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  1. Yes, they move in the same ranges, my F. Anjanath have the same mini size than my original for example. I also think Tigrex and Nargacuga share body model, and even sizes, they do similar animation when shocked but its pretty tough to measure because how weird it is. Barioth may share model too, but its definitely a bit bigger than both of those.
  2. So, I’ve been following @GamingWithAbyss1 videos for the subspecies, and they work wonders, you can use them for any relative subspecies on the expansion. Looking forward for the new species videos, thank you man!
  3. Random, keep looking around all places. In the forest sometimes they are in the fishing spot too.
  4. Finally got my first Iceborne crowns, got Velkhana out of the way and a giant E. Odogaron.


    I think I’ll focus on elders first, since those are the least likely to get events.

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    2. Nighcisama


      These crowns are the main reason I am not buying this thing at the moment, still salty about this shitty grind in the base game. Just yesterday I tried to help some unfortunate soul who still has to grind this crap after well over 300 hours, we covered twice the ground and did over 50 attempts in total without a single crown, and now we are running short on investigations, without any reliable way to get the specific ones needed. Decent game turned into a terrible experience by bad rng trophies, Iceborne will have to be dirt cheap for me to even consider getting it. To quote a fitting sentence my unfortunate friend uttered yesterday in the most groggiest and defeated voice imaginable after hours of wasted efforts: "This game is doodoo".

    3. BlackTorito


      @MidnightDragon Can’t say, I got Velkhana both within 4 investigations and Odogaron within 3 (tempered), seems easier, plus you can earn the base game crowns as well since they sadly put most of them monsters again in Master.


      @Nighcisama Not sure what method are you using, but you should be measuring the monster, its going to be a pain if you do not. Back in the day, I myself discovered how to measure giant Black Diablos after slaying 164 and 40+ captures, a pain in the ass being the most dangerous monster there is.


      I would recommend looking for measure tips, and sticking to 3-5 tries investigations with 1 bronze only at most.


      With this grind you need to be smart or else you will lose your willing to live, the only mission you should kill monsters back to back is in the events ones.

    4. Nighcisama


      We are measuring the monsters, which is the only reason we managed to sit through 25 attempts each in one session, killing only like 10 in total that were realistic candidates to be crowns. Measuring is not reliable though, we killed a few that were clearly as big or small as the ones in the crown videos without getting anything.

      The method is this, we both start investigations seperately, we look at the monster, if it is not a candidate for a crown we abandon, if he has one he kills the monster, if I have one I weaken it and have him join at the end so he gets the chance to get the crown. Covering twice the ground for him, yet we still ran out of investigations by now, and there are never any crown events for elder dragons and shitty black diablos, the worst monster in the game in terms of design, which is saying a lot.


      I already have the plat and probably would have given up on it if I had his kind of bad luck. Thats another reason I want to avoid Iceborne, just the thought of getting that kind of bad rng with the next crowns is sickening.

  5. Yes, it’s for example a Boaboa icon, with a gold Surveyor Camera icon on top of it (the same icon the camera has on the radial menu) and it is on the Region Map, depending on which area the request appears, it also won’t tell you which event is, it says Photo Opportunity I think. I can also say sometimes they are there even without the icon, like the Boaboa on a Popo. When the icon appears, you will also notice a similar icon on the minimap, on the edge of it, like if it was pinning it.
  6. Still not sure about this crowns in optional quests, all I ever got in more than 90 quests are 10 Giant Silvers, so either it only works for minis or i’m incredible unlucky.
  7. That’s common knowledge, tempered investigations usually have a higher % too, 3-5 tries with at least 1 gold or more. In any case, I’d rather have a thread and a compendium of measure tips for each monster, that would be the only community doc we should fill.
  8. That is because you took the photo before having the request somehow, it happened to me. The photo needs the paw mark to be valid.
  9. You’ve been really lucky, still not a single gold crown.
  10. The trophies says it needs to be in Master Rank in the description.
  11. You don’t need the MHW disc if you buy Iceborne, they are both on the disc and you can play both.
  12. Never, since never an expansion within a game had a platinum before. But they are not earning two on one game, they are earning one for Vanilla and one for Iceborne. Both platinums will take around 500-600 hours depending on luck and skill.
  13. For the events that appear on certain areas and on certain conditions (day/night...), check your map for the Lynian icon in question with a Surveyor icon on the upper right side of the icon. If its not there, the event won’t spawn, just so you don’t waste your time checking every time.
  14. Mmm interesting, I do believe you, no worries.
  15. Are you sure it was just not a silver crown? You can get silvers in optional quests, but those do not count.