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  1. how come they all have 47-49 years in their timestamps btw?
  2. the map from the link, No the person stopped updating the map a while. I presumed it's because it's becoming too tedius to update and I don't think that many people are interested in doing the races anymore. I got the trophy recently by roaming Orb Vallis everyday. but I think DE updates the races each week, but its random
  3. may I ask why your room is that hot?
  4. I wished they had like an event quest where we could hunt large and small gold crown elder dragons (and black diablos)
  5. stealth is key.
  6. I doubt they'll get around to it, black ops 4 is already out and knowing big companies, Activision will probably relocate resources away from Black ops 3 and toward 4 because money.
  7. Lmao I'm 101% sure he's not going to post here in the dispute.
  8. This thread going to be spicy as fuck if it's isn't already.
  9. the only spider man plat I have is the amazing spider man on ps4
  10. I have platinum/100% for Beyond two souls (ps3), Game of thrones (ps4), Life is strange (ps4), Life is strange; before the storm, Until dawn, The walking dead (ps3), The walking dead; season 2, and the walking dead; a new frontier.
  11. I have played the game. The only glitch I know in game is related to the multiplayer trophy, shopaholic where you can buy all of the characters at lvl 60. Though the mutiplayer can actually be boosted solo but it takes a while. The only missable trophy (restarting the game from beginning) is the chatterbox trophy as you can miss an optional dialogue. Though IDK how this user's trophies popped out of order, ps3 trophies can be delayed popped however sometimes.
  12. did from software ever patch the demon of hatred glitch?
  13. just get the ps4 version, it's better technically and the servers are not going anywhere
  14. I know rise of the tomb raider had a total of around 125 trophies, so probably a mess up
  15. this is weird, i have the physical copy and I do not remember requiring an online pass.