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  1. welcome back MiloPro 

    1. DaivRules


      Back? MiloPro hasn't been to the forums since July 2017. A couple years have passed.

  2. All done. The platinum has been achieved.
  3. I finished Gladsheim earlier today and yep it was pretty easy, I pretty much skipped all enemies and the just fought the main ones. As for the Kismet drop, I think I went overkill with the item finder skill I had two Ravenous with item finder 2 and 3 plus they both had acanum wings with an extra item finder 2 (not sure if it stacked but went with it anyway) my Galf beast also had item finder 2 plus an arcanum wing and Emil had the judas mask which also came with item finder 3. So I think that pretty much guaranteed a kismet drop lol. Also I've now finished everything, all that's left is to reach 100 hours then plat.
  4. I'm now on chapter 4 of my 3rd play through now. I'm quickly working my way through the story to get to the later dungeons so I can get better exp for grinding out the monster levelling. If all goes well and I haven't missed any skits, I should be able to finish this in a few days.
  5. Managed to get the skit to pop up, it showed up once I removed the Feral Shadow statue from it. Glad I got that settled, now I'm at 97% for skits.
  6. I'm on chapter 6 of my 2nd run now and have settled of my main monster party. I'm going with Galf Beast, Fenia and Ravenous. Also making good progress with monster hunting, I'm at 75% so far, i already captured all the necessary lower rank monsters, now it's just a matter of levelling and evolving them which I'm working on as I play through the story. Also has anyone had problems with the simply splendid skit? The one where you get a Peallaidh. I managed to evolve one but never got the skit, I've tried putting it in the active party, battling with it, putting it in the inventory, taking it back out but the skit still won't show up.
  7. No wonder I never got it earlier, I do remember a few times Marta not being in the party. I guess that must have been the reason. But anyways I managed to get it not too long ago, working on Emil now. EDIT: Ok i have now beat the game, i got the bad and good endings. I think overall i enjoyed the story. Ended up with about 1700 grade by the end and managed to get most of the stuff i wanted from the grade shop except artes and x10 exp, which ill work on gettting next playthrough. I think ill put more focus on monster hunting this run, i had atleast over 100 different monsters last playthrough since i got the prince of monsters title. I also got most of the story related skits except 2 which i remember exactly where to get next time around, so that's no problem.
  8. Im interested in joining, ive had this game for a while now but just haven't quite gotten around to starting it. Im still playing ToS and ToS: DotNW so it might be a while before i play it.
  9. I did not know you could shortcut skills from Marta, thanks for the tip. I knew you could do it on ToS but i never knew about it on DotNW. Anyways im on chapter 7 now, so far so good. Anyone have any problems with the skit where Marta doesn't participate in battle 50 times? i got the skit for not using her 20 times but not the 50 one. I even counted it to make sure, i ended up at about 70 before i just gave up. ill attempt it again later when i do side quests.
  10. Nice one man. I think you just gave me some extra motivation, I normally spend an hour or two on DotNW then play another game but I think I'm feeling in the mood now so I shall play only DotNW all weekend haha. Also about monster capturing, I seriously tried it out yesterday and I think I'm getting the hang of it, honestly at 1st I was confused on how it all worked, all the monsters I had captured so far were from simply playing the game. So the way I went about it was by using the Emils Phoenix Rush along with the ventus skill to produce wind element attacks and I also had everyone else on hold, that way they don't mess up the elements and whatnot. I now have the ability to add darkness to demon fang so I think I'll use that from now on since it's quick and uses low tp. What I want to know is are there better ways of going about it compared to how I'm doing it?
  11. Thank you for the information. Yea i gotta admit those quests were pretty handy for leveling up your party, if i had skip them i would be pretty under leveled which may have made later mob or boss fights tougher. Ive been doing alright so far, haven't had any problems with fights lately, oh but there was that fight at the Iselia Human Ranch with this blue slug enemy, seriously got my ass handed to me there, had a few cracks at it but just couldn't beat it so i had to skip it. Hmmm with my current level and party, i might be able to give them an ass whooping now.
  12. I'm on chapter 5 now, gotta say getting 100 successful fishing attempts was boring, but am glad I got that out of the way. I was some questions for you guys. Is there any point in doing the Katz side quests? I mean trophy wise, like are there any titles, trophies, skits I get for doing them all? I'm getting seriously bored of doing these quests, I don't mind the ones where you have to beat just the one monster or guy, but the ones where you gotta fight like 4 different groups of monsters gets annoying. Also monster capturing, what's the best way to go about this? How do you stop them from running away? Should I even bother trying to capture them on my current 1st play through or would it be better to save for later playthroughs?
  13. Been busy lately but i finally got around to playing DotNW again and have just finished checkpoint 3. Will probably play more over the coming days. Im currently using Fenrir and Salamander for my main party, they work well for me so ill stick with em. Too lazy to bother training other monsters.
  14. I've only plat Graces f so i wouldn't mind playing Hearts R or the 2 Xillia's if there's ever a we play for those in the future. I had a full party of 4 when i fought Rodyle, all around 33-34.
  15. Im on my 3rd playthrough now and am planning to go for all those too. I was waiting till i got the 10x exp before attempting all that stuff and yup i too am loving the 10x exp, im pretty much cruising through everything haha. Good luck with Gung Ho, i got that on my 2nd playthrough with half exp. Its easy as long as you keep your characters equipped with the best stuff available at the time. Since i went with half exp, i could grind enemies for glad without worrying about my level getting to high. Though if you're able to inherit your glad from a previous playthrough, you wont really need to worry about grinding and you could just go with normal or 2x exp and just pick your enemies. EDIT: Took a while to get down but for those interested here's my level's leading up to the Rodyle fight. Also note these levels were gained using half exp, so if you try following it with normal exp or more, you may end up more levels ahead but this won't be a problem if you kill a member of your party early on. I didn't kill anyone off in this run, so my party were all around the same level.