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  1. Hold on there my boy, I wish RDR 2 were equally long, it took a full month playing on a daily basis, probably like 3 or 4 times DS, even though it seems to be less tedious on the online portion now.
  2. It’s a Catcher, BT’s call them when they trap you (because he is already there), similarly, seems someone dead, aka BT, summon a Catcher there if left uncremated, then triggers the voidout. By the way, Higgs DOOMS level is actually the same as Sam, if you read his journals, he can only sense them, until he met Amelie, he was just using her powers. And gotta agree, Diehard almost got me crying there.
  3. They are not challenging though, they are bullet sponges.
  4. I just got the new Switch with Pokemon Sword, I think the atmosphere is beatiful and it gots potential if they ever try to get back to a more adult tone.


    But I also find it a bit rushed, I had to say it, I’m the only one that noticed the embarassing Charizard’s scream? Like what? It’s my only first hour but I hope not all the old gen pokemons are like that, they ought to patch that ASAP

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BlackTorito


      Lol 🤣, well I’ll see how many of them got out, but honestly if they all were gonna scream like that, they are better left out 🤣



    3. JayDeLosDioses


      Have fun then playing :). Let me know if the later parts of the game are any good, maybe I change my mind.

      I cancelled my pre-order after playing Sword 2 weeks early.


      I'm back into Ultra Sud and Moon now :D




    4. BlackTorito


      I still think its gonna be a fine game, probably worth a sale for you, not sure how sales works in switch though as I’m new 🤣


      Its obvious they needed another year, but if they work hard on polish those things, and shift the tone to an adult one (Colosseum like), I think it will be a huge success in the future.

  5. I know there are two of those from the Doctor, there is also another in Timefall Farm.
  6. Not really, the pizza emails are unique since you can only level Peter Englert by doing the single 4 pizza deliveries.
  7. I don’t think you can fully cover the map with ziplines, just put them in non-road accesible places, mostly the west side. For the rest is best to complete the road, specially since the best orders have massive amounts of kg (400, 500, 600...), those are the ones that improve both stars and categories the most, and can only be completed by truck, unless i’m missing a super exo-skeleton later in the game.
  8. Felix quest appears much latter, in fact, I’m almost pretty sure it pops after Graham quests in Monarch, he wanted to talk to me immediately after recovering a data pad for Zora uncovering the truth behind Amber Heights. He was also mad at me for the Board events but I managed to get his quest anyway.
  9. What I think is that the only biased people here are the ones that come to rage about how unfair the scores are just because they expected the game to get grounded and somehow delight in the failure of a guy named “Kojima”, surprisingly, most of these dudes haven’t even played the game. All (or most) of the reviewers have poured hundreds of hours into the game, a game which is brave enough to innovate, with a new “social stranding” system that is exactly the opposite of the competitive system. Will it have repetitive task on the final grind? Sure, EVERY game has them, so far, its always giving new items and mechanics in mostly every quest, its not a walking simulator, its a game with complex mechanics. So just seriously stop with the bullshit about Kojima, there is people who love him and people who hate him, but the game is not only him, there is a full team and a lot of people who have worked hard for the development, so stop disrespecting their work, specially if you havent sink even 30 hours into the game. I won’t rate the game yet but I think an 85 meta is pretty fair for both people who may not enjoy it and for the people that will love it.
  10. Exactly my thoughts, then he wonders why so many people upvote the responses. This guy is openly discussing and criticize something he has not even experienced, it’s beyond ridiculous.
  11. In Chapter 2, I just stumbled upon MULE’s, I didn’t even know what they were, and suddenly you get pumped with adrenaline running over a hill to loose them, you are holding 60kg of cargo yet there you are running in a damn straight to get them out of your ass, great! So far, is feeling great, and I haven’t even hit anyone yet 😂 The best of thing of the game is how it makes your life easier when someone has deployed tools/signals for you, the message is clear.
  12. There is one thing clear, I’ve never cared about where I put the steps I take in a game, until this one.
  13. As far I’ve read, is best to keep Hard at all times and lower it on bosses.
  14. What are visual novels to you then? Reading simulators? What is Mario, jumping simulator? What non-sense you read nowadays, anything that has a minimum interaction IS a game, wether its good or not is a different thing that has nothing to do with it having your “fun combat”. RDR and Death Stranding have probably more game mechanics than most of any your “heavy combat” based games. If you really wan’t to play something that doesn’t require a good story to keep you going, then play any popular multiplayer based game, they only need the social competition to keep you playing, paying and transform you into a cutscene and dialog skipper. It’s not time spent in the truck though, its distance traveled which makes more sense.
  15. This game does not mostly work like that, maybe for a few choices you can save, but for a lot of them you need to start working on the choices far earlier with micro decisions, and either way, you need at least 2 full playthroughs, since Edgewater’s decisions are pretty much endgame, so focus on one of them and then you have plenty of space to work the rest of the choices in the Supernova run.