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  1. Out of curiosity, why does the mastery level go up to 15 only instead of 20? Is it something to do with the challenges or the size of the map? Because it seems that its the only level/map with a max mastery level of 15 other than New York
  2. is it currently able to be 100% because i heard something a while back about servers closing or something and that it affected trophies
  3. What's this, a remaster? im excited now
  4. that actually makes kinda sense now.
  5. I thought Alan Wake was an Xbox exclusive. Why the change to multiplatform? Is it something to do with CONTROL?
  6. ya, the nuke and the infiltration online right?
  7. maybe this time Todd will actually fix the game with another patch
  8. Valkyria Chronicles Armored Core Jurrasic: The Hunted Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith game Zone of Enders not enough people have played these games I would include Bloodrayne and Timesplitters but they're not released on PS3 systems .
  9. looks like im dropping $20
  10. Jesus christ, I'm probably going to buy it again, but how many times is Todd going to re-release skyrim?
  11. Uhhh these aren't "Forgotten Gems", all these are wildly popular.
  12. did he specify the requirements for the trophies?
  13. Are there any bugs or glitches that can stop 100% completion or me getting the platinum?
  14. I'm not surprised but surprised tho as that I thought AC3 was the buggiest, on the account of a couple bugs that bugged 100%
  15. I'm very surprised they did not make a separate list of DLC trophies Like how IO did with hitman or Behavior with Dead by daylight
  16. ok thanks for telling me
  17. ok gotchu, do I have to complete the redo the optional objectives for 1-6 or just recompleting 1-6 is sufficient enough? and im guessing its the main missions 1-6?
  18. Actually, you dont need the servers to upload to Dragon age 2, The keep is just for importing to Dragon age inquisition, by having the user manually select their decisions. DA2 has an in built import for DAO
  19. Soulcaliber: lost swords and that one Spartacus legends games are shutdown too. Granted, they were really bad FTP fighting games with a loot system that was heavily monetized.
  20. absolute madman
  21. dont forget to equip the cerberus harrier and that supressed pistol you in the citidale DLC. mod them right and you can overpenetrate enemies