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  1. I beated it yesterday with Aqua CM at level 48. One of the many tries got him to 1 hit but decided to make the countdown attack for the 3rd time.. What I did (aside from all that is been said like unequip abilities and stuff) is being far more aggresive, you have to learn when he is open to make in thunder surges: Red X attack (in this one he takes the most damage), Cyclone charging, Blue wip (when he is falling), and also Raging Storm (yes you can go intact with a pair of thunder surges and hurt him while doing so). Spamm square as well, its what worked for me. This battle and most of the endgame battles are just bad design, but this one is the worst, if you ever let your finger out of the square you are dead.
  2. I have only 3 datas more to go and I’ve already done the most difficult ones, all I can say is, if you have had a fine time through the story (which was easy and enjoyable, you actually do a lot of damage and end most battles rather sooner), then go for the plat, its not too bad, you just need a good strategy and careful thinking for mostly everything that is really hard (Hades Cup final rounds, Terra and Data Battles). You dont need to farm stats and anything crazy, just be smart about your equipment and shortcuts and you will be fine (truth is you will need a lot of preparation and equipment changes through the whole plat). Bizkit has a great visual guide for the data battles and after some practice you will most definitely do them all easily in 1 day even. If you had a terrible time on your critical playthrough then go for the beginner option I guess, though im doubtful it will make some things “easier” since in critical you do a lot of damage so the risk of having less mistakes is rewarded with great pacing making most fights not too long. Haven’t tried that difficulty though so its all guessing. Just typing this to encourage some players that like me were skeptical about this topic.
  3. Posted this in headquarters too, wondering if there is anyone thinking in writing a guide for Sekiro.
  4. Is anyone interested or thinking in writing a guide for Sekiro when it launches?
  5. Loved the series, last one I played was M. Edgeworth Investigations 1 and 2 I think, and thats because a fan translation on the second entry. I may pick up this in the future on a drop prize and see how it handles on ps4. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who didnt got into the game before. Its a novel based game where you play as an attorney + investigator, gathering clues and interrogating/talking to people around the crime scenes and other scenarios; then you go to court and try to solve the case (in fact, the court is the only area where you have “lives” if im not mistaken).
  6. Yes, actually recommended.
  7. It will require at least Grandmaster 2, I guess. The rarity of your javelin depends on the overall level of the pieces you gather and equip on it, and the more rare the pieces the more level they have.. You are filling a bar that when its completely filled it will shift to the next rarity level. Masterwork is the second highest, below Legendary I think.
  8. Congratulations to everyone, those are really great and hard-worked guides. Exceptional walkthrough guides are of an amazing quality that may had been unnoticed without this new season categories. Also, i’m glad I actually got to sent my guide within time, and i’m looking forward to team up this year (maybe when I have some time without college) to write great guides as these ones.
  9. Same time requirements as S rank, plus only 3 saves max and no infinite guns.
  10. Infinite weapons lock you to an S rank. You can’t achieve S+ rank with them.
  11. It is 6/10 because Hardcore and 4th Survivor.
  12. Platinum image looks great, so do the rest of them. About the difficulty, i’m skeptical, we know there are 6 difficulties if im not mistaken, and the trophy states all of the challenges, so there is a possibility there are 1 for each difficulty or at least one for the first 3-4 difficulties. As for the masterworked javelin it really depends on wether it drops from the history or you really need to beat maximum difficulty for a chance to drop.
  13. From the top of my mind: - Around 4500 on Sherry/Ada’s sequence. - Around 6000 starting the sewers - 9000 at the beggining of NEST - 11.000 on the G fight in NEST
  14. I find VLR significantly harder and more rewarding than 999. Sometimes I feel its because of lack of knowing where to investigate.. I still dont know how the “board game” works in the Treatment Center. We will see in ZTD which is my last game to play of the trilogy.
  15. 70 gold medals IF you havent been aiming for them. Level 50 Online, no matter what unless they suddenly add new content enough to level you up to 50 which is not going to happen.