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  1. so like its been patched so far, but it seems to crash sometimes when you die to much (or at least die too much on Veteran, havent tested it on other difficulties)
  2. where do i get potent predator bait?
  3. legit did something similar in darksiders
  4. Ill give it another month or 2 before this game sees any sort of patch. Most of the devs are probably focusing on vanguard and the upcoming modern warfare 2022
  5. So like, how do I reliably spawn a panther. I explored every inch of the place behind the Braithwraith mansion and even brought 2 boars and a couple bodies on several occasion and used predator bait to try to coax on out at that location. I do go to that Lagras location north of Saint Denis several times but nothing happened. Anyone of y'all got advice on how to get one to spawn?
  6. "lol" said Square enix and iO, "Lmao"
  7. laughs in metal gear solid
  8. IDK about the hitman series, new gamers might get impatient with the slow nature of the game. It might take them a couple hours just to do one level
  9. you can never go wrong with minecraft
  10. lmao I just had this problem, thanks for the info EDIT: this game broke as fuck, wait for a patch
  11. Re7 is the only game pertinent to re8 for backstory. 8 also does make refernece to the Chris boulder memes and makes references to Umbrella's origins but thats about it