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  1. Gotta profit from those sweet digital margins. There seems to be a tendency here with most indies.
  2. I would say gaming (in variety, not just Fifa and COD), it’s one of the best things to keep your brain stimulated, healthy, opened and developed while also fulfilling your soul. I can’t see a better hobby for mental health, it’s complete, it makes you evade, disconnect, it’s rich in culture, it challenges your brain, it makes you improve… and it’s very satisfying, every game is an experience. The only thing to keep in check is the playing hours for dopamine reasons and know your priorities. Just like for any other hobbie. Keep at it guys.
  3. The game looks pretty good, and I gotta bet the final boss is a huge Fenrir. Nail it.
  4. The showcase was okay, 6.8/10. The intro was something I expected to be a new game, so I don’t see the point of wasting so much money on just an intro for a standard showcase (?) Announcements and games showed were pretty good, but it lacked more gameplay and dates.
  5. Since all the info I've looked on the internet is pretty vague and innacurate, I'll put some quick guide here for everyone to unlock the trophy without much trouble. First things first, a few things to be considered: It is best to do them while on Premium Adventure, where you'll have all 7 party members and millions of cash. They are not RNG based, they are guaranteed, and based on a specific dish and party member. There is not a guide for each dish-party member, so it is best to just purchase everything on the menu until all table talks are exhausted for that restaurant. All 42 are in Ijincho only. So don't waste your time in Sotenbori or Kamurocho. Once all table talks are exhausted for a given building, you'll get the regular messages and animations, so you can skip that one safely (in case you didn't keep track of them). Now, I'll put a list of every restaurant that has table talks and how many to expect (keep ordering everything on the menu): You Tian - 5 Talks Pocket Café - 7 Talks Wette Kitchen - 4 Talks Akaushimaru - 2 Talks Eomeoni's Vow - 4 Talks The Harbor Light - 3 Talks Bar Rodriguez - 5 Talks Kappo Katsumi - 3 Talks Le Nouveau Hama - 4 Talks Meng Wu - 5 Talks This brings us a total of 42 talks, which will unlock the corresponding challenges and also increasing your charisma which is the only stat I needed to grind by the endgame. PD: Numbers might be a bit off, so just let know, since I had 3 talks before counting them and added them by memory.
  6. How could they put the same platinum image as the first game? Outrageous, disappointing.
  7. Can you play PS4 version with the PS5 disc?
  8. It’s statistically proven that a lot of PS customers also has a Nintendo Switch, some of them could also play on PC.
  9. I had 27 hours in-game when I got the platinum this morning. 10+ of them were collectible hunting though, I had relatively good luck overall, didn’t had any issue with scout logs or trophy glitches at all. And like most people here, didn’t took me more than 10 runs each except biome 2 which is pretty easy to speedrun. I can’t recommend enough to keep track of your glyphs, you’ll definitely be 1-2 short by the end of the journey and knowing which of them are saves A LOT of time for efficient speed-run. Just watch a video and keep crossing them as you go. I had a MAJOR issue with this game though, the first time I completed Act 3, I closed the app and it stuck on the closing screen (the thing is, this game only saves your progress after closing), so I had to hard-close it and the save corrupted, losing a good 3 hours of gameplay, which can be devastating if you get RNG lucky with some glyphs and stuff. It happened to me AGAIN after restarting 5 cycles in a row in Biome 2 and had to restore data base. I would recommend to close and save your progress each 2-3 runs specially if you find good stuff. Hope they patch this soon because it’s a red flag as a mountain. On a side note, completing all acts is pretty good experience, difficulty wise is pretty standard 5-6/10, except the stupid drones in biome 5. Grinding RNG part wasn’t too bad after patch but its incredibly boring and does not add anything meaningful to the experience, good thing they shortened the grind. Cheers
  10. I tried it yesterday for a few matches and it’s fun and a good game. But competitevely speaking its better to use the controller. As a very experienced MOBA player I can see the game is pretty easy and simple to learn, but its too quick for my tastes, I can literally defeat pokemons in two abilities it doesnt feel the same as Smite. Anyway, if you expect to just have fun and collect cosmetics then go with it, but rankeds is another world. I also saw there is no gem rewards, they are full paid, and half the battle pass is behind the gems (the best part of course). Was fun to try it tho.
  11. I just downloaded Pokemon Unite, it seems there is Trainer ID, I’ll leave mine here for playing: A0XR8EM
  12. Not bad, interesting offers. Will probably pick Disco Elyseum, but Desperados 3 Full and 13 Sentinels are on the radar
  13. I’ll probably test Pokemon Unite as well. I did expend my share of hours in Smite so i’m looking forward to it. I guess exchanging Switch codes is enough?
  14. I don’t think anybody here hates the English, and if they do they are as a clueless. It just so happens there’s been quite a lot of controversy, and people answers. No need to attack them or telling them their messages are stupid, if you do, you are no better, thats what I meant.
  15. Yawn is what we do when you get salty by people staying their opinion. Instead of condenm your country mates behavior you are just here telling us to shut up and look the other way. Stop excusing them, what we saw on the whole tournament is disgraceful, and waiting for rival supporters to beat them is astonishing, not talking about how I already knew those 3 poor boys would get a lot of racism by none other than their own country fans. Sure not all the people on the country is like this, sure, not all countries are perfect, but stop insulting people for stating their opinion, instead of looking at your own floor. You are just as much of the problem as the people that actually behave like that, the fact that a lot of people here are more concerned about other people pointing out those terrible actions instead of acknowledging them first is embarassing.
  16. The oldest trick in the book indeed. Congratz Italia!
  17. I’m sorry for Chiesa, what a monster. Italy is going to have a hard time without him.
  18. Well I bought mine one year ago so it makes me somewhat happy.
  19. Here we go again, would be a sweet revenge 🇪🇸🇮🇹 I think it’ll be very tough, and we’ll probably lose but there is hope.
  20. Hey all, first of all, I quickly checked the rules again and I sure hope i'm not breaking any, mods can reach me in case i'm missing something. So I just wanted to share with you a quick survey related to loot-boxes and micro-transactions in general, as i'm finishing my master's final project and I need to gather data for research. I would be thankfully if you spared a few minutes to fill it in, no matter if you expend a lot on them or not, your data is valuable to me. Here's the survey: Also, as a bonus, if you are a parent that has children that play, here's another one that is much, much shorter: The surveys are completely anonymous, so please, be honest, nobody is going to judge you. You are very welcome to spread the surveys to any acquaintances/groups that may fit in as well. I'll probably leave the survey opened for about a week, and if the sample is large enough by that time. If you might be interested, I'll spare time to try to bring the results here after it's done 😁. Thank you all in advance!
  21. 😂😂 Nostradamus @GuerrerDaurat Confess it, you said that just so France could suffer the same fate but lose the game instead. Lol
  22. Fantastic game from Spain, everyone redeemed himself, including Morata. After that horrendous disaster from Unai, he made a brilliant match and the team got their heads up psychologically. The 3-3 was a freezing jar to the head but they overcomed it again. What a match. Now to the previsible classic Spain vs France.
  23. Yes, they could count, but I don’t expect you to have bought much of them anyway. So you would have answered “rarely” to most, it’s also a valid answer.
  24. Interesting, yes, I meant the latter. Didn’t know it was said “fought” in this case, will change it. Thank you!
  25. @Eyjabria The more you look at the Advanced Wars gameplay the more it grows..., will probably pick it up anyway 😂 Given their actual route I now think it’s far more probable that a Golden Sun remaster is announced rather than a new game, well, I just hope is the trilogy if thats the case. I’m one of the few that actually thinks the PRO is just a rumor, but who knows.