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    One more chance to do what I've always done. Maybe I'd prove myself wrong, be inspired with the story. Oh, what a story. The only one I figure would be worth writing; interesting and unique and challenging. A real comment on the human condition. But instead of that one, I am stuck writing this one: The perpetual failure.

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  1. If you have the extra cash, why not? I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it lol. There are plenty of fun games on VR to justify a nice price decrease buy and we all know soon as you dont buy it and the price resets to normal they will announce ten games you will wanna play. I love the VR but I'll admit games like VR Worlds really made me feel sick that danger ball made me wanna throw the VR head set across the room but luckily I was to dizzy to formulate which way was the wall. Other games dont bother me at all. Flip of a coin I suppose.
  2. I was just about to start this game after I get PixelGear done. Glad I looked first. These kinda games with trophy glitches kinda scare me lol I remember when the dev's said they was aware of Toy Soldiers War Chest glitch and was looking into but a fix never came. Outside of that trophy how is the game?
  3. I just got this during the under 20 sale with all DLC included and cant wait to dive into it. I enjoyed their last Compulsion Game "Contrast" I've heard mixed reviews but even the bad ones air on the side of this being a decide game.
  4. I loaded my game and tried again with no luck. I went to William and he said Mags has some missions for you but when I spoke to her she thanked me and gave me a rifle-ever since then she won't have an actual conversation with me. I was able to find a scientist who gave me some kind of serum that will make someone join a camp. Mason gave me some kind of meat grenade that brings in the creatures and a melee weapon Other than that no more conversation is possible with or without a companion. I didnt use the serum or grenade because it's not in my mission logs. Once I get the 100,000 tokens trophy I'll load an old save and do them early as possible.
  5. Congratulations! Anytime.
  6. Try this video and it can also be earned like 👇 Lock on to a corner and play press man. Once the ball is snapped, tap the right stick toward the receiver. If it is a pass play, and you stay in front of the receiver, a check mark will appear over your head indicating you did it correctly. This won’t happen if it’s a run play from what I saw. Tip - it’s easier to jam a WR who is split wide and right on the line of scrimmage as opposed to one who is off the line or bunched.
  7. If I'm not mistaken this one popped for me on a user pick, I'd use the two controllers pick a solid corner and a decent wr soon as you call hike toss up a jump ball-take control of DB and either intercept it or knock it down. I'd personally just intercept it.
  8. You can do this with two controllers. Pick a team with an good DB. Sherman, Harris, Gilmore and Ramsey are just a few then pick a team without a great WR core maybe the Bills then put game on 2 minute quarters and all madden difficulty. On each play put all players in press coverage manually.
  9. It appears I have shot myself in the foot. Took a quick look at a guide and it only showed one missable trophy so I did the main quest first. Now it appears I can no longer accept side quest for the gang leaders? To answer a few general questions. One gang turned on me but the other two Mason and Mag are still in my good grace, when I approach them for a side quest it won't initiate an actual conversation. My thoughts tell me I've messed up but I guess I'm looking for some sort of solution or validation. I have an old save where I've not started nuka world I suppose the silver lining would be I could do these missions early in the DLC.
  10. I, for one, wish you would "dramatic pause" lol I just picked this game up to play with my nephew he only plays these style games. Would he nice to have a great guide to fall back on when I decide to snag the trophies. I vote yes!
  11. A very solid point!
  12. It does take forever even with three friends looking for the final survivor takes me three minutes without my friends its 4-5 mintues as a survivor and less than 40 seconds as a killer. I dont think the game is dead as it's always top 5-10 games streamed I think it's more the match making system. I know they are looking to fix this but not sure how or when.
  13. A correlation between someone earning this trophy using this glitch was compared to an Olympic athlete or baseball superstar using steroids. Astonishing! This thread did not disappoint. My .02 cent even though it isn't needed and definitely wasn't asked for lol. Wouldn't personally use this glitch on the off chances I actually buy this game but with that being said I'd never bash a fellow gamer regardless if they use or dont use. We're in the same hobby we share the same passion and I fear we're becoming toxic to one another. That isn't aimed at this thread but just as a general observation if this statement offends anyone that reads it I apologize but just the other day four other gamers from call of duty WW2 zombies said they slept with my mom? Now I am forced to tell my father and ruin a very long marriage!
  14. Orc Slayer that game was like pulling teeth lol it became hard to even load it to finish it off I even thought about leaving it unfinished.
  15. I believe the term hard is a relative term. I didn't find the SMB platinum to be that hard of course that could be because I put 1000 hours into that and binding of Isaac when I use to speed run games. I believe alot of these games get in our head before we play them-we let guides and the experience of others influence alot of this. Was there a few tricky levels? Of course but if I became stuck I'd watch a streamer or a video and formulate a game plan to better approach with that Level. This platinum is extremely doable on a larger scale than the percentage shows all it takes is a shit load of trial and error. Consistency is key. Good luck to anyone trying! Just remember put in the hours learn the level and its very doable.