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  1. PSN ID:spetsdaddy62 System:PS3 Games: Advanced Warfare Blank Friend Requests: No. State You're from here
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. 21. *lol*
  4. I can smell my first platnium coming soon, but its so far away :(

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    2. spetsdaddy62


      It smells like MOH: Frontline. The good old fashion days

    3. SergeantMalon


      WTF? It should be Ghosts. Veteran is easy...

    4. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      [email protected] Well they were just guessing to be honest lol. And good luck with earning

      That platnium

  5. Socom 4. Since servers are down there's no point playing it now
  6. PSN ID: spetsdaddy62 System: PS3 Blank Friend Request: NO Games: Battlefield, Ghosts and more Things to add 1) Don't add me If you don't play the games I have, its just stupid and basically your adding me for no reason 2) I'm not online everyday, so don't expect for me to be available every day
  7. Dang was not expecting so many posts :0
  8. Title says it. Mine 1. Medal Of Honor Frontline (the good old days) 2. Resident Evil 6 (you can't go wrong with that) 3. COD Ghosts (I'll have to say it was mainly for extinction. Extinction was fun to play)
  9. COD Ghosts Extinction and Medal of Honor Frontline. (the good old days)
  10. That moment when you want to go back to bed but you can't :(

  11. For Medal Of Honor Frontline, if you complete the campaign on hard and you go back to get gold on missions on normal will the trophies still count?

  12. Nope. I like to keep my stuff name-proof
  13. I could care less if the game have a platinum trophy or not. Just looking forward to the game and I hope its good
  14. I heard its coming out August 19. Hopefully it's true.
  15. Ali-A and the RadBrad