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  1. you got check the box on the ps3 that says save PW right under the place where you log in
  2. Well shit I did not expect Lost planet 2 or Asura's wrath to be on this list. Also that Demon's souls remake, will I be able to play that on my ps4? real shit?
  3. I mean you should have 2 factor on regaurdless if its related to the new update or not
  4. I can atest to this, grinded my as for medals down here
  5. oh god I had such a hard time with Skyrim on the ps3, with all the freezing, lag, and crashes
  6. Do gunner medels (killed an enemy as a passanger using a vehicle's integrated weapons) count for mean machine?
  7. is Fallout New Vegas more or less buggy than Fallout 3 and Skyrim on the ps3?
  8. IDK about vr mission best times, but I did notice something with the collectable trophies (the data minening, peekaboo, and the colletiable vr missions) wont unlock unless you complete a/the chapter.
  9. You miss his Volcano Manor assassination contract which if completed, grants you the Bull goat armor set and a magma whip candle stick. He also becomes a vendor
  10. Well, uh you might of not wanted to kill Bernhal just yet, he is a very useful summon for the godskin duo fight and he has an assasnation contract in the volcano manor. As for other NPCs, Roderika im pretty sure is the only vendor that you can upgrade spirit ashes at Cohryn and sunmask have an ending tied to their questline Alexander can be summoned for a few bosses Ranni and Fia both have an ending tied to their questline I know many people will kill patches but i would hold off, he is a merchant and his volcano manor assassination contract gives you access to some good ass armor Nepheli can be summoned for a few bosses Tanith has several volcano manor contracts, but I would advise against attacking her at any point, she has a cruicble knight bodyguard you dont want to deal with, unless you want his shit Rya gives you easy access to the volcano manor Millicant is very important, at the end of her questline, side with her, because the item you get is useful in case you mess up an ending. As for the loathsome dung easter, he does have an ending and you might need to keep boggart alive as well for this Oh ya Blaidd will kick the shit out of you
  11. dang, that sucks, thanks for answering though.
  12. Nioh is 10X harder than Elden ring can confirm
  13. "Try finger, But hole" "Behold, Dog!" "Fort, Night!" "Is this a bird?"
  14. Damn, y'all have never played some of the DLCs for the other souls game yet. The bosses there are all harder than melenia. Secondely, just summon for the fight
  15. I already left a comment on the guide but I'll leave it here too. The aliens killed during the "Stasis interrupted" DLC do count towards the 2179 kill count. The trophy popped for me during mission 4 when the player has to purge the last airlock to gain access to the comms tower to send the distress signal