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  1. #bring_back_world_eater_event_quest
  2. shiti fixed my post, sorry i got confused.
  3. Love the sig!

    1. wackt1


      lol thanks

  4. oh ok, thanks for clearing it up
  5. ok thanks for telling me
  6. has anyone answered the challenge riddle yet?
  7. Is there anyway I can go back to the tomb in Syria? I read somewhere that I get 3 campfire there after finishing the base game; is this true?
  8. I had to wash my face after watching episode 10 of Violet Evergreen.

  9. I've seen to many car glitches on reddit. Also, I've heard that turkeys were hard AF to kill in the game.
  10. i have killzone 3 plat and 100%
  11. I have plat for the tomb raider (2013) game on Ps3
  12. I have plat for RE6
  13. i have platinum for MGSV. It was also my first MGS game that I have actually played (and not watched solely on youtube.), what's the next one I should play next.