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  1. Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova pretty good show for something that's 12 eps long. I lost interest some points in as it steered away from the story a tad bit. but it's good, 7/10 on a scale of how much I enjoyed it.
  2. Just grooving out to this~ Lovely song. Lovely game, too.
  3. Quite an easy completion, no overly-difficult trophies at all if you know what you're doing. I only took long to do it as I played my Vita on and off (PS3 and Work) Very lovely/fun/great game, with an interesting story, too.
  4. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Pretty good anime, for what it is. It being 11 episodes long, I wanted to marathon it but life came up so it took me a while to finish, pretty good anime overall, well thought over. 8/10 from me (ratings based on how much I enjoyed it)
  5. Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
  6. Platinum Trophy Earn all Army of TWO™ The Devil's Cartel Trophies Pretty fun game, it's easy and simple enough. Play through it on Medium. Then play through it on Insane. Then grind for about an hour to mop up final trophies involving cash and other things. Insane is easy, only had trouble on 2-3 checkpoints whilst playing co-op with my brother, but got it done easily playing it for about 5-6 hours for 3 days. Great game to the Army of Two series.
  7. Carnivores HD I had £35 on my account that I was etching to spend, this game was on sale for £2 something so why not? It was a tad bit fun for the first 30mins-1hour. But the following 6-7hours I played after that were entirely grinding for the other trophies in the game, ugh. Got it done in 13hours with being lazy, I wouldn't recommend this game for anything above £4/$4
  8. Witch Craft Works - I didn't expect too much on staring this anime, I needed a short anime to get me back into the anime-watching mood, and it's only 12 eps. But considering it's only 12 eps, it definitely sums up the story very well and does a nice job, too. It has nice humor here and there, also nice action too. If you don't mind humor with action, and don't mind the occasional (not often like ecchi, only came up time to time) boob fanservice, then this show is a recommendation. I gave it an 8/10 - Based on how much I enjoyed it.
  9. #10th PSN Completion. Pretty quick game, especially for an inFamous game. I got it done in 3hours but it felt longer than that, guess not. Fun little game to play, especially with the halloween style to it.
  10. Got this game done in 2 weeks, because I took a break after the good playthrough before the evil so I don't stress out myself. Just like inFamous 1, which took 3 weeks. Lovely games! Now onto Festival of Blood.
  11. This finally arrived in the mail. Time to kick butt in Co-op.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLE3X6jmAus Catching up on some OST's.