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  1. I have platinum for lightning returns
  2. Yes, finally someone else sees it There's too many goddamn foxes
  3. In terms of gameplay and bosses, the hard mode, and collectables; how hard is it to get the platinum for this game?
  4. Perils of Gorgon DLC (outers worlds, Final Fantasy 7 remake, or Resident evil 3 Remake?

  5. Has anyone by any chance taken Engineering statics?

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    2. wackt1



      I can't work out the 3d models with vectors for some reason. I am in calc 3 as well and I do understand calc 3, vectors are easy but applying them to real world applications (i.e free body diagrams and the like), I cannot figure out

    3. starcrunch061


      Hmmm. I'm not sure what to say about that. Finding the various components of vector fields shouldn't change, though you're not the first student to have a block when it comes to actual situations (and I was one as an undergrad).


      I don't have any magic formula to give you about it, though. 😞

    4. wackt1


      Ya, i guess i have to look at the 3d stuff again. Ill run my work by you when I have the chance. I have an online test next week and was wondering if you'd be able to help with it

  6. Anyone know where I can get a cheap version of Final Fantasy 7 remake and Resident evil 3 remake. I know the U.S. store has RE3R on sale but i want something cheaper

    1. funboy1246


      amazon or ebay may have them or you can try your luck and try to find a gamestop thats still open near you.

      just checked. ebay has some for 30 and amazon 49.99 us 

  7. why are the rarities for the DLC trophies so low?
  8. This game seems to be buggy as hell
  9. Can confirm this works this needs more testing but im pretty sure it only works with the "Force Talents" (yellow) skill tree
  10. didn't know the game was getting dlc
  11. *When the platinum broke 3 days after release*
  12. Lmao, you had the problem with a fuck ton of enemies chasing you too (and the infinite reinforcements)? Also, I never did like Desmond in the first place, but the modern timeline didn't matter to me anyway
  13. Which DLC garbs are the bests to take on the Ultimate dungeon and Aeronite in Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns?

    1. Otonio_Bruno


      Cloud's Garb from FFVII and FFX Yuna's Garb. First one has a locked Heavy Slash ability that turns into Slayer if the enemy is staggered, dealing lots of damage to it (You may want to equip another higher level Heavy Slash on that garb because the one that comes is only level 2). Yuna's garb from FFX comes with Elementa Lv 5*, which is definitely one of the strongest magic attacks in the entire game and you don't need to anything in order for it to do very high damage, but it can be increased even further if enemy is under the effects of imperil/deshell and Lightning has the faith buff.


      I'm currently playing this game again for completionist purposes (Even after Platinum), so if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask through status updates or PM.

    2. wackt1


      @Otonio_Bruno thanks for information, Like saw everyone talking about Cloud and Yuna on other forums but couldn't figure out which version they were talking about. So like for the schemata set up, what should I put on those 2 and what should be my 3rd for aeronite?

  14. Where do i find those upgrade components? I need to upgrade my stuff for aeronite