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  1. This is a very biased opinion, the game is actually good and its 80 overall is good deserved. Combat is not terrible, is acceptable I dont get why so many complains, it doesnt feel clunky or anything, its somewhat similar to a witcher style. History is good, the romance came out of nowhere? Perhaps. But History is good, lore is good and each character secondary history is actually interesting BUT yes, its a bit sad it ends like that, because all of them ends with no resolve at all, probably adding a final to each secondary history would have bumped this game. The atmosphere of this game is actually amazing and well achieved. The game has its flaws here and there but its a solid one, maybe worth of buying a little cheaper, but definitely a enjoyable game.
  2. Its more efficient and free to advise to keep any pet cage you receive through the entire game (which while doing quests and stuff may be around ~5 or more) and just keep back-ups and opening all of them until you get the multiplier objetive pet (which is Dogmeat or the blue parrot). I got mine using back-ups with 3 cages here and there while farming some raiders, I got a 3x one by the time I was at 29/50 and got the trophy easily after that, just make sure the raider wave is defeated on the room where the pet is. Also, I have been leaving the game afk for a few hours and sometimes I return and find some of them dead and resources red, so if you are leaving overnight, make sure you have few rooms and fill them enough so fires and stuff dont caught your dwellers off-guard too much, especially if they are all overleveled.
  3. If rewards glitches on you, you have to revert back to the actual date, that fixes it. Also I only reverted back to just skip another cycle, so I revert back and inmediatelly skip a day, I didnt stay in the actual date since there is no use. I obviously didnt experiment, Im talking on my own experience through 25h of play, yes Im 1 of thousands though I didnt had a single trophy bugged. My premise was to not touch the month or hours, only days, and if the end of the month was ahead I reverted back, launched the game, then skip another day and so on.
  4. It glitches some of the sounds, but thats it, I have been reverting all day, and you have to do it anyway if you want to not glitch out of rewards and possibly broken trophies. I didnt had a single issue doing this.
  5. Nothing, the game stays the same. After reseting your clock you can keep time skipping another 7 days.
  6. I have noticed when I first started the vault I got like 3 raiders in minutes, now it has been getting lower. Survival might be the way to go, the problem is the risk it takes I guess.
  7. By now, I can confirm on my own experience that time skipping does not glitch any trophy nor corrupt saves, I have been using time-lapses no further than 7 days from the actual day (then back it to the actual date), so that may say something. All my trophies are unlocking fine, even the leveling 1-50, etc ones and Scraptastic too.
  8. I don’t think time skipping causes any issue at all, so far so good. For the 10,000 caps I heard it only counts wasteland and vault stuff, not lunchboxes or objectives.
  9. Powerpyx made a guide, though its essentially to just dont embrace anyone, and keep doing investigations and healing people so you don’t get too behind on XP, since some bosses are tough (also not turning into vampires saves you XP). Just make sure to back-up on Chapter 1 for Clay Cox decision and then on Chapter 6 (here you will collect every weapon and collectible, which requires to kill most people, meanwhile you can turn all 4 districts hostile and then you just download back the save and complete the game, or viceversa).
  10. Be awared, if you do so there are 2 potential bugs: - If you do so, but dont heal the patient (Mortimer) the quest on Chapter 2 will glitch though you can work around it. - However, if you do heal him (like I did), it will void you from going to the Morgue basement, which holds an off-hand weapon that its needed for the trophy, for the rest of the game, thus voiding your platinum. Devs are aware and preparing a patch, though I don’t know when will be launched. Still you could potentially get the rest of the weapon trophies and rush a new game until Embrace level 5 is adquired to quickly gather all off-hands weapons.
  11. Just wanted to shed some clarification: you just trully need to not “embrace” anyone for XP. - DO NOT embrace any citizen (feed on them for XP points) - You can charm or turn any district leader, as long as you dont feed on them you will gain the trophy (for example, I turned Sean and let Aloysius and Edgar die since I didnt want to turn them, and still got the trophy) - DO NOT feed on the Vicar during Mary boss fight, since devs already said its designed to void the trophy if you feed on him, though some players still unlock the trophy, which is a bug actually, and that’s why some players moan about not unlocking it after - PRO TIP, you can know if you are doing it well by some of the last chapters lines and various dialogues (for example, before the Disaster boss fight, Michael says you are not prepared since you still “resist to drink”. Also Jonathan will mention sometime earlier about how he hasn’t take a single life since his sister.
  12. In Spanish is Leyenda
  13. This is a punch to the stomach for the people who still dont have the trophies :/
  14. Review copies can be handed out even a month earlier.
  15. Lightbow of Ra is easy mode too.