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    Competitive powerlifting, collect statues from prime one and sideshow, gaming, speed running games, cooking and motorcycle riding.

    I work for FEMA as an on site supervisor so I travel 6+ months out of the year hence if you see my trophies I often take half the year off. 

    Currently have four ps4 and two Ps5 and I game on them all and one ps4 travels with me but mostly for MP games and Netflix. 

    If anyone is seeing this and see a game on my list that you either need help with or a co op buddy just send a psn message and I'll help anyway I can. 

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  1. I didn't I just realized I didn't need them for the platinum so I collected what I could and left what glitched.
  2. My PS3 at home and the one at my office both doing the same thing they will connect for a minute then disconnect and struggle for the connection again- so went ahead and took them and donated them to the youth center for the kiddos to play some offline games with. Really an eye opener for me since I left so many games not played in my backlog definitely won't make that same mistake with the PS4.
  3. Nevermind I figured it out.
  4. I've recently beat the story and now I'm circling back to complete all the miscellaneous trophies and I've noticed that on one map I've collected all the crew challenges but "Hijack target" and "Crimson radio" didn't complete even though it's done on my map. Wondering if this is a glitch or a common problem with the game. Thanks in advance.
  5. Wow! Have to give major respect to your profile. You got some great gems! To make things more impressive, you have a 100% on all of them. Major props!




    1. ColdDarkAndEmpty


      Thank you! That is much appreciated- you are off to a great start as well! 


      Good luck and happy hunting. 

  6. Should be golden a friend of mine earned that trophy just a few days ago and I've seen it was even earned today. Happy Hunting.
  7. Oh lol they meant on the site? Thought they meant to the actual Sony server.
  8. Have you changed your psn name within that time frame? I've had a few friends change their psn name and that very thing happen to them.
  9. Just wanted to circle back around and show appreciation for you taking the time to help me get this trophy that had been unobtainable for awhile for me. It was actually the fact that I had a companion that was bugged once I sent the companion away they started handing out the side quest. Again, thank you.
  10. If you have the extra cash, why not? I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it lol. There are plenty of fun games on VR to justify a nice price decrease buy and we all know soon as you dont buy it and the price resets to normal they will announce ten games you will wanna play. I love the VR but I'll admit games like VR Worlds really made me feel sick that danger ball made me wanna throw the VR head set across the room but luckily I was to dizzy to formulate which way was the wall. Other games dont bother me at all. Flip of a coin I suppose.
  11. I was just about to start this game after I get PixelGear done. Glad I looked first. These kinda games with trophy glitches kinda scare me lol I remember when the dev's said they was aware of Toy Soldiers War Chest glitch and was looking into but a fix never came. Outside of that trophy how is the game?
  12. I just got this during the under 20 sale with all DLC included and cant wait to dive into it. I enjoyed their last Compulsion Game "Contrast" I've heard mixed reviews but even the bad ones air on the side of this being a decide game.
  13. I loaded my game and tried again with no luck. I went to William and he said Mags has some missions for you but when I spoke to her she thanked me and gave me a rifle-ever since then she won't have an actual conversation with me. I was able to find a scientist who gave me some kind of serum that will make someone join a camp. Mason gave me some kind of meat grenade that brings in the creatures and a melee weapon Other than that no more conversation is possible with or without a companion. I didnt use the serum or grenade because it's not in my mission logs. Once I get the 100,000 tokens trophy I'll load an old save and do them early as possible.
  14. Congratulations! Anytime.
  15. Try this video and it can also be earned like 👇 Lock on to a corner and play press man. Once the ball is snapped, tap the right stick toward the receiver. If it is a pass play, and you stay in front of the receiver, a check mark will appear over your head indicating you did it correctly. This won’t happen if it’s a run play from what I saw. Tip - it’s easier to jam a WR who is split wide and right on the line of scrimmage as opposed to one who is off the line or bunched.