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  1. I can’t find the will to level up those 5 last levels, lol.
  2. But 10 in a row is a silver, classic.
  3. It won’t. For starters, those games are already being developed on PS5. For at least a full generation the big titles will come to all platforms. (not like we will see more than Starfield, TES 6 and.. maaaybe another, but thats it). Now, if Xbox is sucesfull this gen on consoles sold, it might switch the exclusives on for the next one to seal the deal. It would be dumb to not sell the biggest IPs everywhere if Sony sells a hundred million consoles again.
  4. What about the latest surprise, Black Myth Wukong, it looks pretty good for an indie studio and is on the same genre. I know it hasn’t come out yet, but, that makes their value lower than if the game releases and it’s a big hit. Investment decisions.
  5. Do people really think Bethesda will step up? Have you seen Halo? I have little to no faith, if at all, this makes Pete and Todd richer, this is the hit of their lifes. Microsoft injects money, not talent or soul.
  6. What a move honestly, wallet has no limits on Microsoft. I would expect big franchises to stay multiplatform, but will give xbox and edge to have a few more interesting exclusives of lower budget.
  7. I’d say that depends on where you live, I don’t think retailers here will stock out of PS5 by then, much less in Christmas. I’m expecting a bundle as soon as Black Friday, with a high chance of it being CoD and maybe Cyberpunk. Of course the bundle is going to be 20-30€ less at best, but its something nevertheless.
  8. Quick question, how will this game work on PS5 with the physical edition? The PS5 reads the disk? Can’t find this info.
  9. PS+ started to give free games long before Xbox (and really good ones until PS4 launched) and the same for PS Now, long before Game Pass, so I’d say Xbox copied that. Now as to Game Pass being a better service now, that’s arguable, right now is mostly marketing, and we’ll see how those Xbox exclusives perform, but as you said, they are similar with different approaches. Though I can see why mass gamers see the “more powerful” and “lots of games to play for ~10$/month” appealing. Obviously Sony is not going to release major exclusives for free, Jim Ryan already said they are not going that route. But, I’d say they could invest in really good indies and make them part of the deal for PS Now, probably much more financially viable, and sustainable on the long way.
  10. Honestly, I wish I could hold my FAT PS4 longer, but it’s just unbearable specially on the latest games. I could perfectly wait another year, specially looking at those 80€ tags, but damn, the airplane might become a nuclear reactor with Cyberpunk.
  11. The showcase was pretty good in my opinion, and Demon’s Souls looked gorgeous. Now.. look at those 80€ price tags.. I was considering a digital console but now I don’t know. They don’t even pay taxes digitally in my zone (unless i’m missing something) and the prices remain the same, I think it’s going to be a disc console again this generation, 100€ is something you can recover in 2-3 games borrowed for example.
  12. I know, it comes down to luck. Two agents already told me that rewards are not available, maybe I’ll have luck finding an agent who handed them.
  13. Don’t want to jinx it but that’s the same link and they just said after uploading the screenshots that rewards are not available for our region.
  14. I’d say that is your experience. Mine was around 20h+ of script running, but I didn’t use the Grotto , I grinded in Lost Continent, and that’s losing a few hours sometimes because I died and had to restart. Grotto has a lower enemy count per battle than Lost Continent and that can add up hours of grinding. The trophy is definitely ridiculous without a script.
  15. Yes, the same. I also have friends with the Spiderman bundle.