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  1. No, Impossible is not available on NG+ unless you beated it first. The optimal route is Impossible first and then NG+ with Plasma Cutter and everything else
  2. This is a worrisome statement.
  3. Looks great, we'll see how the impossible mode works out in the end, but so far it seems like Plasma Cutter + Max Equipment on easy for the 1st playthrough and Impossible on NG+
  4. Not certain but very likely, only 2 weeks to find out
  5. Will wait for Hardcore difficulty to try this though
  6. Series is complete now, posted all videos. Hope some are helpful too since 90% of them has the builds I’ve been using. I wish I knew about the strenght build being broken when I fought Gna (I’ve seen 19 seconds in Gmgow) but 150 seconds is pretty good without it, or so I think.
  7. Ok, so I made a mad thing and platinumed GoW Ragnarok in GMGOW, probably a 7/10 like this. There were times that I wanted to quit but I guess I did it for the challenge, I’ve been uploading the videos on YT.

    And got a nice Gna in 150 seconds which is amazing in GMGOW I guess, I’m also pretty sure they nerfed previous builds as I’ve seen changes from some runes.


    Nice pic btw!





  8. It is satisfying indeed to punch things haha
  9. Funny you ask, I’ve been using that for GMGOW and its amazing, you just need to use bare hands after throwing the Axe. It’s an early-mid build though, I made a commented video here if you want to take a peek as I have amulet runes that synergize well with that. I’m now on the level 6-7 range and rocking the Dragon Scale at the moment and it works well, though its pure strenght. I’ve read the best armor is the Berserker one, though I only have 1 piece yet because its a very late game thing. I’ve read something about Realm Shifting too but I’ve still got to get more pieces on that.
  10. This is what worked for me,
  11. SIDE QUESTS - OPTIONAL BOSSES THE MAVEN (ELVEN SANCTUM) ALL MUSPHELHEIM FINAL CHALLENGES (TRIALS) VALKYRIE QUEEN GNA (DEFEND YOUR HONOR) - 150 SECONDS ALL BERSERKERS (FIT FOR A KING) Beigadr Bodvar The Fierce & Starolfr The Troublesome Svipdagr The Cold & Sisters of Illska Hjalti Hvitserkr Haklangr Skjothendi King Hrolf Kraki (Final Boss)
  12. OBVIOUSLY, SPOILER WARNING AHEAD. Started this series for fun and I’ll share my journey on to 100% in NG, GMGOW difficulty. I went blind, and I’ve shared in most of the videos what build I’ve been using. Let me know if you are doing the same for fun! A big let down they didn’t put any reward in for completing this though, but OK. I would give the platinum a 6.5-7 on this difficulty, its heavily build dependant at some point in the game. The full series are in this link MAIN QUESTS - BOSSES
  13. Ey guys, this is my first video with this format. I’m thinking about doing one here and there depending on the game, and maybe not always focused on a platinum. It’ll be centered on orientative content and not a hand by hand videos. I wanted to hear your honest feedback, I tried to mix pertinent clips to what I say, and added subs due to the handicap of my accent. Maybe I can boost my narrative and tone. Let me know! Thanks in advance.
  14. Just deactive auto-dodge, it was keeping me from making a perfect dodge. You can then spam flicking left and right and you’ll get it in minutes. For visual reference,
  15. Got the Callisto legit, honestly, it’s not been too hard. Maybe a 5.5, auto dodge and upgrades makes it easier. There is a few frustrating parts on the latter chapters but thats it mostly.


    Enjoyed the game, even if its not perfect!



    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      the annoying parts are exploding enemies being hard to spot and the twin-head fights. Always super close quarters so it's basically you do it perfect or you die.



    2. BlackTorito


      Thanks! Yup bosses one shoting is annoying, but thankfully the old trick of running around still works haha

    3. ihadalifeb4this