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  1. 70 gold medals IF you havent been aiming for them. Level 50 Online, no matter what unless they suddenly add new content enough to level you up to 50 which is not going to happen.
  2. It was great overall, graphics are pretty good, controls feel fine as well. Atmosphere feels like Resident Evil; I cant compare much more since I havent played the original RE 2. Though I agree I didnt found as satisfying the handgun headshots, they took about 3-5 shots and even then they may rise up again after some time, im a bit confused about this mechanic but I thought it was just because the demo was on a higher difficulty or something. The shotgun though, ripped the zombies apart. I found it in the weapons locker using a keycard I found (in the press room I guess?); I also found the upgrade pouch and lots of ammo, herbs, sprays and wooden planks to block windows. I couldnt finish the demo since I messed around too much exploring every room, I was kicked around the library (almost at the end).
  3. It doesn’t get blue screens anymore but its still unplayable. - Stuck at endless loading screen - Controls not responding - Black screens I didnt thought it would be this bad, it literally deserves some of the money returned. I can’t play 30 minutes without having any problems at all.
  4. Despite I aprove this, I would also like to note that votes are also based on personal experiences (and lets be honest, some trolls too) and does not accurately represent the difficulty, in fact, everything is susceptible to opinions. The truth is, the difficulty number should be an estimation on where the real difficulty is actually on. For this I would recommend to show both author and platinum achievers poll; this should result in an interval showing two values where the difficulty might be. The same applies to estimated time. I would also like to bring the attention to guide ratings. I think the stars are not intuitive enough and there should be some kind of pop-up, or more intuitive section to show you can actually rate the guides you are using.
  5. Well one of my favourite Christmas memories was when Santa brought me a Nintendo 64 with Pokemon Colliseum as a 5 year old kid 😁
  6. You mean for total XP or end screen? Because im talking about end screen, I don’t receive more than 200xp each game.
  7. Definitely not, unless you have a full good posse. All you will get is between 100-200 xp because you won’t likely win anything so, yeah, no, the best option for the average player is to farm the co-op mission. You paint Large Series like it will be a kill festival but to be honest you wont likelly get better than a 2-1 ratio unless they are all really really bad players, and people is getting better at the online with better guns and cards, and since Rockstar dont give a shit about matchmaking you will likely end up against 70+ levels wich obviously have a huge advantage over you.
  8. There is no gap, the fish is in the compendium and states 100% completed. I have 30/30. And Rockstar have said is not catchable, I just don’t remember where I read it.
  9. No, I was referring to the mission in singular. The last one where everyone is farming executions.
  10. RDR 2 - Spoilers ahead Nice thing: Mostly, the good actions I made with Arthur. I donnated lots of money to a blind man and a soldier without a leg (I even hugged him); I condoned a lot of debts even gived them more money; I teached how to hunt and survive to a wealthy widow who was fool enough to buy a house in the montains thinking life would be easy; I helped a couple to escape from the old ways of their families just so they could be together in love and free; I rescued the little brother of my old love, I taked her to the cinema, and even recovered a brooch that his fool drunken father sold to get money to pay his ludopathy debts, the very same who rejected me in the past.. and the list goes on. Bad things: Well, I got this friend from my Destiny clan who left us in the middle of the Forsaken DLC. So we went from a lot of trouble to find new members and stabilize, so as I knew he upsets pretty easily by the RNG from this game, I sent him photos from our achievements and as soon as I got the 1,000 Voices I sent him a photo (very very rare and powerful exotic from the raid). He deleted us in 2 days from there, LOL, he went mad, even blocked from whatsapp.
  11. The fastest method is still the co-op mission by far, only downside is you don’t gain money. Second in the line is Showdown, Large Series are not worth! Normal Showdown will eventually throw you: Most Wanted, Name your Weapons, Survival. Which are the most rewarding modes if you are able to stay at the top of the table. XP is fast because of the combination of how many kills you can achieve during the game plus the final bonus between 300-600 XP; and also you gain some money
  12. It’s already been said the fish is not catchable, and if you go to the compendium it states 1/1 and completed.
  13. May I ask what happens when there is a multiple tie in points for the top 10? (That will happen in most categories). Are they all judged?
  14. Well this is.. interesting. 1. Smite - 2458 hours 2. Destiny 2 - 1077 hours 3. Destiny - 1070 hours Thats a lot of playtime wasted in multiplayer lol, I have played for nearly 10,000 hours and I still consider I have played and completed most of the essentials and even some niche.
  15. It just got published now