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    One more chance to do what I've always done. Maybe I'd prove myself wrong, be inspired with the story. Oh, what a story. The only one I figure would be worth writing; interesting and unique and challenging. A real comment on the human condition. But instead of that one, I am stuck writing this one: The perpetual failure.

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  1. Congratulations! Im working on mine but ethan must die on re7 making me wanna say screw it, lol.
  2. I have all needed gear and guns for the trophy requirements and will be on all day rest of the day. Willing to help anyone just send me a message on psn if you need the help. Thanks.
  3. Terramorphus peak isnt required I dont think, im thinking A few friends did the world traveler well before T-peak but I could be wrong but there is named locations hidden within discovered locations check these. Commonly missed places Southern Shelf Bay Ebonfloe Ice Flows Three Horns Valley Southpaw Steam & Power (shortcut back to the entrance) Sawtooth Cauldron Avie's Camp
  4. PSN ID ColdDarkAndEmpty PS Systems PS4 and very select titles for PS3. Accepts Blank Friend Requests Not really anymore since people were just sending me random request from the people you may know feature.
  5. Time is valuable but your word and commitment to keeping it should be more so. If I tell you I can help on a certain day that means I've moved things around to make sure we can get it done.
  6. Platinum Trophy- Injustice PS4 0.08% Impossible Boy- Super Meat boy PS4 - 0.10% Super Meat Boy! - Super Meat boy PS4 0.10%
  7. Hey are the servers still up? I might give this a try if the platinum is still possible.
  8. Did anything ever come from this? I'd like to try and platinum this game but don't wanna add to profile if trophies are still unattainable.
  9. PSN: ColdDarkAndEmpty I have a lot games and open to play anything anyone suggest. Even games completed I'm willing to help others with and play.
  10. I'm with Ziomano, day one mask edition for me. Absolutely, loved the first one so will gamble day one.
  11. Question. With hacking how would a game like SMB be possible? Im sure the no death runs arent tied into saves and even if they were how would hackers even get a completed save? No one that endured that would give it up.
  12. I really hope not, I really liked the idea of it not happening but at the end of the day it is what it is. I love to game and earn trophies but to this day Sony hasn't ever sent me a check for all my hard work so the only person I'm in competition with is myself on the boards but it truly is unfortunate if this is true but I don't believe it is; not yet anyways but I'm sure it's coming. I mean where is the hack proof? I can honestly say that what I'm saying is all theory and hope lol but these quick plats have walk through that anyone can use so that isn't enough proof to bring me to the hack side. So honestly I think we just all guessing and assuming the worst at this point. However, to something I can control, is the division worth buying now?
  13. I don't believe the ps4 has been hacked. No way there is a community of hackers and it hasn't leaked. People who could be first to expose, would be fist fighting for the opportunity to post it on social media; not so much the process but the proof. No one person hacked the software and is selling 2 minute platinum to only hide it from the world. Would have to be a software like ps3 had. A quick Google and you can see step by step how to reassign your own saves to manipulate time, another poster has already explained. Logically speaking if they could hack we would see games like Overwatch, toy chest and others with a platinum owner even though trophy glitches. I mean if they dumb enough to hack minute platinum they would not care about glitched games. Just my thoughts on it, doesn't make it true.
  14. I really enjoy the site and would love to me more active but my biggest source of web surfing is my phone. Every time, I visit the site via my phone the page freezes and wont work. Its a S5 and I'm with Verizon if that matters, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. A few come to mind for me, I'll only list the DLCs I've completed or in the process of trying to complete. Dishonored Dunbar challenges are very hard. Completed Shadows of Mordor The hunt in the wild and The test of the ring. Completed Advanced Warfare Easter Eggs Working on them very slowly lol. Completion probability is high. Dying Light Parkour Fever and The Bozak Horde Gave up. Completion probability is very low. A few more but those are the main four from all the DLC for games I own and play on PS4.