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  1. Beat Mortal Kombat 9's story mode today and got 14,000 trophies!

    1. IceSoul21


      Congrats! ^-^

    2. ShonenCat


      MK9's story is pretty good, congratz! :yay:

  2. as Dertswa687o said, there's no differences. Even the freezing bug present in the 360 and PS3 versions in the Wandering dungeon is present.
  3. Getting close* to having my 1st character done in Star Ocean The Last hope


    *close as in amount of Battle trophies left which is 6 left but over 20K kills left to do.

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    2. Rick_Sanchez



      Arumat's 30K kills is what I'm working on, along side his 1K blindside, 255 Entomology drops, and I'm saving his 10 Ethereal Queen taunts till I'm ready to fight her and get the killing blow with Lymle.

      I'm using him to level up the party in the Wandering dungeon for now till they're maxed out then I'll go and fight swarms of bees for a ton of kills in the Seven Star Dungeon.

    3. starcrunch061


      Be a bit careful using Arumat in the WD too often. His Dragon Roar tends to crash the game, particularly if you are ambushed in a second battle immediately after winning the first.

    4. Rick_Sanchez


      I see....*looks back at the hundreds of fights and ambushes with dragon roar spam* 


      Good to know. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  4. I have completed one of the major hurdles of the game. I have done all the quests! Getting down to Arumat's last few BTs. just need the following: 1000 blindsides 100 scumbags killed with the scumbag slayer one hit kill 8,000 kills 15,000 kills 30,000 kills obtain 255 Entomology drops Taunt Gabriel 10 times Taunt Ethereal Queen 10 times (will be combined with Lymle's Ethereal queen BTs)
  5. Move monster data down to Earth as you need post game bosses for it. Might as well move bunny racing down as well since you need to open the coliseum anyway for a post game dungeon. Move Quests down as well since you need to do Santa's order's in the post game Wandering dungeon. Treasure chests you can get away with since you just need to clear the 1st post game dungeon.
  6. ah yeah, that is true, you do need to down her 5 times to get enough drops from her to make everything.
  7. dertswa687o's way is more efficient than the way I'm doing but I didn't realize Faize had a kill 130 enemy type BT and didn't use him on my current run so I'm going to have to do a fresh run anyway. I didn't realize I missed a chest until it was way past too late hence the fresh run to be absolutely sure I get all the chests Your way is ideal as Galaxy difficulty isn't that much harder than Earth so doing Treasures, quests, item creations, endings, monster data would be doable without much issue.
  8. @Crispy_Oglop I've already cleared Galaxy and Universe difficulty and working on battle trophies for Edge through Arumat on Earth Difficulty and finishing all the quests on that run then since I missed a chest I'm going to do a fresh run focusing on missable chests and Faize. Then I'll finish the game on Chaos difficulty. I did collect all the chests that are missable on Universe difficulty but I'm not in the mood to do the seven star dungeon on a harder difficulty. I'm going to have both my Laser weapon and armor bogged down down with Tri-Emblem from santa for amazing stats and pass those 2 equipment around to the people I'm working on. While I'm working on Arumat, I'm leveling everyone to level 200
  9. Update on my current Earth playthrough: Treasure trophy is Fubar due to missing one chest I thought I grabbed on Aeos. All quests trophy should be good to go after I clear the last few I need. If not, I can start a new game on Earth and exclusively play as Faize. Weapon data should be achieved soon. Currently working on Arumat's battle trophies, grinding in the Wandering dungeon and I have a super Tri-Emblum on everyone in my active battle party. Edge: 50 Reimi: 30 Faize: 36 Lymle: 17 Bacchus: 32 Meracle: 44 Sarah: 8 Myuria: 25 Arumat: 81 I'm gonna save Faize for last.
  10. Mugen Souls after you do everything else and just have to grind for Shampurus.
  11. My dog's vet visit today went well. He's a happy healthy doggo.

    1. Squirlruler
    2. ee28max


      Woof woof! 

  12. The most pointless thing is censoring anything in a M rated game. It's not for children anyway so why censor? FFS Sony needs to get their HQ out of California ASAP.
  13. I know have a super Tri-Emblum on all of my main characters in Star Ocean IV.


    1. starcrunch061


      Excellent! You are well on your way. Are you playing low difficulty? If so, you don't need much more than a couple of laser weapons to start pushing through (Ashlay jewels are fine for armor).


      If you foolishly decided to go for trophies on your Universe run (like me), then you'll need a lot more oomph.

    2. Rick_Sanchez


      I am indeed playing on Earth Difficulty for the battle trophies

      I'm also cleaning up the last few quests I need to clear. Hopefully it doesn't screw me like the treasure chests trophy where I missed one.

  14. huh, I got the 30% battle trophies trophy in Star Ocean last hope without even realizing it.

    1. AlchemistWer


      At least it's a considerable percentage. :) 

  15. Damn it! I loaded an old save in Star Ocean IV to check something and found an unopened chest in a missable area that I didn't open on my main playthrough.

    1. starcrunch061


      That sucks, huh? Was it the one in Lymle's grandpa's hut? That's the one I missed on my first playthrough. 

    2. Rick_Sanchez


      no, it was in the starting base on Aeos. Had a save right before I departed for that mothership.