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  1. I just got the new Switch with Pokemon Sword, I think the atmosphere is beatiful and it gots potential if they ever try to get back to a more adult tone.


    But I also find it a bit rushed, I had to say it, I’m the only one that noticed the embarassing Charizard’s scream? Like what? It’s my only first hour but I hope not all the old gen pokemons are like that, they ought to patch that ASAP

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    2. BlackTorito


      Lol 🤣, well I’ll see how many of them got out, but honestly if they all were gonna scream like that, they are better left out 🤣



    3. JayDeLosDioses


      Have fun then playing :). Let me know if the later parts of the game are any good, maybe I change my mind.

      I cancelled my pre-order after playing Sword 2 weeks early.


      I'm back into Ultra Sud and Moon now :D




    4. BlackTorito


      I still think its gonna be a fine game, probably worth a sale for you, not sure how sales works in switch though as I’m new 🤣


      Its obvious they needed another year, but if they work hard on polish those things, and shift the tone to an adult one (Colosseum like), I think it will be a huge success in the future.