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  1. Who thought that famous for canceling projects cancel another projects.
  2. Yes just keep it in the yellow bar , to my understanding the fish can't escap either , it takes time to get used to it .
  3. I played and platinumed the game way back when it 1st came out here my experience : There is 2 modes Saga and survival Saga is a race againt time to beat the final boss before day 12 and Ragnarök ( endless night and winter ) Survival is endless with no Ragnarök - Randoms sucks big time especially in saga mode , the objective is to repair the bridge and open the gate before day 12 and kill the final boss this task is almost impossible with randoms I have done it maybe 5% of the time while playing with randoms as they don't know whats going on . So if you play with randoms and there is no hope of winning kill a few Jötunn and leave to Valhalla to get few golden horn . The game difficulty ( boss HP & DMG/final boss HP) scales with the number of players so it will scale to a party of 3-4 players . - the classes was and my guess still is hugely unbalanced most of the classes are useless except the seer because he can ignore/nullify temperature effect and you can explore freely , no other class have this as far as I know . Some other classes might be useful like warden and there is no other reason to play with other classes in saga mode . - trophy wise : Saga mode is challenging but when you know what to do with a good team it become simple and just race against time to find everything you need before day 8-9 to kill the boss and leave . - Survival mode which basically enlees mode with no end boss or Ragnarök but with raising difficulty each day ( boss HP/boss DMG ) it get super tedious and booring after day 30 as by then you probably crafted everything and explored everywhere and just setting afk in the village only going out to kill the jötunn and waiting for day 100 for the trophy to pop and will take about 16 hours to complete.
  4. Well I got the plat I don't know how many hours I played the games but easily 300+ hr , and I never host ( except for that spcific trophy) I haven't been kicked mid mission not even once so it certainly sucks and I guess you're unlikely tends to join trolls for somereson and I feel you brother but that not my experience at all try to find people to play with as this game is far better with a group or yeah just host and control the lobby ..... happy grinding .
  5. I 100% agree with DrBloodmoney especially on Shelob 😀 basically if you enjoyed the 1st game you properly will enjoy the sequel especially after they removed the microtransaction as far I know which why the game had bad reviews in the first place
  6. This is 100% accurate the yellow X marker is broken in this map you probably missed a single enemy somewhere he can be outside the camp sometimes its completely random
  7. No man sky and it was 1st and last game I pre-ordered so thank you hello games
  8. Sadly the player base of this game is very low now especially for low/high rank so you won't find help on SOS and if you do whoever joining probably needs the help more than you and will make your quest harder . Try to use light bow gun with sticky build its fool proof and can kill even the 5 eleder dragon that you need for the trophy in about 10 min solo . And remeber Lunastra and deviljho both not required for the base game platinum and you can get most monster in the event quest with higher chance for gold crowns just kill the mosnter that you want and return to base after no need to kill the 4 or 3 remaining monster
  9. Can confirm this 100% worked for my group
  10. It depends on matchmaking if you planning to do it with randoms and it will be obvious by they players lvl , if playing with friends with a guides and communication its fairly easy but still skill dependent. So it can be 4/10 or 9/10 Ch 1 usually takes 30 min with experts up to 1 hour for biggers and its simple enough . Ch 2 takes 1 hour with expert up to 2 or 3 or just impossible if all 4 players are biggers and don't communicate . mics properly required for this one especially if you didn't watch any guides or there is more than 1 new players in the team you will need someone to explain what to do . Ch 3 with randoms it super easy at takes 5 min and usually all you have to do is just stand on a pressure plate and the experts you matched with ( hopefully) will do the rest . Obviously watch a guide on youtube beforehand especially for chapter 2 as the puzzles and platforming part is kinda complicated and requires communication .
  11. Except for the specifc trophy that requires you to host a public server for 40 in game days no it doesn't matter who is hosting as long as you did the requirement for the trophies it will pop . ( make that world password protected as random players in this game generally trolling they will join your world and burn it and leave, the trophy will still pop ) But for boss killing trophies you just need to be near the boss for the trophy to unlock and won't unlock if you miles away . This game is fairy friendly for trophy hunters in genral , you can " save scum" as much as you want by rolling back a few days if you f-ed up . You can edit the world setting before starting the wrold by making it easier ( short nights , no nights , disable spefic seasons or boss or mob if you don't need them in that world...etc )