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  1. Hi guys, I want to know if this game is now platinable and if i have download the batman with psplus on dicember, can i play all chapters of "Batman the enemy within" or i have to buy a new game? Thanks in advice.
  2. Thanks a lot for all answers
  3. I'm watching the trophy list and i have noted that "Open the Door Get on the Floor" and "Alright Meow" are been done for the last time at 6th november 2017. This mode will return? is playable now? Thanks for all answers.
  4. Hi guys, i'm not sure i understood what asks the trophy. I have 6 devices and i have to connect all devices at the same wi-fi to play a six players match. I have to create one design or question in every device and i have to use them in match. Is recommended 6 different themes? and the six question/design will come out certainly or sometimes come out 3-4 question/design and i have to retry? Sorry for the bad english. Thanks in advice.
  5. Hi guys, i am an italian player and i need to do all survivor exo trophies on PS3. Add me on PSN: kingdog1996 Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys, this glitch, works with all the patches? My TLOU version is 1.1
  7. how do I uninstall the patch ? After download 100% of the game, can i delete all patches?
  8. Hi guys, how work the glitch? It works for all the patches? Now i have download 70% of the game and i am playing offline, but during the story, i have to download more, for continue to play. How can i do?
  9. Hi guys, online is still active? Are there many people who play? Thanks for all answers
  10. Finally a serious answer, thanks BrozYn88
  11. Other answers?
  12. How many people play daily and weekly challenge in PSVITA version? AVERAGE!