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  1. my trophies are all popping for the wrong things. i've beaten alcatraz and beverly hills, yet phoenix and grand canyon popped instead lmao.
  2. thank you
  3. I've never seen any weekly rituals when I play and have tried researching it online to no avail.
  4. Only leave if you can't be revived at all. So many people I grab their banner and then they just leave, or they do as soon as they get downed.
  5. yeah, it's crashed on me nearly 20 times and about 8 of those after i just won a battle, therefore forcing me to redo it.
  6. Does anyone have any clue where the map for wickerlings is for the first area? I found the other three maps, but am missing the first and am only missing 3 wickerlings overall for 100%.
  7. I wish the custom club wasn't such a grind, so I could go for the condors. I just finished the last special vs character, so these secret guys are next.
  8. i missed the condor bc i was so distracted by the unparalleled sexiness of your character
  9. OP is probably playing on Switch.
  10. i thought they had some pretty well hidden stuff when you, especially when you had to go back in and find things with you new abilities.
  11. holy cow, this post is so old. crazy how long this game has been in development.
  12. I'm glad someone else brought up combat and movement issues. I found it extremely clunky and hard to aim. I even let my guy sit still and he was shifting around, which doesn't happen in any other games (I thought it was a controller issue). I thought I was going crazy, but I ended up selling the game after 5 hours because I found the gameplay to be so bad.
  13. I named them the Dukes, bc ABQ is the Duke City and I was struggling to come up with a name.
  14. Game is awesome. Don't care if it doesn't have a plat like Rapture, which was crap.
  15. I'm so glad I don't care about 100%'ing this after getting the plat. The DLC trophies (after Ana) seem to be a pain. I did get the 900 damage one today with Orisa, but wasn't trying for it.