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  1. Time for a MASSIVE game clear up

    1. Ginklage


      You weren't lying about the massive part. Talk about a backlog. :D

    2. Hp-Legacy


      Yeah its pretty messy at the moment but I guess someone has to clean it up :)

  2. Battlefield 4
  3. Back on Xbox I was playing Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock everyday even after I got everything I needed, Now I just got it on Playstation I will most likely be doing that again. I got a platinum on Tekken Tag Tournament a while ago and I still load it up every now and then and play it and Battlefield 4 I'm 1 trophy from plat but I doubt I will ever stop playing it.
  4. I am currently working on Battlefield 4, I started it yesterday doing the online after that is done I will complete the campaign on hard then lastly the mission select clear up for anything missed..... I hope it goes to plan
  5. Since my last platinum my laptop has broken and I managed to gain 4 more plats but was unable to post so I will only post my most recent one and the one before. God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta The Ghost with the Most Collect all of the trophies This was by far the easiest God Of War game i have played so far and the challenges were the most fun and less stressful, When I had to gain 1million red orbs to unlock everything in the temple I did'nt want to stop I loved every second of this and the game overall. Difficulty - 2/10 Enjoyment - 10/10 My Overall Rating - 10/10 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon AllSpark Unlock All Trophies. I'm not a fan of the whole Transformers thing and didn't like another one I played back on Xbox but I started the online with this one, It was ok but not great then I went onto the campaign and the fun kicked in, I enjoyed this game more than I expected to and the platinum was fairly easy so I grabbed it. Difficulty - 2/10 Enjoyment - 6/10 My Overall Rating - 7/10 My other two platinum trophies were CSI: Fatal Conspiracy and Heavy Fire Shattered Spear, Both very easy and both obtainable in 1 day. Hope you enjoyed the read. Garry
  6. Platinum #10 God Of War III King of the Hill Unlock all trophies I played this game a while ago and was only left with playing it on titan and doing the challenges but I thought i couldn't do it so I left it, A week or two later I came back and did it with some trial and error but pretty happy with this platinum. Difficulty - 5/10 Enjoyment - 9/10 My Overall Rating - 10/10
  7. Above and Beyond Collect all of the trophies God Of War Chains Of Olympus I love the God Of War series and this one was brilliant, it's a short game but it can tell a lot in that time, can't wait to play the others that I have left to play, The only bit that I hate is the challenge mode always gets me near the end. Difficulty - 4/10 Enjoyment - 7/10 Overall rating - 9/10
  8. Platinum #8 Rainbow Moon Official Rainbow Moon Hero Obtain all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy. At first I didn't think I would enjoy this game but after an hour of playing it I could'nt get off it, It is a very good game and full of things to do the only down side is I managed to get every other trophy at 70 hours and had to wait 30 hours to get the 100 hours trophy and platinum. Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 8/10 Overall Rating - 8/10
  9. All Hail, Tekken Incarnate! You earned everything. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  10. Thanks for that really good to hear how to make it better but now i know how to make one i think ill start again fresh and follow your advise i couldn't pick a character so i picked both and the whole buttons thing was a last second job, i have a few ideas for a new sig so when my laptop stops playing up ill get started on my new one. Thanks. G
  11. he now has
  12. Mine's not as good as many others I see on here but I just made my first one I'm not too sure about it but its a start . I used my most liked game character (Kratos) and my most liked movie character (Bill The Butcher). Hopefully ill get better at this.
  13. Loved this film when I saw it a few years back, finally watched it again last night
  14. Yeah I miss that game badly What about this?