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  1. theoretically, how much gold would it take to finish the grindy af trophies (5 horses, 5 camp improvements, create a posse, etc.)?
  2. ayyy the series is great and Im happy its getting the remake treatment. Can't wait to play it soon.
  3. These are some nice sales, though i kind of have a thing for physical copies (DLCs though are nice though I already have the ones i need for my games)
  4. I really want to know if it's only for current gen consoles or they going out of the way to put it on last gen as well. I do know the handsome collection is on ps plus but I kind of want to 100% BL2 on ps3
  5. Hello, I was looking over the guide and I read that one of the decorations requires all reaching the corporal rank. Does this include units that have fixed ranks (i.e. the naval units, Christal, Claude, Kai, Riley, Raz, and the DLC units.)? The guide does not exactly clear it up when i read it (i give it another read though).
  6. what's the current status of the rest of the games on the storefronts?
  8. what do you think the new/potential trophies are going to be?
  9. aight, imma stop by gamestop later if they have it in stock, thanks ghost of stan lee
  10. Is the game digital only, or are there physical copies that I can buy?
  11. I have a resident evil 2 remake platinum.
  12. ok, I just realized that you need to fight her if you follow the iron code
  13. Is Emma required for the ending?
  14. thanks man, I sent you a message to continues this there.
  15. what happens if it glitches though on your save file?