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  1. Cheers for this
  2. For the 6th, pick up the yellow car, and press L1 to shoot while driving, you must be accurate and quick. Absolutely kill everything while in the foot areas, and dispatch the behemoth with the C4 located in a table near where human guards are on top of a bus.
  3. Very easy trophies, if you don’t have a clan, LFG website is all you need.
  4. Another fps? Lol, you should check your senses and really understand what is going on in that gameplay. This is the reason why they hesitated to show the gameplay to the rest of the world. UI looks a bit clumpsy, font style and colors doesn’t fit for me, but I guess they will polish it as its just an alpha.
  5. You don’t even need 255 luck, 115 is enough for Yojimbo. The point here is to beat D. Yojimbo as effortlessly and faster as possible, we all know the standard method to beat him, but is too time consuming.
  6. How much magic? Farming Flan is a pain in the ass too, and in the end you need Defense and HP to survive anyway, I would say its easier to maximize strenght and cast Aim 20 times, furthermore the animations of the magic will make the battle longer than quick hitting.
  7. I will write this for future comers so they don’t waste a lot of time farming Luck and Fortune spheres. This is no new strategy but may save some time surfing the net like I did. Requirements: - Rikku, Yuna, Auron (Rikku and Yuna are a must) - Fully upgraded Celestial Weapons - 255 Strenght, 255 Defense and 255 Agility - Around 30,000 HP is a good spot for surviving a few Wazikhasis in a row. - Super Mighty G materials (Rikku) - Ultra NulAll materials (Rikku) Check this: - Unlock Evasion and Accuracy nodes as normal, they don’t need to be maxed. - It is not necessary but you will want to max Magic Defense during the process anyway (for other fights and farming). Method: - First fight, Zanmato him if you want, it’s an easy one to skip this way and the most difficult to do legit since he will Ambush you 100% of the time. - For the rest of the battles, cast Hastega right away then use Super Mighty G as soon as possible with Rikku then proceed to cast 15 times Aim + one Ultra NulAll with Rikku (this is 5 Aims in one go). This will make you likely hit for like 75% of the time. - Spam Quick Hit, make sure to refresh Haste on Yuna if she dies and be aware of HIS BAR, when it’s full, MAKE SURE Yuna have a turn in the queue to Summon an Aeon to take the Zanmato instead. - Be aware on the 5th battle as he will charge the bar much faster. This is a guaranteed and easy method if you are careful about his bar. With max defense and Super Mighty G you will survive for most of the battle without trouble, just heal if needed and keep them in shape, you have a lot of turns.
  8. Yes, you need that big gap. I’ve killed hundreds of Black Diablos until I found that gap.
  9. Good news:
  10. Yojimbo with max compatibility and option 3 needs 32.768 gil to 100% Zanmato IF in full Overdrive. Without full Overdrive you need to pay millions. Anyway I think if you don’t leave the cave you can simply go back to the entrance and recharge your overdrive then fight again?
  11. Would like to join the club. Currently at 20/27, here is my list: # ~ A ~ Alien: Isolation B ~ Bloodborne C ~ Crysis 3 D ~ Destiny E ~ Enslaved: Odyssey to the West F ~ Fallout 4 G ~ Gauntlet H ~ Helldivers I ~ InFamous Second Son J ~ K ~ L ~ Lords of the Fallen M ~ Monster Hunter: World N ~ NBA 2k14 O ~ Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty P ~ Payday 2 Q ~ R ~ Resident Evil 7: Biohazard S ~ Smite T ~ The Evil Within U ~ V ~ Valkyria Chronicles W ~ Wasteland 2 X ~ Y ~ Z ~ Zombie Army Trilogy
  12. Almost as bold as shitting on games and saying they are “Very dissappointing” just because you “say so”. Difference is I put my small analysis which included some criticism feedback, which I don’t see in yours, just a biased hateful one, you are in no position to call anybody bold. Metascore is 72 overall across users and press, my personal perception is 8/10 so being not so distant from the median makes me far more accurate and capable than you.
  13. And you dont get them how they should make their game. Fact is, you are bitching because you are bad at the game (you are bitching about a difficulty spike which is actually what the game is about if you dont feed on people). Yes this game is a lot about talking, whats wrong with that? That doesnt make it a bad game, if you want action maybe you should try call of duty you know. Besides, the side stories are actually good. Fast travel is tedious, I somewhat agree, though maybe its part of the design to add some more difficulty/inmersion.
  14. Its okay to have some tips blocked off by dialogue choices on minor characters. On major ones (district leaders) tips are really important when the time comes to make some choices so be aware, though its not really necessary for the platinum.