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  1. Release date will be 09-11-2017.
  2. Just get everything (all "Perfect!" ranks) in a stage in one run and don't move on to the next stage if you haven't got it all. Easy.
  3. Just get everything (all "Perfect!" ranks) in a stage in one run and don't move on to the next stage if you haven't got it all. Easy.
  4. I picked this one up for €5 like two days ago, I actually wanted to get the game earlier but found it too expensive at the time. Now this is not a game you can just rush through! The thing is, 50% of playing this game comes down to enemy placement/movement/paths. Because of that everytime you replay a stage it will be different and that's what makes Feist a very challenging game to complete (that is, if you're going for the platinum of course). I love a challenging game though and Feist definitely delivers.
  5. Ah, okay, so this can be done in multiple ways.
  6. Since 'Bass Ackwards' only has 23 achievers so far I thought i'd clear this one up for you guys because it's actually very easy. Just leave your controller untouched during all of the band practices to make sure you miss every single note. The trophy will pop straight after the last band practice.
  7. Brainseed Factory announced the release will be tomorrow.
  8. Really looking forward to this one! Master of Shadows was one of the best stealth games I played on the PS4, hands down. And the platinum wasn't easy, which is a good thing. I hope Shards of Darkness will be more of the same.
  9. Yeah, I want to know this too. The only PS4 related news they gave out is this tweet about a teaser ( on January 18th as far as I can tell.
  10. Well, I can tell you the 'By George!' trophy isn't fun whatsoever. It took me over 2000 heists to get the 1138 address and it's just an awful grind based on pure luck. I also think the trophy doesn't fit the game at all. On the other hand, the rest of the trophies were fun and I enjoyed the game overall.
  11. Yeah I agree, the boss was a joke but I too enjoyed the game in general!
  12. This has to be the easiest game on the hardest difficulty i've ever played. There were only a few moments in the entire game which were somewhat tricky, but apart from those, this game is easy as fuck. Actually it felt more like a 'normal' difficulty mode for me.
  13. The antique appeared on the third try for me. Seems a bit buggy.
  14. Started 2 years ago. 29 / 2 = 14,5
  15. I can confirm you do NOT need to finish the level you're grinding at. I just got the trophy while eating my sandwich.