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  1. With the cap being 35 in the trial, you can do all the grinding, 10K kills, FATE fights, 1K crafts (make the most basic thing 1K times for each crafting class), 1K gathering for the 3 gathering classes. As Snow said, the raids are unavailable and you wont be able to do the final quest obviously and I haven't played PVP much but I think you need to be a higher level for that 1 PVP trophy. As long as you continue getting levequest you should be able to do that as well. Now if they retroactively pop, I have no information on that but they ideally should.
  2. Even sly is okay with this. Should be lifted imo unless there's something I'm not seeing from a glance.


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  4. Just arrived can't wait to play it sometime after finishing mugen souls.
  5. I heard the post game WKC II boss fights are hard as balls with AI unless you have everyone with damn good equipment. Even then, good luck.
  6. I still need to complete the Vita ports of them!
  7. I did it with other people when the servers were still up. I ran into a few people that were awesome players and we kicked the game's ass. Couldn't have done it without them. Our party consisted of mainly a badass spear tank (one of the best tanks in the game), 2 axe users (I was one of the two axe users) and our 4th depended on who was online and available sometimes a second tank, mostly a longsword user though. A few times a lot we're online we split into 2 parties of 3 or even 2 full parties of 4.
  8. With the 1st game, you need to S rank almost every quest which means with some you have to do side quest within the quest while others you can just make a B line to the boss and kill it fast. You will need to grind for your guild rank which will take hundreds upon hundreds of quests and you need to consistently keep your gear up to date and there's extremely low drop rates for mats. It's also recommended to have 5 different weapons for your main class, one for each of the elements and a weapon with no element on it to deal bonus damage to bosses weak to a certain element or with no element to deal with enemies with no weakness but resistances to elements. To make WKC 1 easier, play as the spear class. It's a tank class that has it's damage calculation based on how high its defense is. So higher defense? You're a damn terminator. While Axe class can do more damage the class has a balance where it reduces your defense making you easier to kill. Within the quests, you have to solo them without your story party characters. There's some quests that are damn near impossible to complete solo. Good luck with Captain "Suicide" Roberts in a few quests. That guy just runs in and dies instantly. WKC 2 changes the battle system some, makes it faster but the boss fights have different mechanics and are harder to deal with but after some time you will get use to it. In WKC 2, the OP Spear class was nerfed but mage is pretty damn powerful allowing you to either hit the enemy's elemental weakness to deal more damage or have a powerful non elemental damage available to you if the enemy has no elemental weakness. Most if not all enemies have either a pierce, slash, or smash weakness as well for physical attacks. You have to S rank 100 quests (I think) but it's easier because you can bring a few of your AI companions with you. There's one "online" trophy but you can do it with your AI companions, it's a pain to do but possible. Your player created character also gets their own knight you can customize as well. Yes it's awesome. Seriously the Mage is powerful as hell. There's a few enemies that are difficult to deal with unless you're a mage. It's been forever since I touched either game but I loved playing them. WKC 1 took me 664 hrs to plat while WKC 2 took me between 400-500 hrs. With both you have to make damn near all of the available equipment but WKC 2 has patched in DLC quests which has drops that lets you make a number of equipment which count for the trophy. They're both grindy and difficult
  9. White Knight Chronicles is also a good choice. Technically it's possible to achieve still, just very VERY hard now.
  10. I move that a more twisted Lets Play thread much worse than Mugen Souls and Star Ocean put together. That thread is, EDF! EDF! EDF!
  11. I like the idea of removing the time limit to the lets play threads. Some people (like me) didn't bother checking into them for various reasons. i just happened to see Lets Play Mugen Souls and was like, F it lets see what this is about.
  12. Any plan for Mugen Souls?
  13. Congrats! I'll be getting Mugen Souls Z soon hopefully after I finish Mugen Souls.
  14. This weeks progress is as such: Charm: Ego: 82% Sadist: 82% Bipolar: 82% Ditz: 75% Terse: 82% Hyper: 82% Graceful: 75% Masochist: 75% Shampurus: 658,283 Playthroughs: 17 Play Time: 505:11:03 Trophies: 48/51 Doing a playthrough on both of my off days will get Tier 15 done pretty quick. The other days I'm just grinding the Special column until they're all finished then grind the remaining in 7 World Redux until I can no longer grind there (Tier 7 I'm looking at you)
  15. Just made a back up the other day I'm making one just about every week so I don't lose too much. I'm thinking of doing it every time I stop playing and go to sleep for the day.