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  1. I’d say depends on the game, and the staff spare time at the moment of review. Also right now is not the best moment due to holidays, and potentially to them being bussy with the Guide of the Year Announcements.
  2. Why the grey font? Can’t barely read it.
  3. I know, but it looked fuzzy even with that OFF.
  4. Seems so, looks better for me, and they enabled HDR for PS4
  5. They seem to have fixed the blurriness and implemented HDR on PS4. I’ll still wait a few more patches though.
  6. It looks absolutely unbereable on PS4, and so does it seems on PS5. It looks weird and fuzzy as hell, its not about top graphics, its just a real issue. Everything is blurred away on the distance as well, I can’t see people’s faces until I am straight onto them. Not talking about the three first “minor” bugs I got just on the first 10 minutes. This is just a plain disaster, can’t believe this game was due almost one year ago.
  7. There are settings to fix the deadzone, but is weird you have stick drift already on a new ps5 controller
  8. From what I researched back in the days, this game takes place 6 months after the “van scene” at the end. The Royal version seem to not be cannon, so I guess it follows the original.
  9. Since all the info I've looked on the internet is pretty vague and innacurate, I'll put some quick guide here for everyone to unlock the trophy without much trouble. First things first, a few things to be considered: It is best to do them while on Premium Adventure, where you'll have all 7 party members and millions of cash. They are not RNG based, they are guaranteed, and based on a specific dish and party member. There is not a guide for each dish-party member, so it is best to just purchase everything on the menu until all table talks are exhausted for that restaurant. All 42 are in Ijincho only. So don't waste your time in Sotenbori or Kamurocho. Once all table talks are exhausted for a given building, you'll get the regular messages and animations, so you can skip that one safely (in case you didn't keep track of them). Now, I'll put a list of every restaurant that has table talks and how many to expect (keep ordering everything on the menu): You Tian - 5 Talks Pocket Café - 7 Talks Wette Kitchen - 4 Talks Akaushimaru - 2 Talks Eomeoni's Vow - 4 Talks The Harbor Light - 3 Talks Bar Rodriguez - 5 Talks Kappo Katsumi - 3 Talks Le Nouveau Hama - 4 Talks Meng Wu - 5 Talks This brings us a total of 42 talks, which will unlock the corresponding challenges and also increasing your charisma which is the only stat I needed to grind by the endgame. PD: Numbers might be a bit off, so just let know, since I had 3 talks before counting them and added them by memory.
  10. Looks much more fun, the tiles are underwhelming though.
  11. Who knows, seems related to social and shopping stuff
  12. It’s totally understandable, it requires quite a few hours playing the game to be acquaintaced with the mechanics, I would recommend re-reading the stages after a few hours since it might be easier to understand what the guide is talking about. Good luck!
  13. Doesn’t have anything to do. And defeating the Ape or Monk bosses doesn’t have anything to do with the endings anyway, it’s just in case you missed collectibles before Ashina Castle changes. The endings are determined on wether you break or not the Iron code, thus, that’s why a save is made before talking to Owl.
  14. Does anyone know if NG+ is included in the western release?