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  1. Just saw the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer. The design is infinitely better than what it was. However I'm still iffy on Jim Carry as Robotnik

    1. Masamune


      Yeah, that's way better (especially when comparing them side by side). 😂


      I'm willing to give Jim Carry a shot though since he used to be one of my favorite actors... although that was back in his Ace Ventura days. 😅

    2. ShonenCat


      Wow, looking at the original makes you think it was an internet troll’s sick idea at a joke, especially when it’s being compared side by side with the redesign. I can most certainly live with this new one far easier 😁

  2. I can assure you SnowxSakura is far from being an SJW. Besides 10-1 the moment he'd show up to ResetERA they'd ban him. I'm kinda shocked this list is so easy compared to the original P5
  3. Thanks for the reply
  4. so grind my current kingdom, break off, then grind others is what I'm understanding? or no?
  5. I have a similar issue, but I'm still under contract. Would I be screwed by braking it or what? Would it be best for me to get the remaining flags then start a new game?
  6. Got a total of 15 or so flags (including the purchased 10 DLC 1s). Couldn't play this at all but at least my plat is secured.
  7. Glad to hear there's no multiplayer. Hype is going up a little.
  8. iirc the time limit was removed after Escha and Logy. I could be wrong as I'm currently on that game and haven't played anything after it yet.
  9. Doesn't look too insane and is in line with other Atelier games. Looking forward to playing Ryza. She has the thighs of a goddess just as 2B has the booty of a goddess.
  10. alright thanks for letting me know. I also went ahead and purchased the 10 flags since it's so cheap.
  11. okay just sent my troops to war via troop dispatchment. I signed up for 5 wars in the contract does that matter for getting flags or is it still one a day?
  12. the thought of spending 1000 hrs in a game (again) is off putting but I'd hate to have a plat I can no longer obtain. I'll start this up when I get home tomorrow after I finish 15 waves in EDF Insect Armageddon.
  13. I'm so close to being done with EDF Insect Armageddon. Just need 185 more survival waves and I'm down to my last weapon purchase.

    1. JadedDragos


      I am sooo not close to finishing it. haha...sigh...

  14. After I get this, I'm so going to Marathon all the Yakuza games
  15. YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! I can't wait for next year. So many freaking games!