wall then I got attacked by the wall. Are there any more wall like this and how do I get through non-hostilly?
  10. So other than equipped gear and randomized drops, is there any benefit in fighting and killing NPC revenants to PC revenants?
  11. There are a lot of really hard parts in the game on that difficulty, especially near the end. But you need to use your teammates and lots of cover. I would be careful in the part directly after the helicopter crash when you're without your men, the parking garage, the final assault on Konrad's base and the radio tower part from the top of my head.
  12. Entry 2: Cardboard boxes from metal gear. Need storage for some of my stuff
  13. Does 2B count? 2B is an android an thus not a human, therefore can be classified as an item and because it has a specific function as a soldier . Though my reasoning is because 2B is best girl and she's eye candy.
  14. Probably an update for GTA online since it's rockstar's cash cow. I do not see a new game being released this soon as Red dead 2 is still kinda recent.
  15. This game looks kinda bad imo (kinda like seasons 2+)