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  1. When do I start to have the random encounters with Rais men attacking civilians in the DLC? So far I just found some mask for this old dude and the only random encounters I had are merchants, zombies vs. survivors, bandit patrols, and bandits attacking civilians.
  2. I wouldn't worry about it there was a discussion about this a while back on the forums and people found out and came to the conclusion that you cannot be banned for boosting as long as you comply with Sony's TOS (such violations in regards to boosting include; hacking, using custom firmware, trading services of virtual goods over PSN and such)
  3. Any telltale games
  4. So like Act 3 is the part where snake is in Eastern Europe and has to tail a resistance fighter to find Eva and the resistance base. Is there a way to speed up the first half of the mission (the part where you have to tail the resistance member incognito) or do I have to tail him?
  5. how extensive are the changes to the camera shoots for the mass effect trilogy remasted ?
  6. wait, how are people getting trophies/starting the game? its not even out yet
  7. slightly dissapointed
  8. So, basically extra trophies
  9. so, uh, why is the trophy list so short?
  10. no you dont need to complete them. However, completing the ones with upgrades might be a good idea considering you have to fight 2 bosses in the final mission
  11. watch like they add a fuck load of DLCs
  12. I bet Chris is the final boss and he'll be screaming about the redfield bloodline while trying to kill Ethan with a boulder
  13. so like, im going to let the vampire lady catch me every time Also, Chris better be the final boss and try to kill us with a giant bolder screaming about the redfield bloodline as a werewolf
  14. you can buy the materials?