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  1. Just check the map and head to areas with fog around the map with buildings siluettes, its what I did.
  2. Never heard of it while I researched that decision, but that was a while ago, probably safe bet is to Charm.
  3. It doesn’t affect any trophy in particular (if we are talking about those 2 decisions alone). Its probably best to charm him, for district health boost and the consequent XP saving.
  4. I already did that comparison in the trophy guide and the whistle version is the fastest method yet; the loading screen is too long, at least for most systems I guess. The spirit emblems can be purchased back with all the money you receive on each run.
  5. 50% more.
  6. Yes and you can’t skip her anyway.
  7. So I have recently completed all the games in PS4 including the 100%, so I would like to join as a Keyblade Master and Aqua Fan 😁
  8. Got 10 to join this club: -Beyond Two Souls -Detroit Become Human -Tales of the Borderlands -Batman -Life is Strange -Until Dawn -TWD 2 -TWD -The Wolf Among Us -Game of Thrones
  9. Would like to join as a sidekick: - FF XV - FF X - FF X-2 😄
  10. Checked and it seems so lol, even though it doesnt say it explicitly. My bad.
  11. You don’t need that skill for anything in particular though, the one bought from the Pots.
  12. There is a specific quest tied to that missable trophy (the silver one) that unlocks after following the same series of quests after obtaining the “liberation” ability.
  13. The reviews are so polarized, there is something that smells bad there, I wouldnt take that score seriously.
  14. Yeah there is “only one weapon”, mainly yourself, which is the reason why you beat bosses, not a +10 broken thunder spear. Thus this is why this game makes you feel much more powerful than a Soul’s game. Of course there is plenty of interesting skills, items and weapons to be found which is why I used quotation marks up there. Besides I don’t get why you buy this game, it was already stated it was not going to be like a Soul and there was plenty of gameplay. It’s funny that you start a thread for people finally getting gud in this single player game but you actually got “bored” because you couldn’t find your broken armor and weapon to defeat poor Lady Butterfly. I feel in this game’s forum bored mostly equals to rage quit