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  1. Replaying a mission AND beating all story missions (which I guess is beating the Epilogue), maybe he just got lucky and it popped earlier or maybe he replayed something before completing the story. In any case, its obviously RELATED and is far more helpful than your previous message. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. How is not relevant when it clearly states that you can still get it on the Epilogue 🤔 in the worst case is at least related.
  3. Never heard of it, try reading other recipes.
  4. Sit on the furthest right (left from dealer perspective). If your first 2 cards aint low enough or you bust just leave inmediatelly then re-join quickly.
  5. On what step are you on the exotics quest? There is a mechanism in the game that prevents more orquids to spawn I guess in order for you to actually complete both the quest and the challenge. In my case I was picking ahead some orquids (4/5 Spider ones) and they stopped spawning eventually; they respawned once I reached the specific quest step and I were on Herbalist 9 (my guess is you need both active)
  6. Well you got lucky, some people may need 3-4 movies Nobody is saying is hard in terms of skill, but in odds. I got lucky my self since I got it in an hour and a half of real play. Check the internet if you want to see how IA can mess with you and see how frustrated people can be.
  7. 5 minutes? Lol, you are joking. And what are you saying about an entire game? You dont win games in blackjack. Its definitely one of the hardest and pure luck based.
  8. The only “hard one” is the black-jack one (#8). You have to win 3 times while hitting at least 3+ more cards, which is REALLY hard and pure luck. Fastest way is sitting at the furthest right then if you get high cards (you should aim at an ace atleast) exit and re-enter quickly. It can take 1h or 6h depends on your luck, completelly bullshit. Rest of them are a joke compared, #9 is easy, play All five in Saint Denis and aim for high points. If your opponent has like 85-90 points just leave and re-enter, it saves your streak. #10 is somewhat easy, just go hard on bets (real hard) and most of the time the IA will fold.
  9. Just go outside the saloon and re-enter; it will eventually be there. It worked for me.
  10. Probably yes if you PAY even more; to be honest this game timeline has bullshits decisions one after another, and this last one is the ice on the cake. So annoyed, i just want they let this game die already and move on; its not even a good FF, they sold their soul to new segments and they totally ruined both veterans and their profitability, since im sure they dont hold good results.
  11. Thank god, and I hope they give it for free. We’ve paid enough for this game already.
  12. Probably this, he mentions it in the quest actually.
  13. You dont really need them, just use a Varmint Rifle with 3 stars rabbits.