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  1. I just kept serving and talking to them until they eventually handed the recipes over. I assume they have some hidden friendship value or something similar. Sorry I can't be of more help :/
  2. In case anyone is still interested in a list of all 10, here they are (in the order I got them): Poncho - Steak Huey - Lasagna Rosetta - Cream Cake Celis - Tom Yam Kung Lanche - Gelato Ginji - Seafood Bowl Dr Zeff - Spaghetti Maurice - Keema Curry Miere - Fruit Sundae Chou Chou - Acqua Pazza
  3. The trophy advisor on my profile keeps suggesting trophies for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes despite the fact that I already have the platinum for that game and thus have all trophies for it. It's getting kind of annoying. Any fix for this? Not sure if someone fixed it or it just magically fixed itself just after I posted this, after over a month of it showing wrong. It's showing it right now non the less. Thanks.